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    First Canadian Supercar

    As seen in another forum. I personally don't think it looks to great...though: "rear tires: 415/30 zr/18"

    It come Stock with 750hp and for $330 000 CND total you can get the 1300hp version. It seats three people up to 6'6" much like the McLaren F1 and is completly made of Carbon Fibre. It weighs in at just over 1100kgs

    Known as the "Quebec Bomb" (currently under construction)

    Re: First Canadian Supercar

    looks like a F430 mated with a Diablo !

    Re: First Canadian Supercar

    I was thinking the same thing.

    Re: First Canadian Supercar

    Is this actually a truly engineered vehicle or just a bad copy of an italian show-off? Does it have a proper suspension, fully tested? is its aerodynamics properly controlled? or is this just a boulevard car for poseurs?

    Re: First Canadian Supercar

    It was a twin turbo Northstar V8. I know two of the designers Terry Cleland (one of the men responsible for the Rothman Cup & Turbo Cup series, and a truly gifted engineer) and Jay Lloyds who was a factory Porsche race mechanic and turbo guru.

    I seem to remeber that the car was well throught out and only lacked from what most supercar ideas lacked, enough money and potential customers to make a go of it...

    Re: First Canadian Supercar

    With this ultra-wide body and those silly rear rims it looks to me like it came straight from the eighties.

    Re: First Canadian Supercar

    ADias said:
    Is this actually a truly engineered vehicle or just a bad copy of an italian show-off? Does it have a proper suspension, fully tested? is its aerodynamics properly controlled? or is this just a boulevard car for poseurs?

    I have no idea, all I know is what you see there. Though, as a jr mechanical engineer i'd have to say a lot of it is likely untested and non-functional in design. Like others have said it looks like a copy of a f430 with a countach/diablo.

    Quoted from the same forum I got the info from:
    Hmmm....... nice looking but it's going to need to do an awful lot more than show up at a car show, look pretty, and throw out some HP numbers to be called a supercar. How does it handle? How does it brake? Aerodynamics? Can it effectively put all that power to the ground in a controllable fashion? Does it break? etc etc etc. Just because you've slapped a [beep] of power into a vehicle it doesn't automatically become a supercar (the W12 GTI is a perfect case in point).

    Re: First Canadian Supercar

    one of the ugliest things I have ever seen!!!

    Re: First Canadian Supercar

    I dunno, I think it actually looks kinda nice ....Very agressive

    Re: First Canadian Supercar

    I'm afraid it won't be a big hit in Germany.

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