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    Carrera GT


    I just got a call asking for a $50K deposit for a CGT. The dealer has no data on what the car looks like, what is performance is, etc. Is Porsche now accepting deposits??



    Re: Carrera GT

    Hi Roy,

    PAG has been taking deposits since over a year I think. And your dealer called you?... Would that mean they have less potential customers than planned? If Porsche has to be pro-active on selling the GT, something's not right...


    Re: Carrera GT

    If PCNA insider is right and they are producing 2000 GTs, in other words, it would not really be a limited production car really, not compared to the 399 Enzos and 500 SLRs (That's been comfirmed by my friend from MB) then I don't think that all GTs are allocated.
    It's still a Euro 400,000 car
    I can understand Porsche position, it's not about making a limited edition legend, it's about selling as much as possible and by the way, top the competition, which I think it will

    Re: Carrera GT

    Here some news:
    - some of the potential customers will be invited for an official presentation of the GT at the Salon de l'Auto in Geneva (March).
    - the same people will go to Germany (Leipzig?) to see the beast in action around May or June.
    - the car will be delivered with a (removable) hard-top.
    - the rumours mentionning a near mass-production of 2'000 pieces aren't confirmed. Nobody seems to know for sure...
    - nothing official about price, power, etc.

    And I really hope you're right about the C-GT topping its competitors, Fanch!


    Re: Carrera GT

    Here is what has happened to me around the Carrera GT. I made a $50,000 deposit to my dealer in California in April of 2002. The dealer confirmed, in writing, I would receive their first allocated car. Nothing more until two weeks ago when I received a package and letter from PCNA . The package contained a 1/18 scale model of the concept car presented at Paris in 2000. The letter invited me to a special presentation of the Carrera GT on March 10 at the Geneva Show and a special customer driving event in Leipzig, on a date to be determined. A return card was enclosed. I will not attend the special presentation on the 10th of March as I will be attending the Press Days on the 4th and 5th of March. I signed up for the driving event. Yesterday I received a copy of a PCNA form the dealer had sent to PCNA with a $50,000 deposit, confirming my allocation for a car. The form is at home, so I may be a bit off on the number. The form said, with lots of disclaimers, the present intention is to have 573 cars for U.S. delivery over the production cycle. The dealer said more information will be coming, probably in the next two weeks. Very exciting

    Re: Carrera GT

    Congrats, Larry. Just can't wait to hear a driving report (with some pics maybe? ) from you. I hope the weather will be OK during the event in Leipzig, the track there is very nice and some parts of it are copies of famous track parts from allover the world.

    Regarding production numbers: I also heard a rumor that Porsche plans "up to" 2000 Carrera GT but I'm not sure this means that they really build that much. I'm also curious to see if the rumor about the 600 +HP power is accurate.

    Re: Carrera GT


    lookin' forward

    Re: Carrera GT

    Congrats Larry,

    Meanwhile if you can't make it for special presentation I don't mind representing you , think about it .

    Re: Carrera GT

    Thanks everyone. The correct number of units that PCNA is using in their allocation of units to the dealers is 537, not the 573, I sent earlier. I'll keep you posted as the process unfolds.

    Re: Carrera GT

    Congrats Larry,
    This is amazing for you!!!
    Please post impressions!

    Re: Carrera GT

    Geez, sometimes I really envy you guys. That special presentation would have to be the most awesome adventure ever. And that would be for someone who doesn't even have a chance at getting the car. I can only imagine what it would be like to go and see your "new baby" run hot laps around the new Leipzig property. WOW! And then get invited to go along for the ride. I remember when I took the Porsche tour back in the summer of 2001. It was my first and only. Kinda like a religious experience! That was the most incredible car experience I have ever had. WOW! Congrats Larry B. I hope I get the chance to experience what you will get to once in my lifetime.

    Oh, for those of us who can't go. There is something just as good IMHO. On the Porsche Travel Club website there is a Porsche Experience trip. In a nutshell it emcompasses a Factory Tour of both Stuttgart and Leipzig, rides in all the new Porsches, etc. In other words, the works. Too bad I can not take time off to do it. Maybe next year they will also have something for the C-GT for us have nots!

    Anyway this is off topic but my girlfriend and I have both put down deposits for a VW New Beetle Convertible 1.8T GLX (her) and a VW Golf R32 (me). I am terribly excited. She has always wanted a convertible and I have always wanted a six cylinder and all wheel drive. Maybe one day that car will have a Porsche badge on it rather than a VW one. Wish me luck and if anyone is interested I can post a report with pictures of both cars when they come in. Please let me know.

