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    gt3 track times?

    The first GT3 circled the ring in 7:56 while the new one took 7:54. Why is there only a 2 second difference? Am I correct that Walter Rohrl set the 7:56 time and it was hard for others to reproduce that time? Also, wasn't the new record set by someone else? (please correct me if I am wrong) So did it come down to the driver? Walter + mk1 gt3 = 7:56, while another good but not as skillful driver + mk2 gt3 = 7:54?

    I ask because it seems that the power increase alone should get more than 2 seconds. I remember reading an article about the GT2 lap record. The journalist, hearing about the new brakes and foolishly thinking that horsepower was too obvious an answer, asked rohrl if the GT2's brakes helped it get the better time than the first GT3. Rohrl's simple response was that is was the power. The new GT3 is no GT2 in a straight line, but it's much quicker than the old GT3.

    Re: gt3 track times?


    The Mk2 7:54 time was done by driver Horst Von Saurma from Sport Auto Mag. Even though Rohl is a pro and Porsche's test pilot, Saurma is very experienced in testing Porsche's and also very familiarised with the ring, so Rolh may be faster but not by much, only 1 or 2 seconds at the most than Saurma IMO, also there is just not that much room left for improvement, 2 seconds faster than the mk1 for the mk2 is a lot already.

    As to the effect of HP on ring lap times, power is a very important factor in lap times at the ring as oposed to other slower tracks since the ring has very long top speed straights and high speed curves so you achieve very high average speeds. Therefore the HP of the car is very important to overcome the drag at those speeds in the acceleration out of the curves and top speeds (drag= frontal surface area x Cd x velocity squared) and if you lack HP you will be very handicapped in the overall time no matter how fast the car is through the curve. The brakes are also important but the GT3's brakes are already more than excellent so the GT2's PCCB's are not going to be a noticeable advantage if at all, compared to HP.

    Re: gt3 track times?

    The 7:54 time for the GT3 Mk 2 shall be compared with 8:03 for the Mk 1 with the same driver, Horst von Saurma from Sportauto. It is measured over a slightly shorter distance than a complete lap, which Rörhl's record was. This 9 seconds is a great improvement.

    Best regards,

    Re: gt3 track times?


    just read the supertest in Sport Auto where von Saurma puts in a time of 7,46 ??? with the GT3 RS. Even though the time is good I was somewhat disapointed as the tires of the RS should account for at least such a difference versus a stock GT3 ??

    I used to race my Caterham seven on short tracks in Norway (app 1-1,10 minutes per lap) and the gain in using R compound rubber was claimed to give an advantage of up to 2 secks per lap.

    On a track as long as the ring, why is the advantage of the RS not bigger, considering compound, weight etc ??



    Re: gt3 track times?

    Carlos and Ulf are expert here, but I recall our previous discussions that R tyres are good for 8 to 10 sec.s at the Ring.

    Imagine a GT2 at 7.36. Rohrl is quoted in Excellence as saying the 7.46 was w/o setup and not his best lap [altho' with all the publicity that time has gotten, i don't believe him as it would be poor marketing to leave time on the table]

    Re: gt3 track times?

    I don't think the Pirelli Corsa System R-tyres give 8-10 seconds advantage on the Ring. They have a very open tread, which not will produce the same grip as the normal Corsa ones. Some other reason for the only 7 seconds faster time is that every second is difficult to gain at the high average speed on the Ring. The power of the two cars is equal, the ram air effect is not noticible att lower speeds. The weight advantage is of course important.

    Von Saurma often have just one or two laps to make the timed lap, he is human and can make a lap with some bad parts.

    I think that the GT3 RS equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres and von Saurma making a good lap will give some extra seconds.

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