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    I have a problem, Porsche has a problem...

    The Cayenne looks...boring. It might be a technical masterpiece, it might be the fastest SUV on the planet (Turbo) but it looks...boring.

    When my wife saw the Cayenne, she got a shock.
    "This is IT?", she asked. "Common, not a bit spectacular", she continued. I have to agree. This is not what I expected from Porsche.
    I'll write a full report about my experience, my thoughts and the pictures and I try to tell you why the Cayenne is impressive and why the Cayenne isn't at the same time.

    Just give me a day or two to summon my impression and try to find the right english words. Also give me time to drive back home and relax after four days of Disneyland with a 22 month old. Poohh...

    I'm a real Porsche freak but that doesn't mean I have to accept everything from Porsche.

    No doubt, the Cayenne Turbo will sell well because it has no competitor at this time. But I'm not sure that the Cayenne's ordinary design will find a lot of lovers. If the US is the main market, I wonder if Americans love belle cuisine or homemade apple pie. And it is even worse than apple pie.

    Re: I have a problem, Porsche has a problem...

    Now after your brief observation I'm kind of hesitant to vote for the Cayenne, eventhough I have not seen it in person.
    So RC honest truth, do you think Cayenne will be the demise of Porsche or will be a project that will not last for too long?

    By the way, is VW version any better than the Porsche version? or they are both NO GO?

    Re: my fears come true...

    uh oh. my last hope was that the cayenne looks better and more aggressive in REALITY... but reading your post i suppose NOT . well, like car magazine said: "Did they really think they'd get away with it?"

    Re: my fears come true...

    I really start to get worried.
    I bought all the new car magazines and non of the magazines was impressed or liked the look of the Cayenne.
    On the other hand I remember the introduction of the Porsche 996
    It was the same situation like we have now .
    No one liked the 996 but now the car looks better every year.

    Happy cruising

    Re: my fears come true...

    in a way you're right... when the 996 was introduced i really hated the car, for me it was blasphemy . two years later i bought one. and i really do love it

    maybe the cayenne will benefit from this "getting used to it"-effect... but IMHO it's different, this is a car in a complete new segment for porsche [and not at all suiting their core competence -- building light, sporty cars] and it's sharing quite a lot with the VW touareg. and what are the doing, design-wise? they take the touareg base, add some chrome borders to the windows and mount a kind of 996-style front hood... is this the way to revolutionize the SUV market? TOOOO easy...

    Re: my fears come true...

    But why do they like Toeareg and not the Cayenne(Magazine and TV programm opinions)?
    And the Cayenne is sharing quite a lot with the VW touareg

    Happy cruising

    Careful RC else they will toss you out of the Cayenne club!!

    Re: LOL!!!

    Re: Careful RC else they will toss you out of the Cayenne club!!

    I didn't know that I'm already in.

    Another few words before I give a full report of my Cayenne "experience" in Paris, my whole trip and my impression of the Cayenne world premiere in Paris.
    I just drove more than 7 hours from Paris back home and I have to relax a little bit, despite the fact that a lot of work at my business awaits me tomorrow.

    I saw the VW Touareg and yes, I think it looks better than the Cayenne. Why? I don't know. Just the "first look, first love" thing I guess. I also took some Touareg pictures which I want to share with you over the next few days.
    The worst part of the Cayenne is actually the rear. The front isn't that bad but just boring. Adding the 996 Turbo look to the Cayenne Turbo doesn't make things better. It looks strange and it looks like it doesn't belong there. Just a first look impression? Maybe. But I liked the 996 very much when I first saw it in reality back in 1996. It isn't the same with the Cayenne. Again: I don't argue about the Cayenne's technical/driving capabilities but a thing which most customers will be aware of at first sight: it's design.
    I almost have the feeling that Porsche was afraid of their own courage when they decided on the final Cayenne design.

    A more detailled report follows shortly.



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