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    Ferrari unveils at Geneva the Challenge Stradale

    Maranello, March 4, 2003 - Ferrari unveils the Challenge Stradale to the world for the very first time at Geneva's 73rd International MotorShow. The new eight-cylinder model joins the existing 360 Modena and 360 Spider and is the fruit of the marque's experience in the international Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli and GT rallies.

    The car's strong racing bloodline is plain to see in the considerable weight reduction it boasts, with an all-aluminium chassis and body, carbon discs and an F1-style gearbox. Other weight-saving measures included a strictly racing kit and significant work on the aerodynamics, set-up and braking.

    More information will be given later on today.

    Live pic of the interior

    Wheel and instruments
    (more coming as soon as I understand how to reduce the files)

    Re: Live pic of the interior

    I love the yellow tachometer. Are we not supposed to wrap our thumbs while driving? I just figured this out last week.

    Re: Live pic of the interior

    Notice the right paddle longer that the left one

    Re: Live pic of the interior

    Please, tell me the white line in the midlle of the car is not definitive Apart of that and maybe fifferent wheels the car is perfect.


    Here are more Geneva photos of the CS

    Here's the link to the "Gallery" (be warned it's more than just Ferraris):
    Geneva Photos

    Enjoy! (I did!).. I tried to make the image names descriptive, but feel free to ask if something doesn't make sense.

    -Geoff H.
    '01 996-Turbo
    '04 996-GT3 "Waiter"
    '0x 360 Challenge Stradale "Wanter"

    Stradale with CD player!!!

    Did you guys notice that the blueStradale has a CD player?
    Or os ot something else?
    PS: Nice pics, thanks!

    Re: Stradale with CD player!!!

    indeed, very nice pictures!

    i love the stradale's carbon interior -- it's a bit enzo-ish!

    Re: Live pic of the interior

    dear luigi,

    thanks for this picture. can't wait to see the other ones.

    do you realize the small sticker placed on the rear challenge grill on each CS? did it say "TubiStyle"?

    that would be great and make the CS even more awesome.

    look forward hearing from you.

    all the best from berlin

    > florian

    Re: Live pic of the interior


    do you realize the small sticker placed on the rear challenge grill on each CS? did it say "TubiStyle"?
    > florian

    It say "Challenge Stradale"


    Re: Live pic of the interior


    i would prefer the grill without tthe sticker. like they showed it on the press photos.

    thnaks for your attachement. do you have more pics?

    greetings, florian

    Re: Live pic of the interior

    Hi guys,
    too bad I did not get to see you Luigi, I was there the 7 and 8.
    I loves the car. I prefer the red one ( pexiglas w. alcantara,no radio) than the blue ( power w., radio(looks like a taximeter) and leather seats). Which one do you prefer?
    I have been told by a guy in the stand that is eventually faster than the Challeng (next year the challenge will have the same 425 hp engine). I am not too sure about the rear fins, what do you think?
    see attached some pictures

    Re: Live pic of the interior

    hi there,

    unfortunately i couldn't see or download your puctures.
    can you help me?

    and; i think the rear is very beatiful, and quite rough at the same time.

    what do you guys think about the new lamborghini?
    isn't it cute?

    cheers, floren

    Re: Live pic of the interior

    well I have been told the pictures does not have to be bigger that 1200000 I dont know what.I will try to reduce them and try again

    Re: Live pic of the interior

    Wheel and instruments
    (more coming as soon as I understand how to reduce the files)

    Luigi, just send me the pics and I resize them.



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