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    'elp - Stereo (CDR24) says 'PORSCHE'

    They must have disconected the battery or something when the car was in last week - stereo isn't working just says 'PORSCHE' when switched on. Thought it might need a code - but looking in my manual pack no code, and manual doesn't seem to refer to one - the car automatically detects the stereo - any ideas anyone, or is it ANOTHER call to the dealer?

    Re: 'elp - Stereo (CDR24) says 'PORSCHE'

    Dunno. Is there a soft reset key combination or something?

    Re: 'elp - Stereo (CDR24) says 'PORSCHE'

    Speak to your OPC-they should have a code logged for the car. Are you sure you don't have a card with the number on?
    Looks like they disconnected the battery as you say-I had this with a flat battery and the OPC gave me the code 4yrs afeter it was new.
    However, the code was wrong-the radio had been changed under warranty 2 weeks after they couldn't help me. They suggested taking to my own OPC so they could get the serial number off the rear of the head unit,they can then order the number from someplace in Blackpool for Pounds35.00
    Then my OPC said the head unit had no sticker/serial number so they couldn't help me.
    So I rang a local independent and asked them who they used for radios, called down, they plugged the unit to a computer and read its memory to give me the pincode-Pounds10 it cost and took 5 mins
    As yours is a new car you shouldn't have any problems-but it did p155 me off that both OPC Reading and OPC Leeds and Porsche UK were unable to help, but a little backstreet audio shop could and did....go figure

    Re: 'elp - Stereo (CDR24) says 'PORSCHE'

    There was no code in the pack they gave me, and reading the manual for the 987 it may be that they no longer use codes - it seems to imply that the radio recognises the car - more complexity of the MOST system probably. Trying to get hold of my OPC at the moment, but most of the service dept at court (don't know why) but these guys really beginning to get my goat - unfortunately don't live near any other OPCs so equal distance no matter where I take it - 100+mile round trip each time, worked it out earlier - car has 4800 miles on it (6 months old) - 560 of those have been racked up going to the dealer and back (not including any tests they've taken the car on)

    Re: 'elp - Stereo (CDR24) says 'PORSCHE'

    After, finally, speaking to the OPC:

    OK, pulled a fuse (F9, row D) in the box in the footwell, locked the car, left it for 5 mins, reinserted fuse (after unlocking the car obviously) and all appears to work fine (apart from got to get the manual now to work out how to tune the bugger).

    Now, do I need to worry as this was a 10A fuse, but the diagram said it should be a 7.5A.. hmmm, am I becoming a Porsche Hypocondriac?

    Re: 'elp - Stereo (CDR24) says 'PORSCHE'

    I think it's 10A because we use Imperial Ampere's here. 7.5A would be Metric Ampere's that they use in Europe.

    Glad you got it going. Will remember that one. So are all the other fuses wrong as well?

    Re: 'elp - Stereo (CDR24) says 'PORSCHE'

    Happy Bunny then



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