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    Test drive 987 S

    After some time, I was able to test drive a 987 S in Stuttgart. This followed a test drive of an SLK 55 AMG (yes, I know, I know ) and I have to admit that I am very impressed with the handling of the Boxster. Keep in mind that I already drive a 968 2.7 for the last 5 years, so I am used to a car that has excellent handling.

    The car I tested had the standard suspension (no PASM), 18'' wheels, sport seats, sport steering wheel, and the rest, pretty standard.

    After doing almost 400 Km with it I can report that the steering is great, as direct (if not more) as ever. The steering wheel size and format is almost perfect, only the design is questionable (different people, different tastes ). The suspension is not very harsh over bumps, but definetely I cannot rate it as confortable. On bad roads, it can be exhausting, as you have to keep making little direction adjustments. Specially on long corners with medium speed and bad surface you have to pay attention, but this is what driving is all about, isn't it? In any case, it seems that PASM can provide the best of both worlds (firm suspension when you have good conditions and feel like it, and confortable when cruising, or in the city). According to the salesman, the PASM is probably the main improvement made to the whole car over the 986. I will have to test it, and I will definetely like to hear experiences from owners after some time with it in real conditions (not just a short test drive)

    The design of the interior is questionable again, and I guess I would choose some options to personalise it a bit. There, it cannot compete with the SLK, IMHO.

    But once you are on the road, and put that throttle down, engaging gear after gear (the new gearbox is one of the biggest reasons to upgrade from the old Boxster!) all the little details become superfluous. This is not a car to cruise around (although you can), or a daily transport (although you can use it like one). This is a car to DRIVE, without any automatic systems overriding the desires of the driver. If you don't get the thrill of driving in this car, you will not get it in any, no matter how much BHP or acceleration figures.

    I think I made my choice!

    excuse my spelling, I am writting this in a rush, and my english is not the best!

    Re: Test drive 987 S

    I testdrove the SLK 55 AMG too and I loved the engine, the 7-speed gearbox and the extremely good exhaust sound (a delight to drive the SLK 55 AMG with open top...).
    BUT: when it comes to handling, the Boxster S is much more fun. This is why I took the decision to get a Boxster S instead of a SLK 55 AMG for my wife...her SLK 32 AMG runs out soon. I really liked the SLK 55 AMG but the steering, the intrusive ESP and the poor traction especially in sharp turns made the decision for the Boxster S pretty easy.
    In my opinion, the SLK 55 AMG is the housewife's muscle car, nice and powerful engine but nothing more. It is sad that AMG couldn't do better...or maybe they didn't want to.

    Re: Test drive 987 S

    RC said:
    I test drove the SLK 55 AMG too ... It is sad that AMG couldn't do better...or maybe they didn't want to.

    I think you're on to something.

    Each company has a customer profile with which they've been successful for many years. It's simply asking too much of Mercedes to stray too far from their mold.

    If potential SLK 55 customers were all that interested in fine handling, they would already be customers of another car company.

    Re: Test drive 987 S

    I will be driving another S with PASM, this time, so I will be able to compare on the same roads. I will post it my impressions then.



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