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    ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera 4S


    MODEL: 992 Carrera 4S
    ENGINE: 3.0L biturbo, 450PS @ 6,500 rpm, and 530 Nm of torque from 2,300rpm.
    WEIGHT: 1565Kg (DIN)
    WHEELS: RS Spyder Design (20”/21”)
    COLORS: Jet Black Metallic exterior & black leather interior.
    OPTIONS: Rear Axle Steering, PSE, Sport Chrono Pack, Power Steering Plus, PDLS Plus, folding mirrors, sunroof, Light Design pack, wheel center caps in color, Park Assist, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Change Assist, Adaptive cruise control, Power Sport Seats with memory (14-way), heated seats, ventilated seats, seat belts in Bordeaux red, Porsche crest engraved on seats, Bose Sound System.   






    (Click on the images for better quality)



    Overall as much as I had reservations of the looks of the new 992 from the initial photos, I can say that in real life the 992 actually looks quite good, overall it looks more muscular than previous water-cooled generations which is really good, it has a sportier stance that grew on me and won me over in spite of the prejudice I had from the photos.

    The changes aren’t huge in this 8th generation since it is still largely still based on the 991. Only every other generation is a largely new car, and that was already the case in the 991 versus the previous 997.







    The front. The front is dominated by the new hips in the front wheel arches that give it a more muscular stance, it is now 46 mm wider in the front, and the less rounded and more angled front bumper with the G Series style groves in the frunk (one of the many retro styling references) make it look more aggressive, which makes me think of how sporty and aggressive the GT3 will look in 992 form.







    Side view. The new rear 21 sized wheel looks great, you can really appreciate it in the side view and I really love the wheels this car in particular had, the RS Spyder Design, very sporty.




    Now all Carrera versions are widebody which combined with the wider front makes it look better shaped than the 991, sportier. The 992 is 20mm longer but because of the more contoured shape of the front and rear it doesn’t appear longer, and also makes it look lower.





    The new mirrors also look sportier than in the standard 991 mirrors (supposedly also having reduced wind noise), but I have reservations on the pop-out door handles, could of done without that unnecessary complication if you ask me.




    The rear. The rear is not as nice as the rest of the car in my opinion but still looks better in real life than in photos. The third brake light is an eye sore as is unnecessarily big and in your face, something that a third brake light doesn’t need to be and is not a particularly pretty element you want to draw attention to, it sticks out like a red clown nose on a face. I bet it will be one of the things that will be changed in the facelift if you ask me.




    The new rear light bar in it’s 3D form is I guess OK when it is off, but when it lights up it is too much imo, to attention grabbing.






    The engine grille looks good in real life, having the fins more spread apart and taller makes it look much sportier than in the 991.2, but in the AWD versions the fins of the grille is chromed and I’m not a fan at all of chrome in a sportscar.




    The black unpainted plastics around the exhaust tips and licence plate are below class for a car of this type imo, maybe they were going for a sporty look but that is not the impression it gives, it looks cheap to me.


    The front bumper also has its share of black plastic but it is less noticeable there because of the intakes, though if you get the SportDesign aerokit, you will only have the intakes in unpainted plastic and looks much better as well as sportier, at least to me. You can option the car with just the front SportDesign bumper without the rear if you wish.






    What I really dislike by far is the new rear spoiler, it may provide a 45% larger aerodynamically effective area than previous but how it was designed when deployed it looks like the trunk is open, there is no flow aesthetically, it breaks all the lines and sticks out very awkwardly exposing underneath what looks like are inside parts that should not be visible, specially on the sides of the spoiler were the rear quarter as it reaches over the rear lights just ends abruptly as the continuation with the spoiler is no longer there and a pocket of underside is what you see now.




    The licence plate on the 992 is now located much lower in between the exhaust tips, initially I didn’t like this in the photos but now in real life I do like it, it works, looks more modern.



    The aerokit SportDesign rear bumper however will raise the licence plate higher to the same position as in the 991 if you don’t like it so low.




    The rear is now widebody on all Carreras, not only the AWD and GTS versions, so the Carrera S is now 44mm wider than previous generation, and the other variants stay the same.





    Exhaust tips. Exhaust tips are now integrated to the bumper and not connected to exhaust itself, this is supposedly so that any impact on the rear of the car where the tips are will not transmit the force to the exhaust and up to the turbos decreasing the damage since now the tips are integrated into the bumper instead but do not touch the exhaust and there is a buffer in between.





