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    997 weight

    997 is an awesome performance car that can be matched by very few cars. That being the case many may say that weight doesn't matter. I beg to differ since I believe light weight brings out a driving experience that goes beyond the numbers we find in magazines so I just thought I'd compare the weight of a Corvette over the years to the weight of a 911.


    1984, 3192; 1985, 3224; 1986, 3239; 1987, 3216; 1988, 3245; 1989, 3238; 1990, 3288; 1991, 3288; 1992, 3338; 1993, 3333; 1994, 3309; 1995, 3209; 1996, 3298.

    2005 3170

    Porsche 911

    1979 2558
    1984 2755

    2005 997 3075
    2005 997 S 3131

    Sure the 911 is still lighter, but the gap has closed and we can see how the 911 is gaining weight much more quickly.

    Re: 997 weight

    yeah, i wish the 997 was lighter, although i think most people like the things that make the car heavier such as the electronics etc... but hey if you want back to basics that is what the GT3 Clubsport or the GT3 RS

    Re: 997 weight

    The 996GT3 isn't too much lighter than the 997S, 1380kg compared to 1425kg for the 997S. Porsche should take a long look at the Challange Stradale before they make the 997GT3.

    Re: 997 weight

    The question really should be why is the Corvette so heavy? With a "plastic" body, no rear seat, composite leaf-springs, etc., and now smaller overall dimensions than the 997, why is it such a porker? Not that the 997 couldn't benefit from being lighter, but the Vette has no excuse for being even heavier.

    Re: Corvette weight

    Gee, could its hefty weight come from that 400hp V8 in the nose?

    Swap that V8 for a V6, move its bulk head forward and add two kiddy seats in the back and Im sure it would weigh about the same as a 997.

    Porsches have evolved into porkers from years of safety
    legislation, graying customers that dont like road noise
    and demand useless added poundage from power seats and
    the quieter dual mass flywheel, extra torque and more hp
    to power it all that begets a heavier motor, and the 19 inch
    wheels and pizza pan size brakes to handle and stop it all.

    Even if they ever built again a 2300lb car with a 260hp
    2.5 litre motor customers would probably bitch about the noise.

    Re: Corvette weight

    Engine weight doesn't explain it. The M96 engine is easily in the 500 lbs. range, and has never been considered especially lightweight. Figures for a fully-dressed C5 V8 are in the 450 to 500 lbs. range, and the C6 might actually be lighter.

    The comparison is impossible because GM doesn't really have V6's that could compare to the Porsche flat-6's in terms of output, except possilby with super/turbo-charging.

    I have a 2500 lb. 996 with a 450+ HP NA 3.6, and yes, it's noisy.

    Re: Corvette weight

    I don't know anything about techinicals, so this may be a stupid question but why is the Corvette 'relativly' light compared to the 997 when it has a 6.0L V8 and the Porsche only has a 3.8L Flat6? Shouldn't higher displacement and 2 extra cylinders add much more extra weight?

    Re: Corvette weight

    danny828 said:
    I don't know anything about techinicals, so this may be a stupid question but why is the Corvette 'relativly' light compared to the 997 when it has a 6.0L V8 and the Porsche only has a 3.8L Flat6? Shouldn't higher displacement and 2 extra cylinders add much more extra weight?

    Well as discussed above, the chevy v-8 has the uncanny ability to fit a lot of displacement into a small weight motor. I knew the Porsche turbo motors weighed as much as a vette motor, but apparently the normally aspirated flat sixes approach that weight as well.

    Re: Corvette weight

    A while back there was an article by one of the GM engineers explaining how the pushrod engines are less complex, lighter weight, etc. However, it seems that the only way to get really high horsepower out of these engines is to use big displacement. A 6L 400 HP engine is putting out something like 66 HP/liter, which is about 30% less efficient than the 93 HP/liter that the 997 S gets.

    It seems that GM has been able to develop a bad technology, pushrod engines, in much the same way that Porsche has been able to develop a nutty design, rear-engined cars.



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