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    Hope you like it. Cayenne S in Sand White and "20's

    "20's, Sport Seats, Air Suspension. Looks nice. Sold.

    I hev a Basalt Black with "20's incoming will show pics too. Cayenne S from Porsche Puebla

    Re: Hope you like it. Cayenne S in Sand White and "20's

    That's very nice, thanks. How did you get the lower moldings white? They look like they may be Turbo moldings. If so, what did you do to get the rear Turbo valence to match the S exhaust?

    We painted the lowers

    We did paint the lower part of this Cayenne, it was my idea to have it painted. It sounds easy but actually took a lot of work as I had my tech disassemble the entire lower part as I did not want to have the edge between the lower and upper part in black or off white. Then I did various tests of how much flex additive I was going to add to the paint without changing the color. That took like 7 tries as the Sand White is an off white color. Took us 3 days to complete but worthwhile I guess as this Cayenne looks stunning!!!

    Re: We painted the lowers

    Very Nice!! That is how they should look from the factory!

    Re: We painted the lowers

    Yes, they should all come from the factory like that. The black lower molding is a mistake, IMO. I also like the sand white very much. I had a loaner that color for about two weeks and really enjoyed it. It is a very warm white.

    Did you do any special prep before the painting? I had mine painted as well and the painter did quite a bit of experimenting before settling on his procedure. He used Sikkens products and some flex additive also. See this previous thread.

    A photo of my result is below.

    Re: We painted the lowers

    GM, I noticed that you only painted the plastic leaving the "underneath" black. We decided on painting underneath for a more complete look.

    We used ICI products this time, we prepped the parts for smooth finish, we added flex additives to paint and clearcoat and we dissasembled for perfect finish.

    Cayenne owners now want me to paint the lowers for them, but we need to track our real cost as I did this as a one time only for my friend who bought this Cayenne from me.

    Re: We painted the lowers

    The look is awesome, I agree that Porsche should have considered this for ALL Cayennes.



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