    I know some don’t but I really like the design of the PSE exhaust tips BTW, again very sporty, more than the 991 PSE tips, maybe it is because they remind me of the 991GT2RS tips.




    Color. Darker colors like this Jet Black hide more the black plastics in the bumpers, which is good, but I think lighter colors show off the bigger curves of the 992 better, which is even better.


    All in all the 992 looks rather good in real life, the front and rear hips being the best design feature that give it a very sporty wide and low as well as muscular look, and grows on you quickly, so I wager everybody will get used to the new looks very quickly and in a positive way.










    The dash. The new retro dash design in the style of the first 911’s looks nice, it has that identity that you don’t see in other cars and that fans of the 911 will be able to recognise, from the absolutely beautiful tach to the flat horizontal double level dash.

    But at the same time it has a very modern look, for example details like the instrument panel screen not being flush with the dash or the lack of visible bezels on the PCM screen are contribute to this.




    The 992 now offers a partial leather interior option which was the case in this unit in which the top of the dash and door shoulders were covered in leather but the rest were not. Personally I would go for full leather on such a car, the non-leather lessen the look/feel of these elements which are right in front of you all the time.

    With Keyless Go now standard there is no ignition key slot, now you just have a switch were the ignition key would go.






    Instrument panel. The instruments have my favorite feature of the interior of the new 992, the retro tach of early 911, look at all the detail it has and of course has that look of the first 911. This design is also carried over to the Sport Chrono dash clock.

    detail-tach.jpg  detail-chrono.jpg





    The instrument panel display in the 992 is now wider than the 991 and the result is that the lateral dials are now more covered by the steering wheel, so to look at the lateral dials you have to move your head more around the steering wheel. No big deal thought, the instrument display looks really good and carries lots of information which is good, and of course did I mention the gorgeous tach?






    PCM screen: The new bigger 10.9” center screen offers lots of info and options with a responsive and quick touch display, I didn’t bother playing too much with it to be frank since I was more interested on the driving but it is intuitive and easy to use from the go and functional, it responds to the touch much better than before and interaction now is much like a smartphone’s screen, I like it, they did a good job with it. With it, it is easier and quicker to navigate through the submenus and find what you are looking for than before and it is very configurable unlike before. That said, this being a sportscar, I would prefer some of the more often used options would still be in physical form instead of in the touch screen though, they are less distracting and quicker to operate while driving than touch screen buttons.






    Center console. On the negative side, what I didn’t like on the center console is the shinny cheap plastic in the sides, it not only looks dirty very easily, very easily, but it also looks cheap and feels cheap to the touch, it is not like it has touch screen buttons, it is just an empty (no buttons) large plastic cover. I guess they were going for modern look but would look look much better in some other more sturdy and non-reflective material or at least one that doesn't get so dirty, my GTS has the interior accents in carbon fiber and while it is shiny, it doesn't get dirty at all. Also the big groove around the PDK stick in the center console accumulates dust and is not easy to clean.






    Fortunately this unit had the optional pocket in the centre console and not that huge ugly cup holder. The cup-holders in the 997 and 991 were so functional and could be hidden away, they were perfect.






    Steering wheel. The steering wheel looks more sporty than in the 991.1, I really like the design it is nice to look at and it is comfortable in terms of size, but unfortunately again the type of light plastic used in the arms of the steering wheel has a weak feel to them to the touch, and sound cheap when tap on them, and the steering wheel is something you are touching constantly, a car of this price should not have these details imo.


    The Mode Switch on the steering wheel  or “manettino” is useful to quickly change driving modes while driving, it is right next to your right hand and very easy operate without even having to look at it. It also has a button on the center which activates the temporary 20 second boost function called Sport Response button.





    The doors. The doors have a great feel to them on opening and closing like the previous versions but in terms on the new design of the inside I think it is a step backwards, they tried giving it a retro 911 look but it's flatness ended up looking too simple, the 991 ones look more upscale, nothing mayor but still, though this is just a matter of taste or maybe will take a bit of getting used to and will grow on you.






    The seats. Seating position is the same as in 991, perfect, and the seats are very comfortable, but if I had to choose I would still prefer the sport seats on the GTS with more lateral support. These were the regular Sport Seats with 14 way memory, but there are optional Sport Seats Plus that offer a bit more lateral support.










    Since the engine in the 992 is largely the same one as the 991 Mk2 I will be basing my comparison more in relation to the atmospheric 3.8L in the 991 Mk1.





