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    porsche cayenne

    Good day!
    According to you qualè the version to choose of the porsche cayenne? S or Tuurbo? why? until today they are not successuful to try nobody of de 2 versions.
    you would know to me to sey as they go? and if a guide uses itself much glad? other thing. The adjustabel are indispensable?
    [color:red] [/color] HELLO :p

    Re: porsche cayenne

    I drove both the S and the Turbo. I was not impressed with the S (not sporty enough) and was ready to buy a X5 4.6is again. The next day I drove a Turbo. That was a whole different league and I said yes at the spot.

    Two interesting things: You can improve the S by ordering the air suspension (was not available at the time) and in the US the lease deal on the Turbo has a much higher residual than the X5, so the payments become rather close (for a $20,000 difference)

    Also: With the falling dollar, get your car now. prices will have to go up dramatically.

    Re: porsche cayenne

    If you have the money, go for the Cayenne Turbo. I testdrove both, the S and the Turbo and the Turbo is definetely the winner from many points of view.
    But maybe I'm not that impressed with the "S" because I already own a Mercedes ML55 AMG which is pretty much the same regarding performance.
    It also depends where you live and for what purpose you need the Cayenne. If you want to do a lot of off-roading, the Cayenne S without air suspension might be the better choice.
    Don't get me wrong: the "S" is a fine SUV too but if you can afford it, why not go for platinum instead of gold?
    A last thing: if you live in a region with bad fuel quality, avoid the Turbo.

    Re: porsche cayenne

    i do not understand? the defective benzine? why to avoid TURBO?

    i live in italy. the problem is here that the benz costs $1.01 liter.

    Stranger, the problem with low gasoline...

    ...quality is Porsche's octane requirement. Porsche says that the engines are designed to require "...unleaded premium fuel with an octane rating of 98 RON (93CLC or AKI)". 'RON' is the research-method rating while 'CLC' and 'AKI' are the average of the Research and Motor ratings. This 'average' rating system is used in the US and is stated on our gasoline pumps as "(R + M)/2". The Cayenne owner's manual goes on to state "Be assured that your vehicle will operate properly on unleaded premium fuels with octane numbers of at least 95 RON (90 CLC or AKI), since the engine's "Electronic Octane(TM) knock control" will adapt the ignition timing, if necessary".

    This requirement for relatively high-octane gasoline is due to the engines' high compression ratios, 11.5:1 in the S and 9.5:1 in the Turbo.

    About other equipment, I highly recommend the air suspension option in the S; its ride is much less harsh than that provided by the steel-spring suspension, and, of course, you get the addded benefits of variable ride height and self leveling.

    Re: porsche cayenne

    It also depends where you live and for what purpose you need the Cayenne. If you want to do a lot of off-roading, the Cayenne S without air suspension might be the better choice.

    I don't know what type of off-roading you're thinking of. Every type that I have done would benefit from additional ground clearance. I wouldn't consider the Cayenne a worthy off-road vehicle without the air suspension. It's just a boulevard cruiser without it.

    Re: porsche cayenne

    The Turbo will use 1 liter every 5 or 6 kilometer (14 mpg) and I'm only in the break in period an cannot rev higher than 4200 rpm. With the high gas prices in Europe that can really add up.

    GM Austin

    When is your bad boy ready for delivery? any specific dates yet?

    Re: GM Austin

    Just got an e-mail from the dealer: July 14! He says they are actually running 2-3 days ahead of schedule right now.

    Cool, sound exciting (NT)




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