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    If you want to get rid of scratches on SS sills....Read this

    This is a 'how to' if you have the Porsche stainless steel sills (illuminated and non illuminated) & you've got scratches/scuffs that you'd like to get rid of. Obviously, do this at your own risk; it's not my fault if it goes wrong ....blah blah, etc. etc.

    This is targeted towards light surface scratches & scuff marks (the type of scratch you CAN'T feel with a fingernail.) When done correctly the sill will look absolutely factory fresh!! This may seem a little over the top, but the illuminated sills are $500+, and scratches on them kind of ruins the look, so I'm prepared to make an effort to keep them as new....Also, the token little pad Porsche give you to 'fix' scratches is worthless.If you're not fussed, this post isn't for you.

    I have the illuminated sills, so this is what I did for them...

    Tools Needed
    Isopropyl Alcohol
    3M paint protection film
    3M Hand Finishing Pads (trial pack) link below is a site that has it
    Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner (The absolute best SS cleaner/polish, especially for SS appliances) below is a site that has it
    Masking tape
    Microfibre Cloth

    * Apply Alcohol to MF cloth, wipe SS sill clean
    * Mask off painted part of door sill almost all the way up to where the tire pressure label is, the ledges below the SS sill & up to around the area where the wire harness rubber tube is.
    * Cut a strip of 3M paint protection film & place it on top of the illuminated words (don't take the backing off & the backing should be the part that is touching the sill) trace around the illuminated words on the SS sill (in my case Carrera S). To create a template.
    * Cut out template
    * Peel off 3m pp film backing and apply to the illuminated words....This is done to stop the finish on the illuminated part of the sill being damaged. (Tip. Try and be very accurate with the template, because if you cover any extra stainless steel, it looks slightly different to the rest of the sill when the job is completed)
    * Let the film sit for 5 mins, so it has a chance to properly bond with the SS sill.

    The sills have a long grain/angel hair finish.... what this means is that the grain runs the entire length of the sill, and is also why it is possible to refinish the sill back to the factory fresh look. NEVER RUB IN CIRCLES, OR ACROSS THE GRAIN, OR IN A BACK & FORTH'll screw the sills up.
    * Take the 3M pad 7447 & attach it to the 'twist lok' handle (all part of above mentioned trial pack)
    * You want to start the stroke before the SS sill not on it (that's why you have masking tape all the way up the door...If you start the stroke on the sill, the sill ends don't look perfect when finished.
    * Apply light to medium pressure (depending on scratch severity) and run the pad the entire length of the sill until you are 'off' the end. Lift off and do the same thing again. NB DO NOT GO BACK & if you were doing the passenger side sill, you'd go left to right lift off and go left to right....Don't go left to right & then right to left.
    * The key to making it look OEM, is to make the stroke as straight as possible...I found it helped to use the door seal above the sill as a guide/rest, so that they were perfectly straight
    * Keep doing this until the scratches disappear...(it could take 10 mins or so...basically don't expect it to work in 30 secs.)
    * Once the scratches are gone attach 3M pad 7448 to 'twist loc' handle and carry out the same procedure as above. This pad is a perfect match with the original Porsche finish...obviously if you used pad 7447 for a long time, it's going to take you longer to restore the factory finish with the 7448 pad.
    * Once you've restored the finish, peel off the paint protection film, and wipe sill with alcohol, until the is no more black residue coming of on the cloth.
    * Spray a little Sprayway SS cleaner on the sill and gently wipe a couple of times (no need to rub).

    The sill should look OEM factory fresh!!!!

    If you have heavier scratching, I guess you could use a more abrasive pad, but it will take a long time to properly refinish the door sill (be very very careful some of the pads are EXTREMELY aggressive). Use the least aggressive pad possible to get the job done....Start with the one's I've suggested, they are 2 of the least aggressive pads available (and Pad 7448 is a finishing pad, it will give you the same finish as the factory).

    I wish I'd found the 3M trial pack BEFORE I started the job.....It cost me $50 (instead of $16) as I purchased the boxes of pads (20 pads per box)....Basically, I can now polish a lifetimes' worth of stainless door sills

    Re: If you want to get rid of scratches on SS sills....Read this

    When I had the clear bra put on the front of the car, I also had them cover the SS sills. It had the effect of hiding some of the small scuffs and scratches.



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