    The sound. Since the change from atmospheric engine to turbocharged in the 991.2 the engine/exhaust sound took a big hit but now the 992 also has to incorporate a particulate filter due to new more restrictive emissions standards in EU and I don’t know if that is the reason but unfortunately the 992 is even more quiet now, even with Porsche Sport Exhausts. The 991.2 GTS for example, while still turbocharged, has noticeably more exhaust sound, and compared to the atmospheric 991.GTS then, it is worlds apart.

    The sound inside the cabin is not a huge difference (though still not the same in quality) but that is thanks to the sound symposers, but outside the real sound is very muffled and absent, if you open the window while driving you will barely notice any difference between normal exhaust mode and sport exhaust, and surprisingly many people don’t even realize this difference inside vs out, they only notice how it sounds inside. But when you activate the PSE the change in sound you hear is mainly just inside the cabin created by the symposers, and if you are familiar with the sound of the atmospheric then this sound is no substitute for the outside sound coming into the cabin of the atmospheric engine, even with the windows up. It is like listening to music through a telephone line vs live. Though I guess that if you don’t have experience with the atmospheric with PSE you may be none the wiser though and be satisfied with the sound.





    So compared to the atmospheric 991.1GTS the sound is quite different in spite of PSE, they are on the opposite sides of the sport sound range, the GTS on just normal mode (PSE off) already sounds much sportier, fuller and louder in all rev ranges than the 992 with PSE on, and with the PSE activated on the GTS, the difference is then a whole different experience. And not talking about just outside sound, inside the cabin with the windows up there is also a significant difference. To be fair the 991.1 GTS is the version with the sportiest and loudest sound I have heard, save the GT3 after 5k rpm, so it is toughest comparison for the 992. Even though it had PSE as well.





    Performance. The torque and elasticity of the turbocharged engine is very noticeable, it is really remarkable how it pushes out of the corners, it is a pity is not accompanied by the sound. But if the 911 is known for how it tractions out of the corners due to its rear-engined design, with this engine that combines this level or torque from such low revs and little lag, the car just catapults forward when you are on the throttle after the turn. On paper it may have 20PS up on my GTS but it “feels” more like 70PS due to the turbocharging.





    Engine character. If the upside is the performance of the engine, the downside is the character of the engine. The turbo lag es small, but it is still there, and while it is revs pretty happily in the top part of the range, it is still not like the atmospheric.Still, they have managed to make this turbo engine feel like an atmospheric in its response and character as a turbo could be. It has nothing in common to the 2.5L 4Cyl. Turbo of the 718 for example, which performance aside, does not belong in a Porsche sportscar.

    Even though for me, in a sportscar given the choice a turbocharged engine and a “similar” atmospheric engine, I would always choose the atmospheric hands down, this 3.0L 6 cylinder engine in the 992 at least is a great compromise between turbo performance and atmospheric character and I’m glad they took care in designing it this way.




    Still the character has changed significantly when you drive it back to back to the naturally aspirated in the GTS, it the 3.8L GTS when you step on the throttle you get that instant head snap reaction, in the 992 it is more subtle even though after that initial reaction it will start to push harder. Also another thing you can notice is the engine braking is reduced in the 922 compared to the GTS’s engine, especially noticeable when coming off the throttle when driving in shorter gears.This combined with the much lower engine/exhaust noise and less instant throttle makes the experience of going through some tight corners in a spirited fashion less of an experience.

    This also means means that the Sport Chrono pack is another absolutely essential option in the 992 along with the PSE, because it gives you the option to select a Sport Mode for driving that improves this throttle response, as well as the PDK shift program is more aggressive and helps mitigate a little bit this difference with the atmospheric engine compared to Normal Mode. IMO the Sport mode should be the normal mode for driving, because in normal it is too sluggish for my taste, and you can only get this Sport Moder with Sport Chrono pack. I cannot understand how something like this is not standard equipment. And you also get the dynamic engine mounts which also makes a significant difference in stability at higher speeds.




    Interesting to note that the 90L gas tank can now be optioned in the Carrera S (non AWD) since it is now wide-body but it is not AWD and therefore has space for the larger tank. I have this on my RWD 991GTS since the 991GTS is also widebody and it is definitely worthwhile to get.