    Re: Carrera GT

    Congrats on the R32, it is the beast of hot hatches!!!
    A worthey successor to the much loved VR6!

    Re: Carrera GT

    you are kidding!? r32 is something slowly. 0-60 mph in 7 seconds and no oversteer. I can not believe that you will have lot of fun with it...the regular v6 would be the better choice, it's quite the same...

    a car with 241 hp and it has no acceleration, and exaggerated seats. for small sporty car take an audi s3 or a mini cooper s. it has lot more style, and it's not so boring to drive...

    Hot Hatches

    I have not driven the R32, I got infos from mags only, the Brits seem to prefer the Focus RS, but the French love the R32.
    Oh well, haven't driven the Mini Cooper S either, so can't really criticise,

    Re: Carrera GT


    0-60 mph in 7 seconds. Where did you get that from. All the big UK magazines (CAR, EVO, and Top Gear) are getting 0-60 mph in the mid to low 6s. DSG equipped cars are supposed to be 0.2 seconds faster than that. One German car magazine got a time of 6 sec flat! Not bad for a porker, hugh! Anyway, I am not buying the car for the stop light drag. It will be my primary car which will provide me with all season peformance, quality, comfort, safety, security, and practicality. There will be no car in its price range in the US that will be able to match it. I do not consider the WRX or EVO a competitor for they are geared towards a different audience. And just to make you R32 bashers out there mad, Top Gear (with Jeremy Clarkson behind the wheel) lapped the Top Gear test track (Thruxton - UK?) 1 sec slower than the Focus RS and 3 seconds faster than the NEW WRX (non STi version)!! Not bad for such a SLOW car. By the way, it will top out at 153 mph. FOR A HATCHBACK! That is gonna be so insane. To me the R32 is the old S3 done right.

    Oh, the new S3 (next generation) will be identical to the R32 except it will have 280 BHP, bigger brakes, better styling, and better dynamics (so the rumor mill says). Of course, it will be very expensive so I guess you could call the R32 a bargain S3. Something to think about.

    Re: Carrera GT

    Hey Robbie,
    Have you thought about the Focus RS or the Alfa 147GTA, ok, they're not 4WD but according to mags, more "fun" to drive, I personnally love the looks ot the Alfa
    The R32 looks a bit too much bobybuilded IMO.

    Re: Carrera GT

    I don't think that the r32 is a stupid choice. I just mean that it's not as fast as I thought before I saw the test in sport auto magazine from germany. they tested the r32 on track and wrote down that it has 7.1 seconds from 0-100 kph (7s 0-60mph). and they also wrote that it's not "r" like, only like a golf 32 not an r32. that means to me, it's an interesting but not a surprising car, no emotions, just reasonable.
    I have also to add that I never drove the r32 only the v6 and it had always understeer, and they wrote in the mag. that r32 has also understeer and understeer.
    If you use this car to go for shopping some food (parking in front of a wallmart, it's perfect and has a lot of understatement and it's even better than all the other american substitutes...

    Re: Carrera GT

    I'll post on the Porsche board, but here's a new press release from Porsche:

    Press Release Source: Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

    Porsche Carrera GT Makes World Debut in Geneva
    Tuesday February 4, 10:19 am ET
    Unveiled in Paris as a Concept in 2000, the German Automaker's Production Version Carries Pure Racing Genes and Showcases Future Porsche Technology

    ATLANTA, Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Stuttgart, Germany-based Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG will unveil its V10-powered Carrera GT high-performance roadster in March at the Geneva International Motor Show. With more than 600 horsepower and racing-inspired technology, Porsche's top-of-the-line sports car delivers pure performance.

    The Carrera GT has a pure racing engine. Its 10-cylinder powerplant with dry-sump lubrication is based on Porsche's 5.5-liter V10 naturally aspirated engine developed especially for racing. For production, technicians at the Development Center in Weissach, Germany, have increased the displacement to 5.7 liters. Maximum output is 612 horsepower (DIN*) at 8,000 rpm, with peak torque rated at 437 pound-feet. The Carrera GT has a top test-track speed of 205 miles per hour (330 k/h) and accelerates from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.9 seconds. Its specially developed six-speed manual gearbox allows it to go from zero to 124 mph (200 km/h) in 9.9 seconds.

