My new '03 E55 has a chronic pull to the right problem which after 3 visits to the dealer (including swapping the oem Continentals for Pilots) has not been solved. On flat short distances (less than 150 ft) the steering wheel will turn 20-30 degrees to the right. On a California freeway it will track perfectly straight in the fast lane but pull signifcantly in either of the two right lanes. This Friday I have a date with the MBZ zone tech rep to get his opinion. My local alignment shop confirms the caster/camber is set perfectly and is right on spec. It is not possible to add more left hand bias without modifying other suspension components which I'm sure will void the MBZ warranty. He and I now suspect a power steering imbalance and will suggest they swap out the existing pump(s?) since there is apparently no adjustment. Has anyone here had the same experience and/or can offer me some advice??