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    What are some of the major flaws of the GT3?


    Interested in getting a first generation GT3 as trackcar/street car combo. Looking to do about 10 events a year. Some of the comments I read about the "old" GT3 is that it has certain "flaws", i.e. brakes. Seems that the new GT3 addresses some of these shortfalls.

    Also, anyone have any ideas how easily and costly "upgrades" would be to address some of the issues?

    Is the CS the way to go or am I better of getting a non-CS car (there seem to be more available)? Can a half/full cage be added later?

    What is the going rate for a car these days (~20,000km)? would suggest that cars are offered as low as EURO 70k. Anyone have an idea what they are really trading for, particular with the new one coming out now.

    Is there a difference with the model years (i.e. 99 vs. 00 vs. 01)?

    Thanks for any feedback or comments.


    Re: What are some of the major flaws of the GT3?

    The brakes do get very hot, the best ways to overcome this are braking later, fitting ducting to cool them, and better pads and fluid. The oe pads are OK, but more of a road pad than, say, a Pagid Blue.

    Pads and fluid costs around 300.00 UKP. It's also worth looking at track biased tyres, like the Michelin Pilot Cup, which are designed around the GT3.

    I have a Clubsport, which has the following differences over the Comfort version:

    Deletion of airbags in doors
    Deletion of centre console
    Fire retardent cloth seats
    6 point harness
    Full Matter rollcage (usually rear half is fitted with front section supplied, I have full cage and find it a little stiffer)
    Battery cut-off cord under bnnet
    Battery cut-off switch in front of gearleaver
    Passenger footwell mounted fire extinguisher
    Single-mass flywheel, very noisy when idling, and easy to stall until you get used to it.

    I am having the Michelin Cups, Pagid Blue pads, ATF racing fluid and Cup airfilter fitted in a couple of weeks time by Parr Motorsport.

    Not sure about LHD prices, but expect to pay 60 to 65K UKP for RHD. RHD cars were 99 to early 2000, the next batch made were LHD only.

    Re: What are some of the major flaws of the GT3?

    Brake cooling is an easy fix, look at any GT3 Cup car. The inner part of the front fender liner is cut away, allowing air passing over the radiators to get into the fender well. You can then buy from Porsche Motorsports a set of plastic air deflectors that screw into the fender well and direct the flow of air to the brakes. Cup cars run with this set up with no problem with brake cooling.

    Going to a higher boiling point brake fluid will help as well but aftermarket racing pads are likely to generate even more heat, since they typically are higher friction.

    I don't believe it is worth it to upgrade to the 2002 6-piston front calipers. They are very expensive, pads are much more expensive, and they are a fair amount heavier than the 4-piston calipers. I know race teams with Cup that did the upgrade and returned to the old calipers because they didn't get any improvement.

    I would suggest going for a CS if you can find one. You can upgrade a street car for most of the parts but it will end up costing you more than if you just buy a CS.


    Re: What are some of the major flaws of the GT3?

    Early generation cars had problems with power output. Go for a GT3 from the second batch, don't go for cars which are from the first generation. The second batch of the total of 1858 GT3 street versions (incl. Clubsport) has been built between autumn 2000 (after factory holiday) and early 2001.

    Also be prepared to have to invest some money in suspension upgrades and especiallly tires. The standard factory setup is optimized for street driving.
    Be careful what car you buy, a lot of GT3 have been raced on the track and are almost "finished". Low mileage doesn't necessarily indicate less wear because it could indicate that this car has been used mainly on the track as a track car.
    Personally I'd never buy a used GT3 from a private person but this is my personal opinion.

    Re: What are some of the major flaws of the GT3?

    RC, Ksalno and beaver - thanks for the input. That is exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for. It sounds like I have to do some further investigating and test driving. Yet having read this site in more detail now, the car I should drive is a Turbo:-). Just to bad my budget does not reach yet...




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