    8-Speed. The new PDK on the 992 has now 8 speeds instead of 7, the 8th being mainly for mileage friendly relaxed driving in the highway, more so than the previous PDK’s 7th gear. This also allows for the other gearing to be changed and the 1st gear is now shorter. Top speed is is still achieved in 6th gear.

    As to the speed of the gearbox and functioning I don’t have much to say as I found it similar to the previous gen and there was already not much to improve in my opinion, as a double-clutch sequential, the PDK is fantastic.

    This new 8-speed PDK is also hybrid ready by the way, it is shorter allowing space for an electric motor behind it, and is also been designed to handle the added instant torque of that motor. Also the brake booster is now electric like I'm the 918 instead of pneumatic to allow for better energy recovery in a hybrid.





    New stick. Fortunately the stick looks better in real life, it is discrete, and has a great feel to it when selecting the desired position, but I still prefer the 991’s stick, even though I always thought it is ugly because it was so big. But at least in the 991 you could select the gears manually if you wish with it, for example in slow corners with lots of wheel lock you lose sight of the paddles as they move with the steering wheel so it is much quicker and easier just to tap the stick to upshift than to try to find the right paddle.

    And it was more functional too, now to select manual mode on the 992’s PDK you now have to push a button in front of the stick, in the 991 you just move the stick to the side without even having to distract your eyes to the console to do it. Even worse is the fact that to select Parking mode you also have to push a button that is identical in look, shape and feel to the Manual Mode button and is right next to, not ideal imo when you are scrambling for the manual mode button when driving spiritedly. Being a sportscar that it is, they should have kept the PDK stick in the 992 just made it smaller. Form follows function.





    The paddles. The paddles in the 992 are smaller that in the 991.1 and 997,  and have a nice quick click to them, so to me better they are to activate. Because the paddles in the 911 are mounted on the steering wheel and not the steering column, and turn with the wheel, the don’t have to be as big imo so the ones in the 992 and 991.2 are perfect. But again with the plastics, now the paddles are plastic instead of metal, and they feel worse to the touch.








    Steering. The steering feel is one of the qualities that made the 911 so appreciated, and while when driving slower and more relaxed you feel the increased weight of the 992, when you are driving more aggressively not so much actually. The steering is fairly quick and direct and the car is agile in changes in direction in spite of the weight difference. The 992 Carrera S is 100Kg than the 991.1 Carrera S, and this being the AWD it is another 50Kg on top of that. So it hides the weight very well in spirited driving on the street, on the track it may be different I don’t know. One of the reasons may be due to the Rear Axle Steering option, where the rear wheels turn up to 2º in either the direction of the front wheels or opposite direction depending on the speed. Above 80km/h they turn in the same direction as the front axle wheels and this increases the stability by acting as it if had a longer wheelbase, but at lower speeds they turn in opposite direction as the front making the car more agile when changing direction.




    To this day I still miss the nervous direct steering of my ex-997S with -20mm sport suspensions and mechanical rear differential, but the electro-hydraulic steering of the 992 has come a long way compared to the first 991 Carreras. I provides adequate feedback and precision. It feels a bit less agile than in my GTS but my GTS is RWD and 120Kg lighter. Also the steering has a good weight to it but still feels lighter than my GTS, though this may also be due to the Power Steering Plus this car had, which alters the weight of the steering according to the speed, so as to require less effort at low speeds, this is an option I would never get on a sportscar personally.




    Traction. This unit is AWD, and I don’t know inside a track, but in street driving it is not very obvious, there is little tendency to understeer coming out of the corners (though still more than my RWD GTS) and the steering doesn’t get numb when you are at the border of traction. Nothing to do with the 996 AWDs, and to some extent 997 gen.

    Even so, and this is my personal view, with the traction and all the electronic driving systems modern 911’s have, I don’t see a point to the AWD unless you are going to drive it in snow with winter tires, since it adds a lot of weight and little benefit now otherwise, makes it a bit less sporty, and  the extra cost of the AWD option would be better spent in options that make the car sportier in my opinion.




    Handling. I think that what I would highlight about the 992’s handling is how good the front behaves on turn in, it is very stable and inspires more confidence. It is probably due to its wider track (46mm wider) but this one of the things that makes it easier to drive fast than ever.




    Suspension. New PASM (new in both hardware and software) offer a very comfortable ride, impressively so, even in cobbled roads I drove over, it rides like a sedan over them compared to my GTS, and with no added body roll. But it is so comfortable, and the torquey engine so elastic and silent, that you have to drive it harder to get some emotion out of it.

