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    Align the car and speed up

    I had my car aligned yesterday at the local dealer to Ruf specs. toe of .00 in the front and .15 toe per side in rear with almost max camber within factory specs.
    The car has lost that twitchiness and feels like is going 50 kph slower than idicated. The most amazing thing.

    It may not address everything RC was talking about on the track. However I can say it feels as steady as the RT-12 I drove in Germany on the Autobahn, which it never did before. In fact my 1997 C4 felt better prior to the alignment.

    The car was out of spec on front and back on the left side as picked up from dealer.

    I have 6,500 km or 4,400 mi on car.

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    ALWAYS have the car re-aligned after you purchase it. Include it as part of the pre-inspection. And then again at the 2500 mi mark. Because the suspension isn't fully settled from the factory, it tends to knock itself out of wack.

    I remember when Mario Andretti was doing a top speed test for Car and Driver a few years back with a RUF that just came over on the ship.

    He said that he was losing speed on the banking b/c the car was a few degrees out of alignment. They put it on the rack and sure enough - just a touch out of alignment! He picked up another 5-7 mph on the top afterwards!

    Best of luck. Remember to get it checked at least once per year at a minimum.

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    LAT said:
    I had my car aligned yesterday at the local dealer to Ruf specs. toe of .00 in the front and .15 toe per side in rear with almost max camber within factory specs.

    Couple of questions if I may:

  • This was done at your local Porsche dealer?
  • Where can I get the exact Ruf alignment specs for the 997TT?
  • If at your local OPC then what was their reaction to you asking for a Ruf setup?

  • Re: Align the car and speed up

    Yes it was done at the local dealership.
    I got them from HP Lieb and they are,

    front .00 to .05 toe per side and camber on the high side within OEM spec

    rear, .15 toe per side and camber within OEM spec, camber on the high side no number given, again OEM spec.

    Dealer said, you know that this will affect tire wear with agressive toe in the rear. I said do it anyway, I accept that fact.

    It makes an amazing difference is all I can keep repeating.

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    Thanks for the info LAT. Is your car manual/lsd or tip? I have big oversteer problem in mine which could attributed to alignment, tyres (Bridgestone allegently are not as good as PS2s or P rossos) or.. the fact that my car has lsd. Tried a tip car with similar power back to back on same slippery road and there was substantially less oversteer. That car has michelins on but I am not sure that was the issue.. Did you see any difference in terms of oversteer after the alignment?


    Re: Align the car and speed up


    the "RUF" alignment specs are exactly the same as the GT3 "street" specs. That is the way my tech alignment my car and I have to agree it is rock solid:

    camber -1.2
    caster 7.5
    toe 0.04

    camber -1.6
    toe 0.16

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    Gene, can you achieve those specs at stock rd ht?

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    The only thing you might not get is the front camber. All else should be possible

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    I had the same problem after delivery and had it aligned 2 times because the first time around I still had issues. Here are both printouts to compare. How far away is the second printout from Ruf's specs?

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    GT; my car is stick with no lsd.

    There is now less oversteer on wet ramps.

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    Gradyex - you are still running almost no negative camber up front. -0.29 camber is less than the minimum I have seen as the spec for a stock TT (-0.4 to -0.9). Also, you are running negative toe in the rear and the RUF/Gt3 spec is for still some positive toe.

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    Here is my set up, works wonders.

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    I will try it and let you know...

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    I am going to lower my 997 TT 20mm aprox I track my car sometimes,can you recommend an alignment set up?

    Re: Align the car and speed up

    I am having H&R springs installed next week so he will have to do another alignment and I will relay your message Eclou. Thanks



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