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    my new 997 :)


    my new 997 arrived but my dealer needs the car in the showroom for at least two weeks, maybe four, so the contract I signed today has a delivery date of August 15.

    He promised me to deliver the car sooner if possible.

    If you want to see a movie with the car you can download it from here

    If you have specific requests for pictures I can do it but it will take me a couple of days because I am really busy these days.

    Take care guys !

    P.S. I forgot, the file is pretty big 113 MB (118,720,158 bytes)

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Congratulations pal! Can't wait to get into that dream also!

    And hell yes I think we all would like to see pictures...I didn't download the movie but I would like to know what colour and options you have...

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Thank you !

    First of all please keep in mind that I live in a country with bad roads and bad gasoline so more than a standard Carrera makes no sense (even that's a push), so the 997S is really not a choice for me. Second, I didn't configure the car so a lot of things from the list makes no sense to me, here, where I live.

    The list:
    - Seal Grey with black interior and the biggest disappointment, no leather package (only seats, steering wheel, handbrake and inner door handle are covered with leather)
    - heated seats
    - sport steering wheel
    - cruise control
    - grey tinted windshield
    - sport chrono package plus
    - sunroof
    - PCM phone module
    - PCM navigation module
    - BOSE
    - Adaptive sport seats
    - self dimming mirrors with rain sensor
    - Bi-Xenon headlights

    The car is number 267 out of the factory

    Re: my new 997 :)


    Did you get the 996 back then, when you were planning, or you decided to wait for the 997?

    Anyway, i'm sure you'll be extremely happy with the car, just don't keep her in the city

    Wanna make a detour through Mures?

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Congractulations on the car

    Now dude, if you really want us to see your video i sugest changing the video to a server with at least resume functions.

    I dont thing somebody here in the board will manage to see the video without resume fuction.


    Re: my new 997 :)

    RC, can I upload the video here ?

    Re: my new 997 :)

    brunner: I didn't got the 996. This 997 is my first Porsche.
    City all the way, all day and even winter time.
    That's the plan, that's the experiment.
    With so many potholes, we will find out for sure if the new 997 is reliable or not

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Nice little video of the car walk around
    BUT the file is HUGE!!! Much larger than it needs to be
    Took about 4hrs to DL since the server hosting is so SLOW

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Congrats!!! Nice Video... I see that you didn't get all leather? How's the standard dash material? Looks like good quality?

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Well, after a very pain in the a** download i finally managed to see the video...the car looks awsome

    Thanks for posting the video and again congractulations on the car


    Re: my new 997 :)

    I couldn't get my hands on a car with all leather and I didn't want to wait 6 months more until I can order the car the way I want. Again, the car options are what Porsche AG decided not what I wanted.

    So, I think the standard dash it's OK for a non-leather one, but I wouldn't buy a car without the full leather package if I could configure one.

    If this is helpful for anyone here is what I think are a must after I saw the car:
    - Bi-Xenon
    - adaptive seats
    - full leather
    - heated seats
    - chrono sport package (the clock looks much-much better in real life)
    - white background for the instrument dials
    - rear section of center console in leather
    - Porsche crest embossed on head restrains
    - door finishers in leather

    If the car has a lot of leather the daily surrounding of the driver is greatly improved.
    Everything else like tech gizmos (tyre pressure monitor, park assist, cruise control, etc.) are optional.

    Re: my new 997 :)

    pic #1

    Re: my new 997 :)

    pic #2

    Re: my new 997 :)

    pic #3

    Re: my new 997 :)

    pic #4

    Re: my new 997 :)

    pic #5

    Re: my new 997 :)

    pic #6

    Re: my new 997 :)

    pic #7

    Re: my new 997 :)

    pic #8

    Re: my new 997 :)

    pic #9

    Re: my new 997 :)

    pic #10

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Pentium said:
    brunner: I didn't got the 996. This 997 is my first Porsche.
    City all the way, all day and even winter time.
    That's the plan, that's the experiment.
    With so many potholes, we will find out for sure if the new 997 is reliable or not

    You know what my thoughts are but maybe it works out for you. I truely hope so.

    I had several sports cars (well, not expensive like the 997) in your city and the best cars proved to be a Isuzu Trooper off-roader and a Mercedes 190 E 2.6. The Mercedes was seriouly damaged in winter time when I backed the car a little bit to park it, only to find out that I just fell with the whole rear axle inside a small pit which was hidden under the snow.
    Damage: I needed a new rear axle and you can imagine how complicated it was to get one and to install it correctly more than 12 years ago.

    The Cayenne Turbo would have been the perfect car for you but maybe people just have to live their dream and I understand you very well. But I also have the feeling that you never actually drove a Cayenne Turbo.
    It is by far more sporty than some of the so called sports cars out there.

    I'm not so worried about fuel quality, you can get Shell V-Power at many Shell stations around the country. I was there more than two years ago and always found a Shell fuel station. I'm more worried about tire damage, rim damage, undercarriage damage and maybe envy damage.
    Driving the car in winter time? You can't be serious.

    Ask ADAS how much they're willing to pay you if the car is damaged, especially by somebody else, you'll have a bad surprise.

    But what is life without taking risks?

    Re: my new 997 :)

    RC, I give you my word that I will drive the car through winter ... or at least I will try

    I will back this up with pictures when the time comes.
    I just hope the winter tires and rims will be available by then for the new 997.

    I did drove a Cayenne S, not Turbo, both in US and here.

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Congrtulations !
    Question on the adaptive sports seats, what moves in/out ? The seat bottom wings or seat back wings , or both . Is the adjustment range wide enough to " snug " you in for spirited drives ?
    Thanks for showing the non-leather pics - first I've seen.

    Re: my new 997 :)


    Re: my new 997 :)

    The adaptive seats are one of the best sport seats I ever seen and I've been in many cars. They are a huge improvement over the older seats.

    I will try to explain but please keep in mind that english it's not my native language.

    You have lumbar support adjustment (if you are not familiar with those please tell me), you can move the chair forward and backward, up and down (the front part of the seat and the back part of the seat can be moved up and down - pretty standard also) and the things that are really great: the lateral support, both for the backrest and the actual seat (where your feet and ass are) can move left+right basically tightening or not the chair around you.

    As I said before, adaptive sport seats are a must. Only the seats memory keypad is badly placed on the driver's door; you can touch the keys on a tight bend with the outer part of you knee.

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Thank you Ron ! Can't wait to see yours !

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Was I supposed to get one too?

    Re: my new 997 :)

    Y E S !

    Re: my new 997 :)

    These sports seats sound amazing. The previous one were disappointing because too narrow.
    Congrats BTW, very nice car! Must be plainful not the be able to take it home yet! Patience...



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