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    Cayenne with Cell Phone

    The Cayenne manual says the PCM II will work with any VDA compatible external phone. I was in Germany last week and bought a VDA adapter. Does anyone know where to find the VDA connection on the Cayenne? I pulled the PCM II and did not find it on the back of the unit. So I assume it must be elsewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    It is deleted in US Cayennes in both hardware (the Buttons) and software (buttons have new functions)

    There are 2 unused ports on the back of PCM.

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    I think the VDA connector should be something different. I know about the Porsche phone sold in Europe. VDA is a German standard that allows the use of any brand of phone. I was in Germany recently and drove my friend's AMG E55. I think Mercedes uses the same system. He uses a Nokia phone with his car and Nav system.

    I am going to dig around the dash area to find a connector. I have already pulled the PCM unit and it is not on the back.


    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    The Porsche cell phone option, available in Europe and not the US, connects the Telephone Control Unit to the PCM through the high-speed fiber optical MOST network.

    The VDA interface appears, from the drawings, to be a small, high-density connector, that attaches to a telephone-specific phone cradle.

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    wingless said:
    The Porsche cell phone option, available in Europe and not the US, connects the Telephone Control Unit to the PCM through the high-speed fiber optical MOST network.

    I don't get it: there is GSM 1900 available in the US, why doesn't Porsche offer a PCM II with an integrated GSM 1900 phone? Or maybe a 850/1900 combo. The 850 band is now opened for US GSM networks to. It is a very nice option to have, I always liked the "integrated" phone solutions, including the one in the Mercedes E55 with the COMAND APS system.

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    There are many 1900 phones here in the US; problem is, Europe mostly uses 900/1800, which is what the Cayenne is programmed for (and it's an 8 watt phone!!!). Here we primarily have 800, 850 (sort of) and 1900 for GSM (AMPS, CDMA and iDen too, but that's a different story).

    Then again, Mercedes and others seem to have figured out how to swap out receivers; why not Porsche?

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    Mercedes invested in a multi-country multi-mode multi vendor interface for the Command system. I understand it was released last fall with the 04 models.

    Great idea.

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    It is available on the 04's; we have a CDMA phone in the e500 Wagon.

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    jdrive said:
    It is available on the 04's; we have a CDMA phone in the e500 Wagon.

    But can you use all phone functions through the COMAND APS?

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    Thats what I was told, the major factor over here is the many competing vendors and systems. Prior to this change you had to use 1 or 2 cellphone venders.

    Also, the vendors here use systems which are not compatible with each other for primary use CDMA\TDMA\GSM and variations thereof.

    Buyers were perturbed because they were being forced in to accounts with new vendors, when they already had sometimes multiple phones or company phones from another. The net result was that most Command fitted car owners were not buying subscriptions for the phone option at all.

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    I think the VDA adapter is the answer. All the Germans got together and decided to use the VDA. Here is what one looks like.

    The Cayenne electrial diagram shows that the connection is under the front passenger seat, but I could not find it. In theory, if you hook up the VDA, you would have the sound through the PCM-II system.

    I have a cell phone installed now that does mute the radio, but I had to mount an external speaker that is always in the way.

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    The location for the telephone control unit is underneath the front passenger seat. When installed, it has four connectors. These are: the fiber optical MOST connector; two antenna connectors and the electrical connector.

    The MOST communication system is a loop. So, when an option is not included, the fiber optical cable is not routed to that location. So, there will not be a MOST connector under the seat.

    The two antenna connectors are not present, when the telephone is not installed.

    The same is true for the electrical connector.

    Some of the wires in the electrical connector are routed to the VDA interface, that is also not present.

    The telephone control unit takes telephone communication, through the VDA connection, and puts this onto the MOST bus, according to the specified protocol for this type of data. For example, the voice information is broken into digital packets and sent around the bus.

    There is no easy way to connect the telephone to the PCM in the U.S.

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    So do I understand that you only get the VDA connector if you have the Porsche phone installed, or is there a module that could be bought to hook up the MOST and VDA?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Re: Cayenne with Cell Phone

    There is currently no way to connect the phone to the PCM in the US. There is no module that will perform this function. This equipment is not available in the US.



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