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    My car has a manufacture date of 10/13...Friday 13th

    Should I be worried...

    The specs are:

    9Q Meteor Grey Metallic
    AT Black Full Leather
    PO1L Adaptive Sprt Seats
    267 Self Dimming Mirrors
    342 Heated Front Seats
    640 Sport Chrono Packg
    680 Bose
    M6A Black Mats
    XRR Sport Wheel
    XXZ Foot Rest Alum
    X51 Powerkit
    X97 Gear Shifter Alum
    XAJ Rocker Panels Painted
    CUF PCM Painted Ext. Color
    CDP Instrument Surround Painted Ext Color
    XME Rear Ctr Console Painted Ext Color
    XTV Door Finishers in Leather
    X70 Metal Door Sill
    XPA Thicker Sport Steering Wheel
    XSA Sport Seat Backs Painted
    XMP Leather Sunvisors
    XSX Seat Belts - Red

    Re: My car has a manufacture date of 10/13...Friday 13th

    only about paying for all those options

    Re: My car has a manufacture date of 10/13...Friday 13th

    That's one thing I am not worried about...I believe the option you selected "360CS" would have come in quite a bit higher. Cheers

    Re: My car has a manufacture date of 10/13...Friday 13th

    Well, at this point if the car knows you it's too late to walk because it will probably keep showing up in your garage.
    Did you order the 666 phone option? It may start calling you at midnight. My last car was born on April 1st and thought it was real funny to play silly practicle jokes on me.
    Don't devil cars tend to have self healing powers? Christine did.

    I'm just kidding of course. I would say, if it matters to you then it matters.

    Re: My car has a manufacture date of 10/13...Friday 13th

    I didn't even know the orders for October where locked yet. I have an October build. Are you saying I may now have a build date?

    Re: My car has a manufacture date of 10/13...Friday 13th

    My car was a Sept. allocation...order was placed on Aug. 4th...but when I contacted the dealership yesterday...they said the system showed a build date of 10/13...I was hoping it was quicker...

    Perhaps 10/13 is better than 10/31...either way I will just be happy to get the car ASAP.

    Re: My car has a manufacture date of 10/13...Friday 13th

    How can you tell what date your car was built--is it on a metal plate on the car somewhere?

    Re: My car has a manufacture date of 10/13...Friday 13th

    my sales guy ordered me a certificate of authenticity which i received a couple of weeks ago. among other things it lists the date of final completion. this info is not on the door sticker.



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