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    The car just doesn't measure up!

    I've had my 2001 996TT for little over a month. The car has about 5800 miles on it now. I've put about 3K miles on it. I've raced it in Open Road Racing, driven it on long trips. And used it for my daily driver. It rides very ruff. The tires howl (I put two new rear tires on about 1K miles ago, do to a blow out) the front end bounces horribly on California freeways. I got stomped by a Z06 on a 50 to 140 mph burst. The steering wheel isn't in the right position for me. After two hours of driving I have to get out of the car. It's just not comfortable for me. The car just doesn't measure up! Anybody have any advise?

    I just don't think it's worth the money.
    A very unhappy guy!

    Re: The car just doesn't measure up!

    Too ruff? Maybe you should buy a Mercedes SL 55 AMG. No kidding. It delivers a lot of power, more comfort than the 996 Turbo and I'm sure you'd outrun the Z06 on a 50 to 140 mph burst.
    Give it a try, testdrive a SL 55 AMG and you might be more satisfied. The 996 Turbo is more like a real driving machine.

    From 50 to 140 mph, the Turbo should easily outrun the Z06. Maybe that Z06 you met hadn't really the stock engine setup?
    Or maybe there is something wrong with your car and you should check with your dealer? Can't be wrong to do that.

    The "ruff" ride is true but for me it is actually even too comfortable. I'm used to stiff suspensions and I learned to appreciate them.

    If I'd live in the US, I'd probably own a Cayenne Turbo for every day driving, a Ferrari 360 Spider for those joy rides in the sun with my wife together and a GT3/GT2 for some track fun. Oh yes, not to forget about the Lamborghini Murcielago which would be my favorite "show" car when going out.

    Re: The car just doesn't measure up!

    The Z06 was bone stock, it's a friends and he has 750 miles on it. I am concidering the 55AMG. I haven't been impressed with the power curve of the 996TT. It's got power but no where near the Corvette, even a stock vette can stay with me on a WOT run.
    I guess I just expected more power more finesse and comfort.

    There must be something wrong with your TT

    I outran several Corvettes and most important, several GT3. As the Z06 shows practically the same performance figures as the GT3 (german SPORT AUTO brought one to Germany), it is impossible that you couldn't outrun the Z06 from 50 to 150 mph. The 996 TT gains from 0-125 mph around 2 seconds vs. the Z06, there must be something wrong with your car.
    It isn't Tiptronic, right?

    Re: There must be something wrong with your TT

    It's a TIP! So I lose some power due to the added weight and the Automatic.

    Now I understand.

    Big mistake, you shouldn't have bought a TT with Tip.
    Just from 0-125 mph, you loose almost 3 seconds as german AMS magazine tested. From 0-150 mph, the difference is even bigger.

    Even with a Tip, you should be beating Vettes

    I run several DE's a year in my 01 996 TT Tip and I'm much faster (in the corners) and on the straights than stock C5 (current version Non-Z06) Corvettes.

    Even Z06's, unless they're running DOT competition (R compound) tires while I'm on Pirrelli's, won't outrun me.

    Even with a Tip, you should not be getting blasted on rolling starts by a Z06. You may want to have your car checked out by a reputable dealer.

    Sorry yours doesn't meet and exceed your expectations. I could not be happier with mine And for me, I have to have a Tip (as physical difficulties make it impossible for me to drive a manual tranny).

    Re: Even with a Tip, you should be beating Vettes

    I'm glad to hear that you're happy with your Tip TT.
    Didn't want to offend anybody but Timster wanted maximum performance and this is where manual jumps in.

    Another thing: the 996 Turbo is...turbo charged. Now this might sound a bit stupid but what I want to point out is the fact, that turbo charged cars usually tend very much to power output variations.
    I know stock Turbos who deliver around 440 HP from the factory and others who deliver 415 HP. 25 HP make a difference, even if not much. Turbo charged engines are also very sensitive to outside temperatures, humidity and air pressure.

    Re: Even with a Tip, you should be beating Vettes

    All the input from you guys is good!
    My goal isn't to stomp a Z06, just think that I should be passed like I'm standing still.
    I doubt if the local dealer would do anything. They don't seam that competent. At least the Service writers don't. The Mechanics may be, but I haven't been able to talk to any of them.



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