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    Clutch Burn Smell / Oil Warning

    I was on the highway today when I exited behind a slow moving vehicle that stopped abruptly in front of me on an off ramp. I was almost certain I gave the car enough gas as to not stall - but it stalled anyway..I started the vehicle, but it refused to flashing a red warning in the dash saying "Engine oil pressure too low". With the clutch disengaged, I gave some gas, and the tachometer showed 6,000 RPM's but I didn't have that much pressure on the accelerator! The clutch then remained on the floor, and seemed to engage slowly on its own as the RPM's fell. There was then a burning smell for a good 10-15 min on the highway until I arrived at my destination. Since then, it's been fine, no problems to mention. I stopped and let the car measure the oil as recommended in the manual, and that was all right as well.

    Has this happened to anyone and if so, how worried should I be? Car has 1300 miles on it (almost done with break in)

    Re: Clutch Burn Smell / Oil Warning

    I think 'Don't do it like that again' firstly! Easy to panic though, I know.

    'Giving it some gas' probably isn't going to help, as it's an electronic throttle.

    The revs DO pile on very quickly when you tap the throttle in neutral. I accidentally touched the gas pedal once in the early weeks of ownership, getting out of the car with the engine still running. In the narrow stone-walled street of a really quiet village too - you should have heard the noise!

    I had pretty much the same experience as you in the first week of ownership - had to stop suddenly, and the car stalled, then on re-start I got an oil-temp warning. So you're not alone there either, don't worry. I restarted the car, then drove carefully for a while and the oil temp needle came back to normal and the error cleared. I figured it was a sensor clitch following the stall. Hasn't happened since.

    After a stall, the engine can refuse to start straight away. It can take quite a long time for it to want to restart - probably seems longer if you're stuck in an awkward place! If it happens again, try taking the key completely out of the ignition, then re-inserting it and trying again. This might get the engine going quicker.

    As for the clutch - well, that sounds similar to some stories on the 997 board, but sounds like it might be a reasonable thing to expect to happen when trying to engage at high revs? I'm no expert on that though. See how it goes.

    Re: Clutch Burn Smell / Oil Warning

    I haven't had the engine warning, but experienced a burning smell fairly often, particularly during the first 3000 miles I drove mine. I'm not aware of stressing my clutch in any way so I found it a trifle disconcerning, but so far nothing has broken and the burning smell has pretty much disappeared.

    Re: Clutch Burn Smell / Oil Warning

    I have the burning smell on mine as well, after 6500km, it's now better.

    its quite common on all brand new cars.
    i think something to do with the new exhaust and melting of some sealants? cant remember exactly.



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