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    [DESIGN STUDY] Smaller Pagani Zonda - I need your feedback!


    Since you all know Pagani is moving to brand new factory. The new facility in Modena, Italy, the heartland of supercar country, will be three times larger than the existing factory. 
    According to that fact, I was thinking that Pagani should offer more than one model to their customers. My idea was to make design study on Pagani entry level model. 
    Since I am big fan of Pagani Zonda that is officially out of production, I would like to keep that amazing design through smaller model than Zonda, but refreshed with some details from Huyara.
    So, I am asking for your feedback - what do you think about introducing Pagani entry level model; what type of engine should have; 
    how much smaller should be compared to Zonda; what elements should be improved over Zonda; and finally what price should be for that kind of car. 
    Any kind of feedback/comment will be much appreciated :)



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    Re: [DESIGN STUDY] Smaller Pagani Zonda - I need your feedback!

    My feedback:

    - Dimensions on par with the other entry level supercars (458, MP, Gallardo/R8)

    - Improved interior design. Zonda/Huayra look too "steam punk" on the inside and have questionable aesthetic tastes.

    - As this will be entry level model, not everything has to be hand turned and custom designed. Parts bin pieces from other manufacturers can be used. The most obvious partner for this would be MB since Pagani and MB already have a relationship

    - Mid-Engine / Sequential or DCT Transmission

    - V10 or V8 forced induction. The SLS engine with it purposely design overrun and backpressure popping would fit the character of a Pagani vehicle. If not, then the Gallardo's V10 

    - Body doesn't need to be all Carbon-Titanium Fiber like the Zonda/Huayra.

    - Want to go wild, take a stab at doing a center driving position a la McLaren F1. It'll be the only car in the class offering this.

    - Price Target: $250,000-$300,000

    Re: [DESIGN STUDY] Smaller Pagani Zonda - I need your feedback!

    Good ideas, I will write down all your prepositions.


    engine must be delivered only by AMG;

    I must really carefully consider center driving position

    Price should be around $500K IMHO, since Pagani is using superb quality parts in their cars + attention to details is on highest level & this entry-level car should keep Pagani`s standards.



    All my automotive & motorcycle renders in full resolution:
    My renders are free for using & sharing, as long as my credits are untouched.

    Re: [DESIGN STUDY] Smaller Pagani Zonda - I need your feedback!

    At the $500k price point I would expect the body and chasis to be carbon/ti, the engine to be bespoke or possibly a tuned version of the SLS AMG V8, and the interior to be a slightly toned down version of the Huayra (ie no parts bin items). If you were to drop the price to <$300k, I could see more parts sharing and possibly and aluminum body on a CF frame. Either way, Pagani will produce a winner.

    Re: [DESIGN STUDY] Smaller Pagani Zonda - I need your feedback!

    Well, with a half million dollar price target - the opens the doors to much more liberal use of exotic materials throughout and custom pieces.

    But the idea of an entry level (for me) has always been a car with a price point that is competitive with other cars of its class yet still walks people into the brand. (Continental GTC, V8 Vantage, F California, etc. etc.)

    At half a million, you're competing with top-tier supercars from 99% of the manufacturers of both high and low volume cars.

    Re: [DESIGN STUDY] Smaller Pagani Zonda - I need your feedback!

    I do think that 500k is a good benchmark - as it is "slightly" above a well specced Aventador & F12 for example. Technically - and this is the trend - new supercars will have smaller displacement but Turbocharged - so I would rather vote for a small displacement V8 with tripple Turbos and a flat torque curve - together with 1200 kgs target or so - and since ECO-friendly (unfortunately even in high end Sportscars) is trendy  it would be a cool if you could switch off 4 cylinders just to show off low emissions (not that I would push that button in a Pagani indecision)  I would also retain the basic Zonda design as it has grown on many peoples taste. However, I think low volume should be retained to keep the "limited" status alive. I dunno if you can produce a full carbon car for 500k on their standarts but unless AMG buys into Pagani I would think it's rather hard for Horacio to be profitable on such a model.

    Re: [DESIGN STUDY] Smaller Pagani Zonda - I need your feedback!

    I'm no market expert here, but I would avoid using the phrase "entry level" at all if you are considering an offer to be priced much above even $100K.  To me, that phrase carries plague-like connotations in the upper stratosphere, where Pagani currently soars.

    I, myself, am smitten with the Zonda, and would love to see it live on in some form, for personal, idealistic reasons, for the sake of the general sportscar market, and for Pagani in particular as well.  Of course I don't own one myself, otherwise my feelings would be quite the opposite!  I think your idea is spectacular.

    Another concept to consider would be selling or licensing the platform to another (lesser) marque (similar to what Nobel has done in the past), though that would probably not fit well in the price range you have mentioned, and it probably wouldn't capitalize on the larger facility either unless the producer were a subsidiary.  Not really a suggestion here, just a stray thought.  But if your going to use the phrase (or focus on the concept) of "entry level," I think that would be a safer bet.



    Re: [DESIGN STUDY] Smaller Pagani Zonda - I need your feedback!


    Guys, thank you for very detailed answers on my topic. I`ve made bunch of raw skecthes and now I am in processes of choosing one that I will finish.
    After researching history & models of Pagani, reading your opinions, I`ve made some conclusions that will affect my sketch:
    - Pagani philosphy is based on developing cars that are in first place suited for race track
    - All Pagani models should have well known shape that can be found in Group C race cars, more closely in Mercedes C11
    - New model should partly introduce modern lines & some elements from Group C cars that wasn't seen on Pagani models before
    - Engine should be delivered from AMG, good solution could be tuned 6.2 L / V8 engine from SLS AMG
    - This model should be available for sale in all markets
    - Since Huayra is about $1,150,000, this model could be around $800,000
    Most of you know that Pagani celebrates 100 years from the birth of Juan Manuel Fangio. I will release sketch of special Pagani Zonda 1of1 that will be named Fangio F1 in honor of Fangio that was developing Zonda together with Horacio. Since he was involved in making first model of Pagani, this edition will mark end of Zonda production - after Fangio F1, ordering Zonda should not be possible. That car should present highlight in development of Zonda & should be placed in Pagani museum.
    If anyone knows more about winds in Latin America, please share some names that could be suitable for Pagani.



    All my automotive & motorcycle renders in full resolution:
    My renders are free for using & sharing, as long as my credits are untouched.



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