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    996 love

    In a way, now 996 are totally bargain cars.
    A 996 here in Switzerland will cost you anywhere between 35K$ up to 70ish for later models/TT.
    For those who find this expensive, $35K is the kind of money that buy you a regular Volkswagen Golf.
    Driving a 996 might be outdated vs a 997 (I had one so I know)...but compared to plenty of actual production, they are an absolute blast. Acceleration, breaking, steering. It is a fantastic drive at a bargain price for the sports car enthusiast.
    You can find sexier interior, more electronics gadgets, even better engines, say in a 335i...but the 996 is BUILT from scratch as a sports car and drives like one.
    I have a lot of fun with mine still

    Anybody else with this feeling? (even if this board is more focused on newer models)

    Re: 996 love

    Indeed the older cars represent a great value, but they come with their share of problems as well!

    Re: 996 love

    I could not say it better myself - what an incredible car. Today on the way to work, I drove an extra 20 "spirited" minutes, and just marveled at the grip and feel of the car. I purchased an ext warranty... which lets me sleep a little better.

    Its interesting because as the market becomes softer, the demographic of the typical owner is changing... becoming younger. I have heard of many people in their 20's buying a 911. I wish I had a P-car in my twenties!

    Re: 996 love

    Moogle said:
    Indeed the older cars represent a great value, but they come with their share of problems as well!

    I would know I had to pay $25K for an engine swap...
    The day I sell my car, the guy who buys it will make a fantastic deal.!

    Re: 996 love

    I really do love my 996
    Everybody knows that 997 is a good improvement but the 996s are made to satisfy their owners for a long time

    Re: 996 love

    The 996 is a fantastic car. I had a 2004 C4S that I got CPO with 425 miles. On the 2 years I owned it, it was driven 20k more miles. 1st owner bought it at $89900 and I got it 2 months after for $75500. I pre-traded it for $65k on a then brand new 2006 C2S that I specified to my liking. Amongst the highlights is the X51 Powerkit, Aerokit, Sports Chrono Package Plus and Adaptive Sports Seats. Trust me when I tell you that I would have been better off keeping my 996 C4S as it is a fantastic car as it is. I certainly would have never changed it for a base 997 Carrera or a standard Carrera S. But now I am paying the price as depreciation on my C2S is at around $50k. OUCH!!!

    Re: 996 love

    I regularly see 996s on the road used as a daily car for commuting to work - guys who want to enjoy the otherwise boring drive to work. The cost makes it possible to own one just for this purpose

    Re: 996 love

    i still enjoying the 996, it is just like the first girl friends,

    Re: 996 love

    MR996 said:
    i still enjoying the 996, it is just like the first girl friends,

    you still enjoy them? your current must be happy



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