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    Realistic scenarios for Cayenne V8 in other platf


    We all keep hearing about the possibility of the Cayenne's V8 being a possible option in the Carrera at some future point. If this is truth or fiction no one knows. While I would understand the logic of puting this V8 in a future front engined Ferrari 550 type of car, I am skeptical of cramming this thing into a bigger Carrera body. Isn't the whole point of the flat-six engine configuration a low center of gravity? Is Porsche ready to compromise trademark handling & weight savings for more power? And wouldn't the weight distribution get even uglier. I know these are all premature questions to ask, and Porsche in the end will probably do a good job, but I am still curious.

    Re: Realistic scenarios for Cayenne V8 in other platf

    The 996 Turbo/GT3/GT2 engine uses a pretty old design, even if it had been overworked dozens of times. A similar situation applies to the 996 flat six, it is a modern engine now but with limited possibilities for future upgrades due to the cost effective production.
    I'm actually not very sure that Porsche plans to install the V8 in a future 911. And if they do, I still think that we'll see at least one 911 model with a flat six.
    Porsche has high hopes for the Cayenne and if the Cayenne sells well, the V8 engine production in Zuffenhausen will be pretty busy. So my personal guess would be that the V8 will be used in the rumored (not anymore?) upcoming 4th model range but maybe not in an all new 911.
    Porsche has a lot of choices for a new 911:
    if the 996 M96 engine isn't promising enough for future upgrades, the high performance engines M96/70, M96/70S and M96/76 are a good source for future upgrades. At least for the next 911 generation. It is no secret that the current 996 Turbo engine is good for much more power and a displacement increase up to 4.0 l should be possible.

    Re: Realistic scenarios for Cayenne V8 in other platf

    Do you all ever think if Porsche will eventually discotinue the 911 all together? I know that the 911 is their bread and butter but you can have just so much improvements, right. I hope they'll never do that but after lets say 6Cyl. 4.0L then what? May be a totally new body and go from there, ha?

    Re: Realistic scenarios for Cayenne V8 in other platf

    Ron, I think that the Cayenne and the 4th model will be Porsche's destiny. IF the Cayenne and the 4th model are VERY successful, it could (this is just highly hypothetic) "kill" the 911. I'm not sure that everybody at Porsche is happy with the 911 from a technical standpoint of view. Without the limitation of the 911 "legend", Porsche could be able to show their real technical potential. Please don't get me wrong: the current 911 is a masterpiece of engineering but I think Weissach could do much better without the typical 911's technical design: flat six/rear engine and other technical characteristics.
    Porsche wants to grow. And if they can't grow with the 911, I suppose they'd do what every company would do: dump it. Might sound a bit tough but I just try to picture a "not so bright" 911 future. Maybe the 911 will be there even in the year 2050, I don't know. I'm not even sure if Porsche knows but considering that a new model development always starts immediately after a new model sales start, it might be possible that Porsche knows the future of the 911 pretty well.

    Thanks...Interesting things to consider!

    Well said RC

    just a remark to the cayenne engine...

    ...i recently had the chance to talk to a development director for volkswagen's upcoming V10 diesel (230kW, 750 newton-meters) and he said (ok, he's at volkswagen ;-) "the cayenne is a nice car but it certainly has the wrong engine". IMO he's complete right. Ok-- diesel is not that important in the US yet, but on the european markets a diesel should be the #1 choice for a SUV. and what will an cayenne turbo driver say if he's outperformed by an half-priced touareg due to the high torque? it's the same problem porsche owners face with cars like the audi RS6. but porsche sportscars have a nicer image, they cause more emotion and desires. but what's the point with the cayenne? it shares the chassis, it's a (practical) SUV and not an emotional sports car. this thing is overpriced and the V8, turbo or not, is the wrong engine for this car concept. same with BMW's X5 -- i would rather go for the V8 4.0 diesel engine if it would be available. and don't get me wrong: i LOVE high revs, i LOVE my porsche flat-6. but i don't drive a SUV.
    cheers; zzboba

    Re: just a remark to the cayenne engine...

    Read the german News section (Slowakische Schwestern) and you'll see that VW and Porsche didn't seem to get along too well during SUV development. Strange if true.
    I never liked the idea of a SUV either until we got a baby.
    Trust me, a high power SUV is heaven for us fathers who can't drive in a Porsche all the time. Me and my wife don't like stationwagons and the ML55 was the only satisfying solution last year. If the Cayenne is as promising as the technical specs, it might be our next SUV.
    I'm sure that AMG will top the Cayenne with their next generation ML but for me it is kind of a nice idea to drive a sportscar and a SUV from the same company. I guess Porsche marketing is thinking the same.
    Regarding Diesel engines: I don't like to drive a Diesel. I drove several Diesel cars and I didn't like them. The upcoming VW Diesel with over 300 HP sounds impressive but give me one reason why I should buy a Diesel: fuel economy ? I don't care. Cost ? I don't care either. So where's the advantage ? I want maximum power in my family car too and if this family car is named Cayenne, I have to accept it. I can't drive with wife, kid and tons of baggage in a sportscar.
    Do you have kids ?

    Re: just a remark to the cayenne engine...

    RC, regarding your statement on the SUV issue. My wife and I are expecting a little boy by early July and kind of rushed it and got the SUV early on. As you know we got the ML but the lower in the class ML 320 and we have NOT been happy with this piece of crap (sorry for the language). As much as I did not like the idea of Porsche making a SUV and getting my deposit back, I'm contemplating on a Cayenne again. Of course, need to see it in person and probably test drive it too but I can tell you for us the get another SUV would be for sure either the X5 or the Cayenne because Mercedes-Benz for me and my wife is absolutly out of the picture.
    Mind you that I talked to my sales guy at the Porsche yesterday and he said they are just taking names down, they can not accept any more deposits for the Cayenne at this time.



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