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    Insurance for RUF R Kompressor in UK

    Hey guys..i am about to take the leap and get the RUF conversion but the only thing that is stopping me now is that most insurers wont touch me because my car is modified, which kind of surprises me.
    Does anyone know of any insurer who would be able to help me??
    Thank you very much for your help

    Re: Insurance for RUF R Kompressor in UK

    Try Adrian Flux, they covered my modified Audi S3.

    Be prepared for a shock though! This was one of the main reasons I didn't get the Porsche Powerkit...

    Re: Insurance for RUF R Kompressor in UK

    So I assume you have added the Ruf compressor to your Carrera by now?! Please let us know what you think.

    Looking at the US Ruf site it seems like you spend $24k come out with 80-100bhp more.

    Re: Insurance for RUF R Kompressor in UK

    na they were crazy in their was somehting like Pounds9,000 pounds which is im looking at other mehtods. one of my friends was telling me to try the same insurance which does our im looking into that at the moment.

    Re: Insurance for RUF R Kompressor in UK

    9 grand per year for insurance, that IS crazy!

    Re: Insurance for RUF R Kompressor in UK

    You should find out how much a new Turbo would be and then ask the insurers why the difference.

    Re: Insurance for RUF R Kompressor in UK

    Before putting my Turbo deposit down I checked a couple. First Alternate were best - Pounds1400, compared with Porsche Insurance at almost Pounds3k!

    A car like that though best to go through a broker who has underwriters familiar with the car - 'normal' insurers go carzy (as you've found!)

    Re: Insurance for RUF R Kompressor in UK

    ya the reason it was so high was because it was a 'modded' car, so autmatically its more expensive for reasons which are beyond me than say if i wanted to insure a turbo which is more powerful and more expensive. but im still going to look....i need the extra 100bhp haha.



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