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    Lime Rock - GT3s win from 3-way F430 crash

    I can't believe they all took each other out in one big crash. Whatever it takes to win one. lol

    Re: Lime Rock - GT3s win from 3-way F430 crash

    The Lizards got a little lucky in the end too.

    Re: Lime Rock - GT3s win from 3-way F430 crash

    Adrift, if you look at the Mid-Ohio entry list at the ALMS site you will notice a new entry for the even. Woodhouse Performance Viper, which is essentially a GT3 car prepared as a GT2 car, which it races in either the Speed GT or the Rolex Grand-Am series. I read rumors of the GT1 class might disappear altogether with GT2 transforming into GT3. Tell me what you think.

    GT1 Part 1

    Aston Martin was a topic in Georgia just before July 4. Two Corvettes quite ridiculously continue to comprise the entire LM-GT1 class. The series has allowed this situation to fester - Murphy isn't big on excuses here. It's either a comment on the American Le Mans Series leverage in the racing community, their financial condition, or both, that we may be about to lose an entire class. Corvette won't race another season alone, and the Bear is sure the program can't have helped in the halls of that bureaucratic, bean-counting puzzle-palace in the Renaissance Center by the disaster of the first half of this 2007 season following an acrimonious 2006. Le Mans and the loyalty of Corvette owners have kept this program around. What will keep it on the track in 2008?

    GT1 Part 2 (and GT2, and GT3)

    The Bear's heard there'll be a Viper at Mid-Ohio, unfortunately not in GT1, but in GT2. Maybe not unfortunately, because Murphy hears that the ACO is certain to kill off GT1 and embrace GT3. According to the paddock, the only things in doubt now are when it happens and whether GT2 goes with it to be replaced by a single GT3 class. Anyway, the newly upgraded Competition Coupe will be welcome.

    GT1 Part 3

    Murphy hasn't heard from his Rafanelli source. Clearly, "very close" to a deal didn't mean "very soon," though the Bear got a confirmation from a second insider. Does this entry remain possible? In the absence of any paddock patter at all, there's no way to answer that. (Edit: Well, sometimes you've got to write about it. A source read the Bear and dropped this poop: "I hear that everything is in place for Rafanelli, but for 08, nothing in 07." Murphy comments: Next year? Too much can go wrong. The Bear will check on this at season's end. That's a message that he'll be looking for someone - you know who you are - at Laguna Seca.) This is in reference to rumor of an Oreca prepared Saleen S7R coming to ALMS

    GT1 Part 4

    Déjà vu all over again. Now Murphy hears that funding isn't the only reason for Aston Martin's hesitation in deciding to contest ALMS events later in the season. Get this: They have concerns about the rules! How ridiculous is that. It gets the Bear's award for the dumbest damn thing he's heard since...since...well, I guess since the green (formerly) Fords last darkened the doorstep of the poor American Le Mans Series. With friends like this, they sure don't need any enemies in Braselton, do they?

    Source Link

    Re: Lime Rock - GT3s win from 3-way F430 crash

    So, no policy here of no spoilers in titles? Haven't watched this race yet...


    Re: Lime Rock - GT3s win from 3-way F430 crash

    Hmm, sorry bout that. Ignorance on my part. How long is such a moratorium usually in place? It seems hard enough to get any ALMS talk going at all without removing any punch from the Subject line by restricting it to a generic **ALMS SPOILER***. Getting people to talk about ALMS seems harder than getting it to stop raining here in Texas!

    A viper at mid Ohio (in whatever class) sounds exciting. The more variety the better. But how do you slow down a GT1 car so that it doesn't run away from the GT2s? Extra weight? Intake restrictors?

    Re: Lime Rock - GT3s win from 3-way F430 crash

    The showed this on UK tele (Motors TV) earlier in the week - first time I've watched this race series - got to say was very impressed with it - especially on such a short circuit - plenty of action

    Re: Lime Rock - GT3s win from 3-way F430 crash

    any youtube video of that?

    Re: Lime Rock - GT3s win from 3-way F430 crash

    adrift said:
    Hmm, sorry bout that. Ignorance on my part. How long is such a moratorium usually in place?

    No big deal, there was just so much racing last weekend I hadn't had a chance to watch it all. I think a week is reasonable, but I'm not a moderator...


    Re: Lime Rock - GT3s win from 3-way F430 crash

    The ALMS is an exciting series. For me, the latter half of the season is the best because the upcoming tracks provide awesome action. Mid-Ohio, Road America, Mosport, Belle Isle Park, Road Atlanta (Petite Le Mans), and Leguna Seca. What more can you ask for?

    As for Youtube videos of Lime Rock, most of them are amateur videos of people carrying a camera in a particular section of a course and in the pits.



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