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    GT2 Sport Buckets w/ Brey-Krause Harness Bar

    I searched the web for pictures showing how this particular set-up was installed.  I couldn't find any so here's a few pictures of how mine worked out.


    It's very sunny today so the photo is a little washed out.  This is the GT2 Sport Bucket seat with the Schroth Profi II harness, GT3 version.  This one is all leather, but a cloth one is available too.  The color matches the interior perfectly.  Note the thorax side air bag.  The seat is manually adjusted.  There is no height adjustment.


    The harness bar ties into the shock absorber tower on each side.  It's a pretty neat installation that hides all the hardware.  Only a little slit in the carpet is required.


    Here's how the front harness bar support struct is secured.  The harness bar itself is model R-1030.  The GT3 requires the R-1031 adapter kit which is shown here.  I chose this bar instead of the aluminum one because of it simplicity and crinkle paint finish.  The weight difference is one pound.


    It's kind of tough to get a good photo of the bar, but this is what it looks like installed.


    This is the passenger side sub bar.  It attaches to the bottom of the seat and is designed not to interfere with the passenger weight sensor or the thorax side air bag wiring.  The driver's side and passenger's side bars are not identical.


    This is the driver's side.  The anti-sub belts can be adjusted for length on these bars, but it's tedious due to their being difficult to reach.  It's best to adjust them first before installing the seats.  While the Profi II, GT3 anti-sub belts terminate with bolt-in brackets, the B-K anti-sub bar doesn't accept them.  Instead the belt is wrapped around the bar and the bolt-in bracket is used as an adjuster.


    The lap belts are attached to the side of the seat and not the frame of the car.  This allows the seat to move on its slides backward and forward without having to readjust either the anti-sub belts or the lap belts.  Most racers don't like this arrangement, but one must remember a folding back seat mounted on sliders is sort of against the rules as well.  This car is used solely for High Performance Driver Education and not for racing.


    For daily driving the shoulder belts simply hang from the bar behind the seat and the lap belts are tucked out of the way.  What about the ant-sub belts and the camlock permanently attached to them?  Well, that's a bit of a problem.  It's too short to fit under the cushion.  For now, I'm just crawling over it and placing it between my legs.  If you are considering an installation like this one, maybe you should investigate the Hybrid II harness in place of the Profi II.  Its camlock is attached to the right shoulder harness.  This would allow the sub-belts to be folded up and stuffed under the seat.  Getting in and out isn't too difficult.  Some buckets are a real pain in that regard.  Getting in and out is slower and more deliberate though.

    Do I like them?  You bet your boots!  I had gotten tired of being tossed about the car during my DE sessions.  Now I'm locked in tight.  My thighs are going nowhere.  The seat cushion is comfortable but thin.  It provides a much better feel for what the car is doing.  See you at the track! Smiley


    2008 GT3


    Re: GT2 Sport Buckets w/ Brey-Krause Harness Bar

    Great job. It is a must if you track your Gt3   But why did you not install a roll bar ? The harness would of been attached to it.


     997.2 C2S, PDK, -20mm

    Re: GT2 Sport Buckets w/ Brey-Krause Harness Bar


    Great job. It is a must if you track your Gt3   But why did you not install a roll bar ? The harness would of been attached to it.

    I thought about that quite a bit before electing to go with a harness bar.  I decided that if the kind of driving I did required a roll bar, it should be a full cage.  That would require a lot of fabrication, the removal of interior trim and carpeting, and extensive welding.  The car could never be returned to stock.  I may have to sell this car one day.  I put the original Alcantara seats in storage.  The harness bar requires only two slits in the carpet.

    Clearly a half cage offers more protection than a harness bar, but how much more?  When the roof collapses, it's the A pillars that go first.  The half cage offers no support there.  I suppose I'm relying that Porsche has extensively roll-tested this car and that the roof will not collapse if I should have the sort of low-speed rollover sometimes seen during an HPDE event.

    What about it, guys?  Does the half cage offer that much more protection?  Did I make a mistake? Smiley



    2008 GT3




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