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    Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    I ordered a C4 Coupe with 18 inch tires and 5mm spacers. I would like to push the rear tires out a bit more by putting on even larger spacers, leaving the 5mm spacers in front. Porsche has 17mm spacers but I believe that 17 is too large and will not work. Does porsche offer spacers in between 5mm and 17mm and if not what is the best alternative. Does anyone know the largest spacer size that will fit this car properly and is there any issue with leaving Porsche 5mm spacers in front and using larger spacers of another brand in the rear.

    Re: Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    try techart

    Re: Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    But spacers change suspension geometry add unsprung weight and another part between wheel and chassis. So not so impressive handling

    Why do it just for looks?

    Re: Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    It's my belief that Porsche's two spacers (that they offer on the 997) do two things:

    17mm spacer -- to get the wheels out nearer the fenders on the C4 models

    5mm spacer -- to get wheels other than the XRR Carrera Sports out nearer the fenders on the C2 models,for the Sport Design, Carrera Classics, and the Carrera S rims.

    Any other spacers will have to come from another producer, and would be purely cosmetic,--but then, we never do ANYTHING on our Porsches that is purely cosmetic...


    Re: Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    I have the same issues
    please post what you finally decide on, and some pics

    Re: Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    Welcome pro2,

    The 17's looked to be a bit too wide so I ordered 5's for my C4s Cab. If they don't work for me, I'll try plan "B" - which probably is the 17's.

    Re: Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    Thanks for the input guys and for your kind welcome Richard. I ordered 18 inch tires because I thought that this was the best set up for me and was concerned about the possibility of a harsh ride with 19's. A friend has a C2S cab and finds the ride a bit jarring. The roads are not great up here. I also care about aesthetics and want to fill out the nice flaired wheel wells on the C4 rear as best I can with 18's. I will let you know which spacers I choose and will post pics. The 5's are probably enough for 19 inch tires but I think my 18's will look better with a larger spacer. It seems that the 17's are too much according to Porsche for this application, so we shall see...

    Re: Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    pro2 said:The roads are not great up here.

    pro2, you're not kidding, the potholes in montreal are like craters!

    Re: Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    This is one thing that i am considering.  I am trying to find 295/35/18 rear winter tyres for my C4 but no help.  michelin is offering tires procured in 2006 and i am even not sure if pirelli sottozero has such dimensions.  SO I may pass to 265/40/18 option but in this case the tyres would dramaticaly not be aligned with the rear fender of the c4.

    What do you guys suggest, would there be a problem to use spacers to extend the tyres to the outer edge, would there be any problems with the driving dynamics, and more over what type of spacer shall i go for a perfect fit of the wheels to fenders 17mm?

    '08 997 C4 sand beige on basalt black

    Re: Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    I've got the 265/40R18 N1 Michelin's already mounted on my 18".

    I don' t see a problem. I don't want the rear tires throwing all of that snow and mud up on the back side of the car, by being way out to line up with the outer feder wall (where a lot of the tire is exposed at the backside).

    94 Golf /// -> 09 997.2 Targa = Keeping it in the family

    Re: Carrera 4 Wheel Spacers

    H&R makes a few different  spacers & longer bolts  for the 997.

    Check out their web site for details.



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