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    Re: Tesla S 85p

    I have seen this car couple of weeks ago on a car show up in Pasadena Art School. I kind of love it - great interior space.



    Re: Tesla S 85p

    The Model X is def growing on me the more I see the latest the 21" rims too!


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    Re: Tesla S 85p

    I am not sure the gullwing doors are a good idea . They would be practical lots of the time to get in and out, but not in a low  roof packing  and it would be impossible to put a ' box' on the roof.

    I am looking with much interest at the X model kiss


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    Re: Tesla S 85p

    The gulls are prototype only - talked to someone of the design department

    Re: Tesla S 85p


    Everyone seems to forget the next big step by Tesla. You see Elon designed his cars such that the entire battery pack can be swapped out from underneath the car in less time than it takes to fill your regular gasoline car... So that pretty much completely eliminates that range argument.

    Watch it here live: It is brilliant!

    Here's my problem with that video: Why do they show the fuel up up-close but not the battery swap? Smiley Maybe because it really isn't that easy and cannot be done by everyone? Just saying... Smiley

    The battery swapping technique is not that complex and the equipment utilized in the video is virtually identical to the system used by Tesla on its assembly line in Fremont, California.  Something that is not highlighted in the video is that Tesla will charge the owner the difference in the life of the existing battery pack over that of the newly installed battery pack, if the owner does not return to swapping center to retrieve the older battery pack.  I do not know the amount of time the elapses before the owner's account is charged by Tesla.  

    Re: Tesla S 85p

    Here's my problem with that video: Why do they show the fuel up up-close but not the battery swap? Smiley Maybe because it really isn't that easy and cannot be done by everyone? Just saying... Smiley

    Not sure what you mean exactly, but that video wasn't trying to imply the battery swap can be done by everyone, as far as I know, it's strictly something which can be performed at a Tesla charging station offering this service (not sure if all Tesla charging stations will, although I'd be it's their goal).

    And as Atz pointed out, the robot which performs the swap is actually the same robot that installs the original battery at the plant.  A good reuse of technology if you ask me :D

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    Re: Tesla S 85p

    I don't think that will be an issue at all RC, as said, they are already using this technology in their plant.. Seems simple enough to me and you much remember that he drew this up many years ago and designed the Model S and all future models around this standard... If Telsa grows big enough, this may actually just become the standard for recharging EV quickly and efficiently. We know Telsa wants an automotive revolution, so sharing this tech with Mercedes, Toyota etc isn't a problem for them. What if Mercedes designs their next full EV with the same tech... and they work out a deal to utilize the same charging stations.. To me this is a no brainer and a brilliant move by Elon.


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