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    atlas grey

    If this works, I'll try to post more. Atlas grey, stone interior, S. One day old.

    Re: atlas grey

    Nice to see the clear side indicators

    Re: atlas grey

    Please post more pictures! I'm waiting for my Aug/Sep delivery(the wait is killing me).

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    looks nice!

    alin330: it's not so bad alin, only another hmmm... let's see 1 2 3 to 4 months to go hehehehe just kidding, know how you feel, it does get friggin frustrating

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    Nice pic. Just classy. And nice japanese cherry tree in flower ...
    Please post more pics and some first impressions about driving it.
    It helps to wait ours...

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    Killer combo.! Enjoy

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    Congratulations!!! Great car. Please post some pictures of the inside.

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    Congrats wmondo. Good choice. making me re-think my Arctic Silver on order.

    Sorry, but I don't want to hijack this thread but, Seven: what kind of exhaust tips are those? Check out Seven's link,

    Re: atlas grey

    MMD said:
    Sorry, but I don't want to hijack this thread but, Seven: what kind of exhaust tips are those?

    They are the exhaust tips that come with the PSE system.


    Re: atlas grey

    Thanks all. I'll post more pics this weekend. These were taken around 730p so it was kind of late, low light, cloudy day. The color (atlas) is spectacular. A lot of blue in it (way more blue than I was expecting), in the sun it looks more blue than grey, almost like U.S. Post Office blue (those uniforms they wear). When its gets darker, it basically turns to dark charcoal like these pictures show. At night, you'd be hard pressed to say its anything but black. Like having 2 (or 3) different cars......

    I didn't want the silver (black interior) because there are so many of them around, but didn't want to get crazy either and not be able to sell it (never) if it comes to that. Love the silver, I had a silver audi s4, easy on the eyes, easy to keep looking clean. IMHO no better combo than silver with the terracotta interior.

    As for driving impressions, no words to describe it. I have yet to turn on the radio. Powering around corners (even at low mph) is like listening to a symphony, makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Awfully powerful, very smooth delivery. Stable, not as darty on the highway as I remember past drives to be. Fast, fast, fast. Comfortable, supportive seats (I have the elctronic seats, not adaptive and not manual). And the looks, glares, stares, oggling, ooohing and aaahing, petting are fun too. But not why I (we) get this beauty. Running up to the Berkshires this weekend, stretch its legs.

    I have yet to floor the accelrator. As you know, break in period is 2000 miles (1000 - 1500 probably just the same). Dealer has suggested that once the engine is warm, its okay to take it over 4200 rpm, not to beat on it or hammer it all the time, but to accelerate it over 4200 with a warm engine is not an issue, and helps to break it in in the ranges where its likely to be driven most of the time. Despite the 2 schools of thought on this topic (as evidenced by countless threads on this forum and others), I think all parties would agree its not neccessary to absolutely baby the engine for the whole 2000 miles, and its prudent to not "drive it like you stole it" during this period (or ever, frankly) all the time. Moderation, reasonableness, everything you already knew but were afraid to say.

    I have this lightly optioned, kind of a go fast version. All the "S" stuff, sport chrono, dimming mirrors, electronic seats, not much else. I'm not rich like many of the posters here.

    The wait is horrible, but, worth it. My advice is to hang on, keep reading posts, get your dealer to take you for a drive every other week. As an aside, I would note that the purchase experience, in terms of the amount of info that porsche is willing to provide about your car, status, location, delivery date, is abhorrent. There is so much they can do, simple stuff, to keep buyers spending this much money happy, engaged and informed. Like a web cam at the exit door to the factory, or, better yet, a web cam in some non-sensitive part of the factory where you could logon to a special website (with a porsche issued password) and see your baby being made. How about a guy on the dock with a digital camera, computer, and some email addresses, "Dear XXXX, greetings from bremerhaven, just boarding the boat, thought you might enjoy this picture of your car to help you make it through the next few weeks prior to delivery. Love, Porsche."

    So easy, with so little effort, for such big results. They refuse to do anything like it. I didn't know mine was being delivered, and apparently the dealer didn't know it either (so they say), until the truck pulled up in front of the dealers. If that's true, there is no excuse for it. But, as dissappointing as that was, it's worth it.

    Enjoy and good luck with your waits. Look forward to meeting some of the NY, NJ folks at area auto-Xs.

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    Re: atlas grey

    wmondo said:
    I didn't know mine was being delivered, and apparently the dealer didn't know it either (so they say), until the truck pulled up in front of the dealers. If that's true, there is no excuse for it.

    That's pathetic. But, never mind. Congratulations.

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    Re: atlas grey

    Thanks for the nice photos wmondo! I am now sure I picked the right color - Atlas grey! Looks fantastic.

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    Wmondo Fabulous combo - almost made it my own, really very nice! I think one of the reasons I didn't get it was that I only saw a slightly unclean vehicle and was a little disappointed. My fault mostly though because I didn't tell the dealer that I was coming to check the car out. You point out quite rightly though that Atlas can give you multiple looks at different times of the day. Anyway most of porsches colours are great and you really can't go too wrong.

    I understand what you mean by the poor communications though - mine is a may build and I haven't heard a peep yet as to what my build date is??? I've called but nothing has changed on the computer so the wait goes on. I agree with you though - gotta keep busy, i start my garage makeover this weekend.

    Anyone out there use racedeck in the northern part of the US/Canada where snow and salt are common place? Does this flooring system stand up to these conditions? is it practicle?

    Re: atlas grey

    Atlas is so pretty isn't it?


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    Nice car wmondo, Congrats, The grey interior won't show up the scuffs on the drivers door that my black does (I really try not to touch it too!!)

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    Atlas all the way.. I once saw that color on a 996 C4s, and I still dream of it.. it is so beautiful! Great car! The interior does not really appeal to me, just neutral.
    The pic tori posted shows how hard it is to capture the color on pic... I thought Atlas had a little more yellowish in it?



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