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    Re: Goodbye 997.2, hello 991

    Figured I'd give a ~6 month update on my 991 ownership a word fantastic.  I'm totally won over on it versus the 997.2 I owned previously.   My initial concern about the steering feel is gone, it really is quite a step up in performance and for me enjoyment.  

    It is obscenely fast on the track and at least within my abilities not at all play station like.  You absolutely still know it has the engine at the rear and the turn in is wonderful and feel is incredible.  Not having driven older 911's can't really compare to anything except my 997.2 and the 997.1's I've driven.  Totally worth the price of admission in my opinion (maybe me trying to rationalize the financial ugliness a little).

    I've been surprised by the universal praise of the car's looks by car people and non-car people alike.  I never had many comments about my old car.  Some of that is probably going from silver to black w/ black wheels, but everyone has been very vocal in their preference for the new car.  Only part of car's looks I'm not totally sold on is the body shape between the rear brake lights, other than that I really do prefer the new to the old car.

    Problems?  Well the electronic e-brake is silly and I don't care for it, but it's the future I'm guessing so best get used to it.  My biggest gripe is why can't Porsche / Audi figure out wind buffeting when the driver's side window is down?   My S4 avant, A3, 997.2, and now 991 all have had terrible wind buffeting when I have the driver's side window all the way down.  On the 991 it's horrendous and tilting the sunroof open doesn't fully resolve it.  Have never had the issue with Japanese or American cars I've owned.  A new problem is there is another open service issue on the 991 (at least in US).  Got letter in mail while I was in China that there is an issue with the AC system.  This service action will give me a chance to drive a new boxster so not all bad.

    Recently test drove a Gallardo Spyder and other than the glorious sound of the V10 came away pretty disappointed in the car.  Yes it was an 06 but I was expecting more, the driving experience was fairly underwhelming.  Course the attention I got in it was insane bordering on uncomfortable, but that may have been a result of me driving around at 8000RPM - Copy.JPG photo-1 - Copy.JPG

    photo-3 - Copy.JPG

    All in all I'm completely satisfied with my car, my only concern is when the 991 GT3 comes out I'll probably want to move on to it.  If I thought the depreciation of the 997.2 was bad, not looking forward to what the 991 is going to be.  Market is pretty good here, but it's not great.

    Re: Goodbye 997.2, hello 991


    My biggest gripe is why can't Porsche / Audi figure out wind buffeting when the driver's side window is down?   


    if you drop the passenger side window too, it should make a big difference

    Re: Goodbye 997.2, hello 991

    Isn't it dangerous to drive fast with windows down?

    As to the e brake, I have it on an Audi and it is very convenient, more so than the conventional handbrake that also takes space. 

    Happy that you are enjoying the car!



    "Form follows function"

    Re: Goodbye 997.2, hello 991

    I used to be concerned about the loss of a true handbrake, as the electronic version makes it possible to do controlled handbrake turns (very useful in the winter, as you find yourself understeering towards a snowbank). But the fact is, with PSM, that's impossible anyway. So no big loss there...

    Speaking of which, I miss the ability to rotate the rear of the car in icy parking lots by closing the throttle; e-gas killed that a long time ago...


    Re: Goodbye 997.2, hello 991

    What didn't you like on the Gallardo?

    Re: Goodbye 997.2, hello 991

    Try this again...

    @sfo, yes lowering the passenger side window does help, but for various reasons don't like driving with it down.  One being when the person next to me has just had an expensive hair cut or spent long hours getting her hair right I get yelled at for messing it up!  Even driving around with my window down gets some evil stares.

    @ Reginos, it's pretty slow speeds where the issue can be felt, say 40-60mph.  Of course at higher speeds it gets even worse.  Never really thought of it as a safety risk?  Interesting side note, all track days here in the states I've been on require you to have both windows down when on the track.

    @ J. Seven, the Lambo didn't feel any faster than my 991 (I'm certain a LP-560 would), and for whatever reason expected it be more edgy and 'vibrant'.  Unlike Captain Slow, it didn't give me the fizz.  The steering was pretty lifeless and could tell it was AWD.  It's not a bad car, just not what I look for in a car.  It certainly out performs my 911 in terms of noise.  Sport exhaust sounds great on my car, but it can't compare to the V10 with the roof down on the Lambo.   Had a similar experience with an R8, very good car, but at least for me not as involving as a 911. 

    Re: Goodbye 997.2, hello 991

    Did you get the manual or the PDK ?  And how do you like the transmission ?

    Re: Goodbye 997.2, hello 991

    Pics of your new car ?

    Re: Goodbye 997.2, hello 991

    Dave, number of pics on the first page, shows old and new car together.  Also have a brief review of the PDK vs the PDK in my 997.2. 

    I really like the PDK transmission.  The purity / emotional quality of a manual that some decry the loss of with PDK doesn't resonate with me.  The software tweaks to PDK on the 991 make it a little more evocative than on the 997.2.



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