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    Blown TIre

    Well last night it happened :banghead: Hit a NYC pot hole the size of Texas and bye bye right front tire. I am not going to rant on Porsche thru at this message. However I will say just this one thing..... After calling roadside assistance it took them just over 2 hours to get to me, I find this totally unacceptable and frankly a total joke :grr: With that said just wanted to give you guys some pointers on using that tire sealant pump goo. First I would say don't bother it's a total waste of time. However if you are like me and going to try it anyway this is what I found. First of all line the tire up with the valve on the bottom of the tire. This will make pumping that useless goo into the tire much much easier. Second when reinstalling the tire valve be very very very careful to not turn it to tight!!! As soon as you feel the slightest bit of tightness in that valve STOP turning it. I did not and I ended up breaking the valve and once you do that you can't get it out with that .02 plastic tool they give you. As it has been said before only plug the pump into the cigarette lighter! Once that is done you will see the air hose and you screw that onto the tire stem. There is a power switch on the side of the pump that will turn it on. Make sure that the plastic bleed valve below the pressure gauge is closed.(so no air is leaking out of it) You want to inflate the tire until that gauge reads 2.5 bars. Do not run the pump for more than 10 minutes as this will over heat the pump. If you over inflate the tire, simply turn that bleed valve and it will slowly release air from the tire. So there you have it my horrible experience of last night. Hope this helps any of you if you ever find your selves with a blown tire.

    Re: Blown TIre

    Thanks for the info.

    Mind if I ask if you got any damage on the wheel at all? (do you have 18's or 19's)

    Re: Blown TIre

    I have 19's and that wheel is history!

    Re: Blown TIre

    yeah? really it is all messed up?? I wonder what the cost will be for a 19 carrera!

    Re: Blown TIre

    The roadside assistance is contracted out to local towing companies. So your success there is only as good as them. In my experience they were pretty quick. Sorry for your hassles.

    Re: Blown TIre

    I feel for you. While living in NC I shreddered both the left hand side front and rear tires and wheels of my then brand new Audi TT 225 quattro roadster (18" wheels if I remember correctly). Same thing.. a huge huge pot hole in the middle of the interstate and no way to evade it or brake in time. The law in NC states that you only get a refund from the county if the hole had been reported for more than 24 hrs and not repaired. I was the first one to report it, doh.

    Those road conditions absolutely blow sometimes, especially when driving a nice car. I hope you get your wheel & tire replaced quickly and a refund from the county or local DOT.

    Re: Blown TIre

    The other thing someone said about roadside assist. MAke sure they send a flatbed truck (if you need towing).

    Those guys don't automatically send them out.

    Get the name of the towing company from the Porsche people (probably in Pakistan!) then call that towing company yourself to confirm a flat bed is being sent



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