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    Torque Loss From After Market Exhaust?

    I read some where that an after market exhaust typically reduces torque -- that after market exhausts increase top end speed at the expense of acceleration and take-off times. Is this accurate?

    I am more interested in torque and take-off speed than hp and top speed. Is an after market exhaust counter-productive to my goal? Will I sacrifice torque with an after market exhaust? Will the 0 to 60 and 1/4 miles times go down with an after market exhaust?

    Thanks for the input!

    Re: Torque Loss From After Market Exhaust?

    As a point of clarification, my questions concern the affect on a 996TT, as opposed to a n/a car.

    Re: Torque Loss From After Market Exhaust?

    It depends on the exhaust, Craig. Especially on turbo engines, the exhaust is a very important part of the engine power/torque output. Some people make the mistake to believe that reduced exhaust backpressure is a desired option on turbo charged engines but this is highly wrong.
    I testdrove two different aftermarket exhausts for the Turbo and the first thing I observed was the fact, that they delivered a substantial increase in mid-range rpm torque. With the 996 Turbo, you have to be careful what aftermarket exhaust you choose. Highflow catalytic converters should be included, one reason why high quality aftermarket exhausts for the 996 Turbo are very expensive. A lot of 996 Turbo owners want to save money by going for cheaper stuff but I can only warn about that. Not only power can be reduced (even if torque might be higher at a certain rpm range and therefore give the illusion of increased power) but low quality highflow catalysts can even destroy the engine if they burst (something I saw with my own eyes on a 996, not TT) and they cost a lot of money if they have to be replaced.
    My personal recommendation (purely based on experience, I don't claim knowledge of ALL available systems): Cargraphic exhaust with highflow cats combined with a mild ECU modification which is ADAPTED to the exhaust. Or to say it with a few short words: a complete package is the best deal, even if pricey. If you want to go for the exhaust only, go for stuff from well known high quality Tuners and don't believe everything some companies advertise. Also don't believe everything you read on the net, analyze all "personal experiences" very careful and ask questions. Last but not least: any aftermarket exhaust can void engine warranty.

    Re: Torque Loss From After Market Exhaust?

    Thanks RC.

    The Car Graphics exhaust is one of the two I am considering. However, I recently heard that it uses 200 cell cats, and produces less hp and torque (21/20) than other systems using 100 cell cats.

    I am also considering the RUF exhaust. It uses 100 cell cats and, according to the figures I've read, it produces among the most hp and torque (30-40+) of any after market exhaust (FABSPEED being a close second). Do you have any experience with RUF exhausts?

    Thanks again!



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