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    PCCB (Ceramic Brake) and Brake Pads - News

    Porsche offers now 3 different brake pads for the PCCB brake:

    • Standard Brake Pad for Street and Sport Use
    • Comfort Brake Pad for Street Use
    • Racing Brake Pad for Track Racing Use

    The Racing Brake Pad is not approved for street driving and it is available through Weissach (department EVS2) only.

    Here are the part numbers (in case somebody needs them):

    Standard Brake Pads:
    front: 996.351.948.01
    rear: 996.352.948.90

    Comfort Brake Pads
    front: 996.351.947.01
    rear: 996.352.947.01

    Racing Brake Pads
    front: 996.351.940.92
    rear: 996.352.930.90

    Caution: Porsche doesn't approve the Racing Pads for street driving, they're not certified for street driving.

    Re: PCCB (Ceramic Brake) and Brake Pads - News

    Well Christian, this news seems to be for me!!

    So, do the street pads roughly compare to the P40 and P90? In fact, are they the P40 and P90??

    Do you have any idea how serious the race pad is? Could it actually be safely used on the street? Or is it really going to be too cold for that. If this the RS19 ???

    Funny isn't it that Porsche seems to be working on developing tyres and pads.


    Re: PCCB (Ceramic Brake) and Brake Pads - News

    Do Porsche have racing brake pads for standard Turbo brakes?

    Re: PCCB (Ceramic Brake) and Brake Pads - News

    I put Pagid race pads on the Modena when I replaced the front discs.Boy what a difference!!!

    Cool info thanks (nt)

    Re: PCCB (Ceramic Brake) and Brake Pads - News


    Did you go with the Pagid-S or the orange Pagids ?

    How much squeal ?



    Re: PCCB (Ceramic Brake) and Brake Pads - News

    I went for the Pagid Blu ones. Pedal feel and bite tremendly increased, and they never showed signs of faatigue, even after 3-4 quick laps (although I was at Rijeka track and not monza, I have to admit...).
    Squeal is pretty bad, but my car is so loud that you don't notice it that much anyway.
    Very good and cost effective way to radically increase brake performance.

    Re: PCCB (Ceramic Brake) and Brake Pads - News

    Hi Stephen,

    if I was you, I wouldn't go for Pagid RS19.
    On my steel-break they eat the discs and the noise while breaking is horrible.

    Is there anybody who has expieriences with orange / black / green Pagid pads?
    95% of the time I'm on open roads (not got as much time as e.g. Luigi ) - but when I'm on track I don't want no fading.


    Re: PCCB (Ceramic Brake) and Brake Pads - News

    Has anyone tryed the Pagid Black pads?

    Pagid Black RS14 review

    Yes, I use the Black RS14 on my track car (88 944Turbo S - with mods). They have incredible bite and resistance to fading - much better than Orange and they only sqeal a bit less than the Orange. They do not last very long though (2/3 as long as Orange) - but the performance is fabulous! BTW, I heard that they will have a new race pad, RS15, available shortly that are even more aggressive.

    Blacks - High Recommended for the track! (even ok on street, but a bit noisy and not that stick when cold - but not unsafe)

    Re: PCCB (Ceramic Brake) and Brake Pads - News

    In reply to:
    Do Porsche have racing brake pads for standard Turbo brakes?


    Re: PCCB (Ceramic Brake) and Brake Pads - News

    The brake pads for the PCCB are not the same as the ones for the standard brake. It is difficult to compare them but I'd recommend the standard brake pads for everyday driving. The comfort pads don't make as much squeaking noise as the standard pads but brake feel and brake results are better with the standard pads.
    I don't have any experience with the PCCB race pads but I've been assured that they provide a dramatic improvement especially when it comes to brake disc wear. Unfortunately they don't last very long (the pads).

    Regarding tires: as far as I heard, Porsche is working on improving PCCB performance, especially regarding brake distance. They want to "hit" the 30 m barrier for braking from 100 to 0 kph, development is done with the help of a tire manufacturer (I heard it is Continental but I have no confirmation on that).

    PCCB & tyres

    Hi Christian,

    Interesting but also a little strange news....

    I would have thought the race pads to be formulated for higher operating temps. Usually this means that the pads last longer and not less time. But it sounds from what you say that they have come up with a pad that will wear very quickly but in the process protect the rotor more. Strange but also interesting.

    On improving the braking distance performance of the PCCB's ... this sounds like a little marketing going on. We all know that any brake system on a Porsche is limited by the tyres. So if they can formulate special tyres specifically designed to shorten the braking distance then they can do so for any brake system. But are they then going to market this with the claims that the PCCB's are responsible? It sounds like a good way to sell expensive PCCB's to the masses.

    One thing I can say is that the PCCB's are definately better at ABS stops. With cast iron rotors the brakes never lock the wheels. There is no tyre noise. Directional control is maintained. With PCCB's the wheels slide more. The tyres squeel. Directional control is not quite so easy. Feels much nicer if you know what you are doing but you do need to be a little more attentive as you cannot just slam the brakes on and turn in and expect the car to track where you want it to go while in ABS mode.

    But anyway, any development is a good thing. Well worth watching!!!

    For now, I agree that the standard brakes will be the way to go. From my previous experience, the P40 (low noise) was not as nice as the P90 (standard on GT2) though both overheated and wore out excessively quickly. There is little noise to begin with but after they've been heat cycled a few times they are quite noisy. This is not a problem as far as I'm concerned.

    Thank you RC!!! :)


    Re: PCCB & tyres

    In reply to:
    With cast iron rotors the brakes never lock the wheels.

    Actually in my GT2 the cast iron discs were able to lock the wheels before the intervention of the ABS.Good set up for the track...
    It was probably due to the bigger front 6 pot calipers.

    Re: PCCB & ABS

    So maybe that's the reason then. I have exactly the same callipers as you do. I wonder if the front/rear brake balance is different?? That might explain it.

    Anyway, it is very noticable. I like it a lot. The ABS will keep the wheels turning but the slip rate is much greater. Lots of tyre noise where previously there was very little.


    Re: PCCB & ABS

    Exactly the same as in the GT2!



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