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    Track Day

    Love driving my '06 Cayman S..Incredible car.
    My question to anyone out there that loves to take care of their car, and isn't in a position to buy a new one every 3 months.
    I've put on about 5 miles on the car since January of 07, and I'm doing a track day at the end of April at thurnderhill.
    Any suggestions as to what I need to do to prep for this?
    I haven't done anything to the car, not even changed the oil yet (should I)
    A friend also has a lift in his garage, could I (and should I) remove the bottom panels and change/maintain the car myself?
    Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks

    Re: Track Day

    Correction on the miles i've put should read 5K or 5000 miles

    Re: Track Day


    I wouldn't worry about the milage - the car's meant to be driven! (and the small % it will affect you compared to the joy of using the car ...)

    I often do an early oil change - just habit, and it doesn't hurt (but I get the shop to do it).

    For the track day; I'm assuming you haven't done one b4 ...
    go slow! speed is not what your after, getting things flowing and smooth is the key.
    rule 1: slow in ---> fast out!
    Wear some comfortable clothes (check what is required - if anything special) and make sure it's not new new.
    They might split the day into special exercises in the morning and laps in the arvo. For the former your tyre pressure will be ok as is (standard on road) as most likely the car will be idle for a lot of the time. For the track, you will need to release some pressure from your tyres after they heat up. e.g. my std pressure is 36/44 (996 C4S) and on the track on a warm day they added +11 (until I found it), then I dropped them back to +4-5. The +4-5 comes from what they would get if driven 'hard' on the street (where tyre / P know what end pressure will be) ---> ~~where they should be on the track. There's fancy devices that measure the tyre's rubber temp across it, but I find this works well. Also, I found that many instructors do not discuss this tyre pressure adjustment and seem to overlook it. It makes a big difference so do check them until you've got them where you want them. So for prep have a good tyre pressure guage and don't let out too much air unless you have a pump, and remember to re-fill them before heading off home! (I once had one instructor telling us to add pressure - yeah right, at high 50's is near 'limit' of tyre).
    You will find it harder than what you think. Break the track down into easy to manage exercises and don't throw too many exercises at yourself at once!
    Leave you PSM on at all times. Even when it's not in sport mode, it will only cut in if your doing something wrong - so use it as a guide and a safety net.

    Take it easy! If there is more than one instructor try to hone in on the one that you feels communicates best with you. There are some '[beep]' instructors who think shouting instructions is educating.

    I think that should be about it. After you've done a good track day you'll be back for more. Don't worry about using a little extra rubber - it's a consumption item

    Re: Track Day

    A friend with a lift?!? You lucky dog! Heck yeah, get under there and learn the car. There may not be anything you want to do for this (first) track day, but assuming you get hooked (like most everyone) and become a regular, you will definitely want to know how to at least change your own oil, brake pads, and brake fluid. How to assess your tires and rotors for wear. That will save you tons in maintenance costs alone.

    As the other guy said, take it slow. I dont know if this is a PCA event (they usually have awesome instructors), but if you are offerred an instructor...TAKE IT. Every time until you really become comfortable with the line on the track, and the right thing to do in situations like passing, being passed, you know the flags cold, etc. Even then you will want an instructor a fair amount of the time to help you improve.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    Re: Track Day

    I posted a tip about changing the camber for increased performance on a track.
    It was a tip I got from a professional Porsche instructor.

    A quote frrm my post:
    Actually, you CAN adjust the camber in 10 minutes on the track.
    Pretty neat trick I learned from the Porsche instructor on my trackdays.
    I'm not sure you can adjust the rear camber (but it may very well be possible) but the front is a walk in the park.
    If the 987 suspension is anything like the 986 here's what you do:
    Youre gonna need a jack and a couple of screwDrivers (torx and star I believe). I'm sure you can borrow both from someone at the track.

    1) Open the hood.
    2) Under the wipers there are 3 plastic covers covering the wiper engines etc.
    Remove these by undscrewing the screws and the plastiv locks.
    3) Thsi reveals 3 bolts in each side placed in a triangle.
    These bolts hold part of the suspension - the part you need to adjust for more camber.
    4) NOTICE the placement of the bolts relaticve to the holes they are attached into: They are on the top or bottom of the holes (cant remember which). To adjust camber you will have to move the suspension so the three bolts end up being placed in the opposite end of their respective holes. Sounds difficult? isnt!
    5) Jack up the front (one side at the time) of the car, so the wheel you want to adjust is lifted from the ground.
    6) Loosen the 3 bolts in one side. DO NOT take off the bolts. Just LOOSEN them.
    7) Push the wheel until the whole suspension moves inward at the top.
    8) Keep the wheel in position while tightening the bolts again.
    9) Repeat in the other side.
    10) Leave the plastic covers off (you dont need them while on track)
    11) Lower the jack.
    12) Have fun!

    Check this thread for more:



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