    Part of this improved comfort is supposedly not only due to the new gen PASM but also the wider track with allows for a smoother ride since it can use softer anti-roll bars to control body roll. Whatever it is, the more comfortable ride is very noticeable and without sacrificing handling and body roll. Also the engine mounts have been moved 20cm forward (note, only the engine mounts themselves were moved forward, not the actual engine, which is still in the same position even though most of the press reported it was the engine that got moved forward 20cm for some reason) and this supposedly also adds to more confort by reducing oscillations to the chassis.




    Wet mode. One of the new features of the 992 is the wet mode, unfortunately I was not able to test it since it was sunny here, but it is a welcomed addition given the size of the rear tires (305) which are the same as my 991GTS. But the 992 has the added issue of the increased torque vs the atmospheric which makes the wet mode even more useful on wet roads. The system uses acoustic sensors in the front wheel arches to detect water on the road and how much and if so adapt to a certain extent the electronic stability and traction systems for greater safety and warns the driver. If the driver then manually selects wet mode on the manettino of center screen, it will then more aggressively adapt the electronic stability and traction systems, the torque vectoring system, throttle sensitivity is reduced, the PDK program also adapts, and rear spoiler angle is higher.


    Brakes. The steel brakes were as good as always, it is a Porsche, not only with amazing stopping power helped by the rear-engined design, but also they have great progressive feel to them.




    The E-nannies. A bit on the negative side, I found annoying all the electronic driving nannies that the 992 now has, most of them as optional equipment but still. There is a constant ugly eye catching red/white speed limit disc on the left dial showing you the speed limit of the road at ball times (uses a camera to recognize the speed limit road signals), and next to it another disc that pops up to tell you if it is allowed to overtake or not, then there is a triangular warning sign that pops up there as well if you are approaching the curve somewhat over the speed limit, there is an icon there that appears when you close the distance with the car in front too, there are lights on the side mirrors to tell you if is OK to switch lanes in case you are blind, and several others… but the worst offender is the Lane Keep Assist, it will actually tug on the steering wheel against you if you get too close to another lane, so when you are simply moving sideways a bit to avoid an obstacle or pothole for example, or simply change lanes without signaling because there is no one around, you will suddenly feel a tug on the steering against you, which is extremely annoying to say the least, and the first time it happens and you don’t realize what is going on is quite unsettling. Fortunately you can deactivate it or not option it at all.






    ( + ) Handling is better than ever and easy to drive fast.
    ( + ) Wider front axle and rear axle steering.
    ( + ) Torque and performance of the engine.
    ( + ) Ride comfort improved significantly but without compromising sportiness.
    ( + ) Exterior design in general.
    ( + ) Retro styling cues like the tachometer, dash, frunk grooves, etc.

    ( - ) Sound, it's gone as we know it, period, and with it part of the sportscar experience.
    ( - ) Engine character not atmospheric anymore though still great in many other aspects.
    ( - ) Reduced number physical buttons in dash/console in favor of touch screen.
    ( - ) Cheap look and feel of plastics in center .console and steering wheel.
    ( - ) Rear spoiler is very ugly when elevated.
    ( - ) Pricetag.






    Even though it is faster than before, I have to admit that it is a bit less emotional due to a constellation of factors; the sound has been lost significantly, the ride is more comfortable, the throttle is not as instant, the engine brake is less noticeable, it is easier to drive fast and more confidence inspiring, it is heavier, there are a lot of electronic nannies, etc. But this has been the same story with every new generation, and not only of 911 but for all sportscars.

    Some of these factors are even positive in other ways, and a lot of the negative factors are more related to adapting to new legislations and restrictions, and not to Porsche itself, so they generally apply not only to Porsche's 911 but its competitors as well, and in Porsche's defense they have done a great job in minimizing them as much as possible and their negative impact in the 992, like the switch to turbocharging due to stricter emissions regulations.

    So the engine while having to be turbocharged now to meet emissions and fuel efficiency requirements, is as close to an atmospheric engine in character and sound (inside) as it can be... safety and emissions standards may have made the 992 heavier but the chassis improvements and electronic aids make it handle and behave like it is lighter when you push the car, and is faster than before, while at the same time making it safer and more comfortable than ever. All in all it is better than I thought it would be, a new generation that has adapted to the sportscar un-friendly modern times while still being a 911. Looking forward  to the GTS and especially the GT versions…



    - Carlos. 


