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    GT3 warranty invalidated if any track time?

    Do you folks think Porsche will actually be cancelling everyone's warranty (for powertrain at least) if you do any track events (not racing, but DE's, etc.)?

    That would be a shame and engender some ill-will, especially since they market this car as track-ready...

    Re: GT3 warranty invalidated if any track time?

    Is this confirmed by Porsche or is something you dealer told you.

    Re: GT3 warranty invalidated if any track time?

    Nobody told me this, except that someone oon CFG board had their powertrain warranty voided, because he tracked his C2. I guess a dealer can do that and put it in the computer, so that ever dealer will be prevented from doing warranty work. I think the rollcage gave him away.

    In the manual, it explicitly states that warranty is void if car is tracked. I think it comes down to dealer discretion though...

    Re: GT3 warranty invalidated if any track time?

    Grant is right, it comes down to dealer discretion. I had this problem with my 996. The car was lowered, upgraded to GT3 brakes, suspension, and seats, had a roll-cage with 6 point belts, etc. So it was obviously a track car. My dealer did minor warranty work on it for two years (including the rear main seal and coolant overflow TSBs), without a word.

    However, when I started to have problems with the check engine light and they could diagnose and fix it after three tries, they used the clause Grant mentions in the warranty guide to cancel my coverage and charge me over $2K for repairs. I appealed it to the zone rep and all he did was make sure it was put into the national computer so I couldn't take the car to another dealer

    I think this is pretty unique and I haven't heard it happening to many other people but legally PNMA can deny warranty coverage on the powertrain, brakes, suspension and probably a few other things if they know you are tracking the car.

    The best part was when I told the zone rep that there were lots of PCA members who would be shocked to learn that taking their Boxsters and 996s to a DE could void their warranty. He actually suggested I should warn them. Can you imagine?


    Re: GT3 warranty invalidated if any track time?

    I would like to think that PCNA reserves that clause as a catch for persons who 'abuse' the car and expect warranty coverage. I would NOT expect that PCNA woudl warrant brakes which would likely be gone after 2000 track miles. I would NOT expect coverage on a clucth of driveshaft that failed outside of a reasonable track lifecycle. I would expect that they fix my AC or a bad Mass Air Sensor. Its a fine line, but Porsche cars are designed for this and should be capable of reasonable track use, particularly for DE purposes. I know plenty of people who drive their cars almost that hard on the street. I was treated very fairly by my dealer and rep on my Boxster. Following the guidlines above, I paid for brakes at 15k and 22k and they covered all of the other fru fru stuff that broke. Outside of that, the screws backed out on one of the driveshafts, but I fixed that myself. No other problems. I think one of the other good guidlines is to check if the problem is happening to other non DE cars. The recent transmission failures are a good example of this.



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