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    Adding Nav to a 997

    Anyone know if adding the nav unit is simply just a "plug & play" or does the dealer/technician have to do their magic.


    Re: Adding Nav to a 997

    surely not a plug and play ,some wiring job has to be done ,then some software with the obd..but not so complicated,,

    Re: Adding Nav to a 997

    I was led to believe that the add-ons to the main PCM are modules that CAN potentially be added on. So the PCM comprises the core of the screen and buttons and main computing power :-), and the SatNav module or Phone module can then be added on to that. Obviously there is a bit of complication with GPS and phone aerials - I have not actually seen any mention of where they are. Mine will have both so I will hopefully be able to tell in a couple of weeks.

    What about the nav buttons everybody _must_ get?

    Look at it this way. If they will sell you teh car without the NAV but INSIST in selling you the car WITH all the buttons that go with it (but remain non-functional) the LEAST they can do is make the retrofit a simple plug in thing.

    Then again they can make it as complicated as possible and make sure those non functional buttons stay non functional as long as possible.

    Re: What about the nav buttons everybody _must_ get?

    It is not the hardest thing in the world, but with the new MOST BUS system in place it needs to be programmed with the Porsche tester computer. The retrofit kit consists of an antenna module and a DVD ROM drive that goes into the front trunk. The kit however is not available in the states until December, and it is $3,000 or so installed. If you have the chance to, have it put in at the factory. If not, it's not the end of the world, and it entails little more work than a CD changer on a 911.

    Re: What about the nav buttons everybody _must_ get?

    i would hope that when they use the term "module" that it is some sort of self contained kit with an antenna and a few wires at MAX, that is easy to do and the dealer could activate with the computer.

    i hope.

    Re: What about the nav buttons everybody _must_ get?

    Moogle said:
    i would hope that when they use the term "module" that it is some sort of self contained kit with an antenna and a few wires at MAX, that is easy to do and the dealer could activate with the computer.

    i hope.

    yes! exactly!

    Porsche spies: do hear that at Porsche?

    Now about that spare tire... .



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