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    Re: Have you seen Carlos's 996 video?? Awesome stuff! Dont m

    Carlos from Spain said:
    Thanks guys

    Its becuase Ducati and Aprilia use V-twin (V2) engines, while the leading performance bikes like Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Kawas, etc use inline-4 engines (L4) which are much superior perfromance wise. The Inline-4's are lighter bikes with more power, so performance wise they are in another level. For example, in last years MASTERBIKE (a supertest conducted at a track by over a dozen magazine around the world and over a dozen profesional and press riders, very scientifically conducted to compare all sportbikes of that year), the Yamaha R6 which is only 600cc (inline-4) matched that 1000cc Ducati 999S around the track, and the Yamaha with only 600cc, less HP and half the pricetag. Its not even the fastest of the V-Twins, the Aprilia has always beaten the equivalent Duc around the track in the MARETRBIKE. Another thing is that they are very expensive and higher maintenance, and they have more issues.
    BUT they have their charm and character, and they have fantastic sound, and ride a bit different so some people love them and cherrish them. Its a matter of personal taste really, but since inline-4's are faster, better fperforming, lowr priced, more reliable, etc. then they dominate the market and have the biggest following.
    I'm a performance nut myself so for me I like the fastest at the track, sportiesst, beastiest bike, and that means a 1000cc inline-4 class bike, Suziki.

    I see, thanks for the information Carlos... How come you ride the GXR-1000 when the GXR-1300 Hayabusa is even faster and quite cheap (relative to a Porsche) Also what do you think of the Triumph Speed Triple.. You guys have got me really interested in bikes now

    Re: Have you seen Carlos's 996 video?? Awesome stuff! Dont m

    The Busa is not a sport sportbike, its more touring oriented. Even though it has more power and torque from the bigger engine, its a lot more heavier so its infact slower except in top speed. Its torque is excellent for cruising at high speeds but its not as sporty, its more confortable, etc. Both great bikes but for seperate uses. Its very much like comparing a GT3RS and a 996TT. The top sport-performing bikes of all are the 1000cc inline-4 class.

    Triumph is comming out with good sportbikes now, but are not as sport oriented as the Kawa/Yamaha/Suzuki/Honda, they are a bit slower but more confortable. The Speed Triple being a "naked" bike it doens't apeal to much to my taste. I don't like hybrids, I like "one purpose" built bikes. But the 600cc naked class bikes are a great way, if not the best, to learn how to drive and control higher engine bikes and then make the jump to a high-perfromance sportbike

    Re: Have you seen Carlos's 996 video?? Awesome stuff! Dont m

    Re: Have you seen Carlos's 996 video?? Awesome stuff! Dont m

    thanks carlos for that awesome video!!
    can u tell me please what those names of songs/artist are beginning at 4:56 and 6:27 of your video? thanks

    Re: Have you seen Carlos's 996 video?? Awesome stuff! Dont m

    Thanks 80924, the first one is "Clocks" by Coldplay, and the second is "Are you gonna be my girl" by Jet

    Re: Have you seen Carlos's 996 video?? Awesome stuff! Dont m

    ok thx Carlos



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