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    Porsche CEO to leave Porsche soon?

    In Germany, Dr. Wiedeking is rumored to be one of the potential candidates for becoming the new CEO of the Deutsche Telekom, the biggest communications company in Europe. In the US, Deutsche Telekom runs T-Mobile and Voicestream.

    Re: Porsche CEO to leave Porsche soon?

    I read it somewhere (don't remember what Mag.) that he has already turned them down.

    This story is on german TV and radio TODAY...

    ...seems that he didn't turn them down completely.
    IF he takes over the Deutsche Telekom job, he won't do it for free I guess.

    Re: This story is on german TV and radio TODAY...

    Any idea who would be the next candidate for Porsche AG?

    Good question, Ron...

    ...I don't have a clue.

    Re: This story is on german TV and radio TODAY...

    probably RC!!

    Well, they didn't contact me yet...

    ...we have to talk big money first.

    Re: Well, they didn't contact me yet...

    Maybe, Ferdinand Piech will do this job
    I hope so...

    Piech would be the perfect CEO...

    ...I guess. At least nobody can deny that he has petrol in his blood. But no matter who comes next, Porsche's destiny is clear: growing or being eaten by a bigger player.

    Re: Piech would be the perfect CEO...

    I hope is not someone like Chrysler or GM

    Re: Piech would be the perfect CEO...

    why not chrysler - it's also a german company!

    Re: Piech would be the perfect CEO...

    i would suggest that any new porsche CEO candidate has to present a paper with 5 instant actions he/she will take when in charge. than the registered users of rennteam will vote!

    and here are my five points:

    * can the cayenne, sell the technology to VW as a kind of "touareg R" model

    * offer F1 transmission

    * offer a weight-reduced 911 RS and a turbo RS, with carbon hood and roof etc.

    * next carrera 400 PS, turbo 550 PS (otherwise the S 600 will be a pain in the ass)

    * install a 24 hour road assistance service

    so guys, VOTE FOR ME!!

    Re: Piech would be the perfect CEO...

    I don't agree with getting rid of the Cayenne and offering a F1 transmission but otherwise, you get my vote.

    Re: Piech would be the perfect CEO...

    Votr for the last three items.

    RC, why not F1?

    Even if I prefer stick I think it would be a nice option

    I agree, except F1 tranny doesn't belong in a driver's car

    Shifting is a key experience that connects man and machine.

    According to former Weissach Boss, Marchart...

    ...F1, sequential shifting or whatever you want to call it...makes no sense for street driving and doesn't offer real advantages for the driver. Just quoting him.

    Re: According to zzboba... ordinary five speed automatic transmission [even when it's called tiptronic] makes no sense connected to a high-revs sports engine

    even if current F1 systems are far from perfect, it would be a step forward in a sense of "emotion" and i bet a lot of customers would order it.

    Re: According to zzboba...

    Who the hell would order Tiptronic? I won't. The Tiptronic is a normal automatic transmission bought from Mercedes.
    I don't see any advantage in a sequential shifting system. BMW seems to have learned that lesson and Ferrari sells F1 only because of their Formula One reputation (dozens of little Schumis out there using F1 in their Modena and Maranello ).

    Re: According to zzboba...

    I'm not a fan of sequential boxes myself, but I think that instead of giving the option of a Tiptronic as it is in the current range a clutchless manual would suit the character of a 911 better.

    I really like the idea of resurrecting the RS name, maybe just for a naturally aspirated model that would make extensive use of carbonfibre and other lightweight materials to keep the weight at around 1250-1300 kg, with a great sounding engine and an uncompromising suspension set up.They could keep the current GT models and make this one a limited edition (even if it means a hefty price tag...).

    One point that would be in my list as a possible CEO would have to be the development of an aluminum chassis for the 911, like the Modena's.As Ferrari showed it is possible to do it without loosing money(they do it on even lower production numbers!!!).Considering the more compact dimensions of the 911, we could be looking at a new 997 0r 998 Turbo weighing around 1320-1350 kg.With all modern safety requirements!!!

    So is getting run over by a garbage truck. :)

    Sorry Grant, just couldn't resist.

    Seriously though, cars change. When one thing does become better than another then we have to change too. For the moment that hasn't happened but I think it will relatively soon.


    Re: So is getting run over by a garbage truck. :)

    Well, I guess I'd prefer an F1 tranny in my Porsche to that option!


    The problem is, that customers who order Tiptronic wouldn't order a F1 system. They love automatic and most customers (which some exceptions) know exactly that Tiptronic is only a nice word for "ordinary automatic tranny". Most Tiptronic drivers I know even never use the buttons on the steering wheel because the automatic works perfect.

    I agree regarding the weight but it would imply a lot of cost to lower weightl. I think we should happy if car manufacturers are able to maintain weight.

    If I am not mistaken,.......

    Porsche designed the "Tiptronic". I would find it very hard for them to use the F1 box in their cars irrespective of how good it eventually gets.

    Right now, IMHO, the F1 box is still a gimmick for road cars unless you are using maximum rev gearchages, which for the track is fine. Also I read a while back in an UK magazine of a comparison between two M3 one manual and one SMG, the gearchanges on the manual and 0-60mph times were faster.

    To be honest nothing beats the satisfaction and feel good factor of a well executed 5th or 4th to 2nd gear, double de-clutch, heel and toe downchange under threshold braking. Thats what driving is about.


    Re: According to zzboba...

    what do you mean by "BMW seems to have learned that lesson..."?

    according to autospies, Rolf Scheibner, M cars product manager, says SMG shifting system will soon be the ONLY tranny on all M cars, including next gen M5. Basically says it's better for engine, clutch and transmission.

    Re: According to zzboba...

    A little birdy told me that BMW is not happy with SMG sales.

    Re: According to zzboba...

    that's why they probably make the SMG the only available tranny... now the SMG sales will BOOST

    [but maybe the car sales won't]

    Re: According to zzboba...

    They have to sell that thing, don't they?
    But it is still an option right now and not a cheap one.

    I didn't like SMG on the E36 and I don't like it on the E46.
    But it is by far more interesting than a simple automatic tranny.

    Re: According to zzboba...


    well I also didn't like the SMG on the E36 but I think the SMGII on the E46 is perfect. It's a lot better than the F1 gearbox that comes with the Ferrari. In fact I'm quite sure that SMGII is shifting gears a lot more precise than most human beings can do. Most people don't even know how to tip-toe ...


    Re: According to zzboba...

    I agree, most people don't know how to tip-toe, and even fewer know how to double de-swing! LOL



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