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    Yes again. The next gen. 911

    - Spy-picture: Next generation Carrera Cabrio
    - New engine, but still 6-cyl. flat
    - 335 bhp
    - Next Coupe in 2005
    - Next Cabrio in 2006

    YOU MIGHT THINK this is a prototype of the current 911 Cabrio, it is actually not: In fact, this is a first prototype of the future Porsche 911 Carrera Cabrio.

    Under the cleverly disguised body, the prototype carries the complete new mechanics including new engines and new chassis. If you study the pictures closely you'll recognize the hoods placed over the front and rear wings, disguising the true shape of the new car.

    However, yet today it is clearly visible that the next generation 911 will get circular headlamps while flashers and fog lights will be mounted in the bumper rather than built into the headlight units. After strong critics for the shape of the headlights of the current 911, Porsche is returning to the conventional, typical 911 face for the new model.

    Like their predecessors, 911 and Boxster are developed in combination and will again share major components, although the design will feature much more distinguishing marks compared to the two current models - the close relationship of which was regarded as a big mistake in the beginning of the era of the Boxster.

    . Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
    . Next generation
    . Spy picture and computer generated image
    . By Auto Media
    . 3.6-litre 6-cyl. boxer engine
    . 335 bhp
    . Debut: As Coupé: 2005
    . As Cabriolet: 2006


    335 bhp in the normally aspirated engine

    THE NEW 911 Carrera will be yet another evolutionary step in the development of the original design of the 911 with all design-elements being interpretations of the known theme: headlights, roof-line, rear wings and rear side windows clearly define the new coupe as a true successor of the current 911, but much more of the 911s built before today's generation.

    Power will continue to come from a 3.6-litre 6-cylinder Boxer in the rear, then delivering around 335 HP in the normally aspirated Carrera and some 440 HP in the Turbo. The 911 Cabrio will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show in 2006, one year after the coupé which is to debut at the 2005 Frankfurt Show.

    Re: Yes again. The next gen. 911

    Automedia is wrong,
    The common parts between the 996 and the 986 were not a mistake at all!!!!
    Disappointing for 996 owners ok, but if it wasn't for that, Porsche would not be an independant car company today, they really were in terrible shape in the early 90s and common devlpt between 996 and 986 helped reduce devlpt costs a lot
    Now that the company's healthy again, it is time to differentiate them a bit more, but like Ron's article mentinned, it makes sense that they still share some parts.
    I agree with RC too, The Boxster should become a competely different moddel with different philosophy, they have to work in the image on the car and give it as much power as the 996 (just like SLK32 vs SL500)
    Thanks for the article Ron,
    PS: The power increase is IMO not enough, competition has caught up, wake up Porsche!!!

    Re: Same car (996) we saw last fall (only cab)

    This is the same modified (camouflaged) 996 we saw last fall in "spy pics"......only this one is the cab version.

    I may have missed something here but, early-on, the 997 was understood to (eventually) have significant changes.....this is just a 'refreshed 996'.
    Now, the only question (IMHO) is, when would AG give us a 'refreshed' 1st thought (and it's been said here before) wouldn't it be surprising for them to alter the 996 this fall (2004MY) when Turbo cab & GT3 are about to come out w/current body?..........on the other hand, we've been seeing these pics for the last 6 months and the same test mules (w/959-993-like headlamps & body tweeks) were around Weissach this last summer.

    Why would they have mules like that if they weren't going to build that car (a tweeked 996) for another 2 yrs?.......then again, why not, they've got time on their hands, they're done designing trucks for awhile, and the race program is way out there, yada, yada :smirk: ..........shoot, this is all just speculation.



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