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    Again, Cayenne rumors !

    It seems that Porsche has already over 90000 Cayenne orders worldwide. Wow.
    Maximum capacity at the factory is rumored to be at around 45000 Cayenne per year, right now it is scheduled for 25000. Unfortunately it seems that first Cayenne won't make it to customers before December 2002.
    Cayenne production (so called 0-series, pre-production models) has just started. The Cayenne engine production already started a few months ago.

    Re: Again, Cayenne rumors !

    would be interesting what "orders" in this case really are. is it someone who marked the "i am interested in buying the cayenne" checkbox at the porsche website or is it someone who really signed a contract? ;-)) which i doubt, also because the official sales did not start yet. at least as far as i know.

    Re: Again, Cayenne rumors !

    I'm sure Porsche has studied SUV market very hard and long but I hope they're not going to make so many that it becomes like Boxsters and Boxster Ss in the U.S.. I heard couple days ago that for Boxsters '01 and '02 they soon will be a $5000 rebate since they got so many of them in the lots. I personally have a feeling that Cayenne will follow the same path after while.
    At least in Houston area I know of four Porsche die hearts (including me) that got our deposits back for Cayenne but I hope the God this SUV line won't break Porsche's back, wish them the best of luck.

    Re: Again, Cayenne rumors !

    You're not quite right.
    US customers usually don't sign contracts but order a car and put a deposit (I think usually around 1000 USD, some dealer ask more). If they don't take the car, they get the deposit back or at some dealers, they lose the deposit.
    So US dealers communicate to PCNA how many Cayenne they're gonna need and PCNA forwards that information to Germany. In Germany, things are a bit different for customers.
    To order a car you usually have to sign a contract without an easy way to get out again. The Cayenne orders are communicated by the dealers to Porsche too (dealers actually tell Porsche how many Cayenne they want and Porsche makes a production planning estimate).
    It is already possible to sign a Cayenne order at german dealers but you don't get a confirmation from the factory yet. You can also order a MY 2050 Porsche, no problem with that at any german dealer.
    So I guess Porsche just counted the deposits from the US and the fix orders from other countries and they got the 90000+ number. Just a guess though.

    Re: Again, Cayenne rumors !

    ah ok-- didn't know about this 'deposit' procedure in the US. my guess that the sales didn't start yet is due to the fact that my business partner (who drives a X5) is really keen on SUV's and told our porsche salesperson that he should inform him about cayenne ordering possibilities (this was BEFORE the first pictures were available). up to now, the only news we got thru the media is that porsche already has 90,000 orders (which means that with current production plans the cayenne is sold out for approx. 4 years)...

    Re: Again, Cayenne rumors !

    You can order the Cayenne at any dealer. Don't know why your friend had difficulties. My dealer even offered me his first car (actually his second because the first one is for him and his family ) but I already own a ML55 and can't get out of the leasing contract that fast.
    If Porsche really has around 90000 orders (don't know if all are fix orders, I actually doubt it), they certainly will look into raising production to maximum capacity of 45000 units per year. So the waiting time will be shorter.
    I'm not sure however that all potential customers will really buy the Cayenne because of the rumored high price tag. Around 80000 USD for the Cayenne S and over 100000 USD for the Cayenne Turbo aren't actually bargains. My guess is that some early orders will be cancelled but the Cayenne already seems to be successful.
    BTW: I think I read somewhere that Porsche officially decided to build a 4th model at the Cayenne factory. With the high Cayenne demand, things might be delayed.

    RC, your last sentence implied that

    Porsche officially decided to build a 4th model, is this the one trapped in 550 body?

    Re: Again, Cayenne rumors !

    seems that my dealer is not taking us as serious as your dealer is taking you... i suppose we are just on a kind of "send 'em a catalog" list :-((

    Re: RC, your last sentence implied that

    Well, ask Porsche, I don't know. As far as I know, there is one trapped in a 360 Modena and SL500 body too.
    Time will tell.
    Porsche seems pretty satisfied with how business is going right now, better than they expected. The facelifted 911 even seems to be a real hotseller.



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