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    Re: Detroit review

    Dr. Phil said:
    brunner said:
    Check out Taxi 1&2 while you're at it

    Major lapsus going on here...
    What was the name of the movie with a 911 (912?) Targa (i think) driven by a guy, chasing another classic car, driven by a lady, on the Riviere (i think)? Damn, I must be getting old

    Mission:Impossible II?

    Nope, an old one, from the '60s or '70s..

    Re: Detroit review

    OK, then it must be Goldfinger from 1964.
    Silver Aston Martin DB5 versus white/red Mustang.
    Bond disables Tilly Masterson's car by using the Aston Martins tyre slasher hidden in the nearside rear wheel hub.

    Other than that I dunno.
    Maybe some Charlie Sheen movie...the one where he's a car thief...but that's from the 80ies.
    Or The Saint, The Persuaders, French Connection....argh...cant think of any more.

    Re: Performance-per-$ vs Performance-per-mpg

    Dr. Phil said:
    Ente said:
    Cruising down Daytona beach in a Ferrari or an Audi is nice but lacks authenticity in a hard to describe way.. it's gotta be a Mustang convertible. Watching a Nascar race demands a Bud in your hand, not a glass of champagne.

    So very true IMO, Ente.
    It just isn't very authentic to cruise the Croisette in Cannes in a Corvette, or cruising Sunset Boulevard in a Porsche.

    Sunset Boulevard is funny actually. Please don't hold it
    in lofty esteem. If you want to see a Mercedes and Porsche rolling parking lot, Sunset is the place. If you need 24hr liquor stores, hookers and cop lights, Sunset has that also,ask Eddie Murphy about his Mercedes ride sharing program.

    As for the Corvette being "outsized" for Europe, it no longer is, in fact its now the SAME size as a 997 and its' gas mileage is the same also as a 997. The interior still needs to be refined, its better, but still sub par for the
    car's performance. GM spent lots on developing the car's performance for the European market, but nothing on the inside and some of its daily ownership quirks make no sense at all except to Alabama tort lawyer.

    On a track its a viable contender but I couldn't bring myself to give a Chevy dealer 50K in the US for one, much less expect a EU customer to give 90K E for one either.

    Re: Performance-per-$ vs Performance-per-mpg

    You could do the James Dean run. Automobile mag did it with the Boxster and the SLK.

    Re: Performance-per-$ vs Performance-per-mpg

    As for the Corvette being "outsized" for Europe, it no longer is, in fact its now the SAME size as a 997 and its' gas mileage is the same also as a 997.

    That's good, but they're coming from two different sides. The Corvette grows smaller and the Porsche bigger. Them overlapping in dimensions is such a recent development that not many people have caught on to it yet. Go back only one year in specs and you see the deviation still being pronounced. Go back five years and you have the makeup of the public image. Regarding fuel economy the difference is largely in perception, but it matters little for the purpose of sales in Europe. My guess is that it will likely take years for the impression to catch up to the new reality.



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