    The specifications demanded a consistent lightweight construction and sports car dimensions. With a length of 15.12 feet (4.61 meters), a width of 6.3 feet (1.92 meters), a height of 3.81 feet (1.16 meters) and a wheelbase of 8.96 feet (2.73 meters), the roadster weighs 3,042 pounds (1,380 kilograms).

    Porsche developed a new construction concept for road and racing vehicles. The Carrera GT's monocoque and entire sub-frame are made of carbon-fiber- reinforced plastic (CFRP), and Porsche has applied to patent this technology. Carbon is the only material that, after complex processing, can meet the requirements needed to combine top-class driving performance and driving dynamics with minimum weight at maximum rigidity.

    With attainable speeds of more than 186 mph (300 km/h), aerodynamics plays a crucial role. To achieve as high output co-efficients as possible (so- called "downforce"), the Carrera GT has an underbody geometry that can only be found in similar form in pure racing sports cars. The underbody is completely cased in carbon fiber and provides an additional suction effect thanks to its rear diffusor and flow channels.

    The Carrera GT also features the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) system. Porsche has supplied this component since 2001 and is the first manufacturer to include it in a mass-produced vehicle (the 911 Carrera GT2). A global innovation -- the PCCC (Porsche Ceramic Composite Clutch) -- transmits power to the drivetrain.

    The Carrera GT's extremely light magnesium wheels are produced with a special forging process and are offered for the first time on a mass-produced vehicle. The tires were specially developed for the Carrera GT (265/35 ZR 19 in the front, and 335/30 ZR 20 in the rear).

    The new Porsche roadster possesses a simple-operation roof system. It consists of two individual carbon fiber lightweight shells, each weighing only 5.3 pounds (2.4 kilograms). These shells can be stored in the front luggage compartment.

    The first Carrera GT models produced at the Porsche plant in Leipzig, Germany, will be delivered to customers at the end of 2003.

    Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), based in Atlanta, Ga., and its subsidiary, Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd., are the exclusive importers of Porsche vehicles for the United States and Canada. A wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG, PCNA employs approximately 200 people who provide Porsche vehicles, parts, marketing and training for its 203 U.S. and Canadian dealers. They, in turn, provide Porsche owners with best- in-class service.

    Source: Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

    Cool Thanks, NT

    Please check the NEWS section too, guys... find there the official press announcement and pictures!

    Re: Carrera GT

    Hey fanch and partyboy!

    I wish I could consider the Focus RS or the Alfa 147GTA but those vehicles are not offered in the US. Ford only sells the Focus in the US to keep its overall fleet gas mileage down. It counters all those SUVs they sell. It is not a priority for Ford here in the US because the US does not like hatchbacks. They are considered cheap and are therefore not prestigious. That is a shame for I envy my Europeans friends...all those awesome hot hatches!!! And it will get even better for you! New Golf and A3 coming soon! Check out the press release for the new A3:

    Me like!!! Unfortunately, it is going to be much more expensive than the R32. The hatchback is making a comeback here and I hope the R32 creates a revolution! We want more hot hatches!!

    Alfa will be back in the US though. But that is still a good two or so years away. I always have found Italian styling sexy!!

    No offense partyboy on the R32 remarks. I know it may not be the best choice and there may be more higher performance American choices but I have always wanted a four wheel drive super hatch! Ever since the old S3 came out I have been itching to get one. I have a Ford Mustang Cobra and it will run with the best of them. I have clocked 0-60 in about 5 seconds flat with out really abusing it. Now that is fast but throw a corner at the car and it just plows and if you hit the gas in the middle of the corner all I can say is hold on! Snap oversteer. I am tired of driving white knuckled all the time. It is dangerous especially in wet weather which is abundant here. I am also tired of the cheap build quality. Just about ever body panel in the car sings a tune depending on road surface quality. I want the R32 plain and simple. It is perfect for me. It may understeer but the limits are still high enough to have fun with the car. Top Gear (Jeremy Clarkson) said the car may understeer on the limit but those limits are very high and the car just grips and grips. And it is also a value thing for me as well. In the US, for the price, the Golf R32 offers standard equipment and performance that you will not find on other similarly priced vehicles here in the US. Konig sports seats, Rain Sensor, power everything, sunroof, Automatic Climate Control, heated seats, 8 speaker stereo w/ 6 CD Changer, 18 inch wheels, all wheel drive, sport suspension, big brakes, unique but understated styling, leather and aluminum interior, great engine sound, and Xenon lights!! WOW! And all for just $28,800 USD!!! That is incredible!

    Anyway, check out that press release on the Carrera GT! That is great news!!! I can not wait to see the real thing! Finally!!!!



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