    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Just to reiterate, these are just my honest subjective personal opinions, but I tried at least to explain the reason for them, as well some technical details that I found interesting or had relation.

    Hope you enjoyed all the photos as well, be sure to click on them if you want to see them in better quality since the forum compresses them when embedded.


    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Excellent and thorough write-up.  I enjoyed reading it and appreciate the hard work you did for a very comprehensive article.   My OCD kicked in looking at the console and noting  difference of gaps that should not exist, along with the poor material choices in a car costing as much as this one.  

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Thank you very much, this is was a great read. kiss

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Well done!


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Very informative report and from a long-time 911 driver's point of view.

    Thank you for taking the time to communicate it to us kiss


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

     Bravo! Very interesting piece, coming from a 991.2 owner. Thanks for the write up kiss


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Fantastic review Carlos! Smiley

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review on Rennteam! Smiley

    Porsche should listen very carefully to your comments! Smiley

    I'm looking forward to the 992 GT3 Touring in manual with a ducktail spoiler... Smiley

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Thanks a lot, Carlos. That's a very well-written and useful review! wink


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Top class review, enhorabuena!


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Terrific review! Comprehensive and fair. I could not own this iteration of 911 as it is simply too far afield my preconceptions for a 911.


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S


    Terrific review! Comprehensive and fair. I could not own this iteration of 911 as it is simply too far afield my preconceptions for a 911.


    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Carlos, you missed your calling. Far better than any other review I have read on the new 992. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this. 


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S


    Carlos, you missed your calling. Far better than any other review I have read on the new 992. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this. 

    + 5

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Great review Carlos! wink 


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

     I’ll join others in thanking you Carlos for this review. It’s very fair, and also seems consistent with many of other reviews of the car so far. I like the new 992 and have spec’d  one out in Aventurine  Green with Iceland Green and black interior, Carrera Classic wheels. Sport Package, etc.  My current Panamera lease runs out in December, and I am favoring the 992 over the Taycan (which seems to be looking more like a compromised Panamera design).  

    The black plastic parts and the deployed rear spoiler don’t really bother me, but the pop out door handles could be irritating.  I am assuming that they will deploy automatically if you order the comfort package option—If not, they could be a source of anxiety every time you try to open the door with the key.


    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Thanks Carlos . You're reviews get better each time . Beautiful photos combined with objective writing 

    A I agree on most points, from it being much nicer looking in the flesh then on photos , to the not so good handle door idea , and the irritating e-nannies that treat us like half brained human . 

    I had probably a bigger sense of '' GT '' then you driving it , probably because my now old 997 feels so sluggish compared to the 992 and my RS is just on another planet . 

    Spoke with someone that found the sound very good . I asked if that was the inside or outside sound ...... the person did not even know there is a difference , and he does have many cars . So, as you say, people probably are not even aware of the symposers  ..... like many of the other nannies 

    Loved the cows on those hill pics kiss


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Very nice write up kiss

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Excellent review Carlos! Felt like I was in the car when I read your report and always nice to read when someone write with enthusiasm and knowledge. Also thanks for sharing the nice scenic photos! kiss

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    That is an amazing review, Carlos SmileySmileySmiley

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Thank you guys for your comments and very pleased to hear you enjoyed the review, it was well worth the time for you guys winkwink


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Epic review ! kiss

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Thank you for the review Carlos! Smiley


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Verk well done!kisswink

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    What a fantastic review, Carlos! 

    So much better than so many „professional“ reviews, thank you very much. wink


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    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Thx Carlos.. Great write upkiss

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Carlos, thank you for your detailed review and your honest personal opinion about this latest 911! I enjoyed reading it and seeing your photos very much. kiss


    If I don't fly, I drive my .:RS  blush

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Well Carlos, are you going to buy one?indecision


    There is nothing stronger than gentleness.

    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Great report kiss


    Re: ROAD TEST: New 992 Carrera4S

    Carlos from Spain:

    Just to reiterate, these are just my honest subjective personal opinions, but I tried at least to explain the reason for them, as well some technical details that I found interesting or had relation.

    Hope you enjoyed all the photos as well, be sure to click on them if you want to see them in better quality since the forum compresses them when embedded.


    Thanks for taking the time for this comprehensive write up SmileySmiley. I am going 2wd and -10MM suspension but no sports exhaust as it really does not make enough of a difference in the sound department and cosmetically I prefer the twin tail pipes. 



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