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    Cayenne Future

    Hi all .... I'm new here

    I have a some news about the cayenne future ...
    The next cayenne model will be a Cayenne Targa.
    I read this in a German magazine called auto bild will look like the Cayenne S but will have a roof just like the 911.
    I don't really know when it will be on sale or if it ever will be.


    Re: are you from hong kong?

    Nice picture of your GT3.


    Welcome to

    Thanks for the "news" but would you please check our archives before posting?

    Check out: Cayenne Targa

    What RC is trying to say

    What RC is trying to say without being obvious is that Auto Bild often comes to get their news.


    Re: What RC is trying to say

    RC I think its nicer to tell members reading their archives in an personal and privat post
    Its not the good way to do this public.
    Kr!zZ trying to be a positif new member to this forum
    This way you scar member away
    When you did this to me a few weeks ago I felt offended
    Since then I never posted again.

    Re: What RC is trying to say

    Take it easy guys!!!
    Dedam, you know I am not a Cayenne lover but I envy you nonetheless, it's always great to wait for a new car!!!
    One thing that surprised me actually yesterday when I went to my P-dealer is the crowd!!!
    It is usually always fairly quiet, and it was full, but check this out, it was full of different kind of clients:
    Porsche has got it right I must say in terms of marketing.
    It was funny you had the parents and the kids (two families were there)
    And the husband trying to convince the wife this was the ideal family car!!! (I overheard)
    Porsche sales are gonna go bust IMO!!!
    Which is not a bad thing at all!
    I'm still not convinced but the interior plastics though and I also think that the X5 and especially future Maserati Kubang look better.
    PS: My dealer sales one Cayenne a day at the moment
    Since the Salon de Paris; he has sold 60!!! Waiting list is now one year! Well done Porsche!!!

    Re: What RC is trying to say

    This is a private forum. Everybody who respects the forum rules is welcomed. As everywhere in life, there have to be certain rules. We don't censor opinions, if somebody has something to say, he can say it. Only condition: no personal attacks.

    I'm sorry you felt offended. But if you check most internet forums, especially professional ones, you'll see that rule NUMBER ONE is (before asking questions)...checking the archives. This is to avoid double posts and confusion.

    And as always in life: the tone makes the music. I just adapted to Kr!zZ's sensational (not to say "childish") posting style, nothing more, nothing less.

    I guess the Forum Admin has also some words on this matter.


    Before Kr!zZ started to be a registered User, he contacted us and made a complaint that he can't register with his Hotmail mail address. We kindly asked him to use a different (valid) address and he replied that he is only 16 years old and his parents do not agree that he uses their e-mail address to register on an internet forum.
    He also insisted that he has some sensational and never before seen 997 pictures and that he wants to share them with the rest of the community.

    Checking the archives before posting something sensational is a common unwritten rule on internet forums.

    And to end this discussion: everybody who joined agreed to the forum rules.
    And one rule says:
    In reply to:
    If the Admin (Board Manager), the Editor-in-Chief or one of the Forum specific Moderators asks to stop particular Subjects/threads in the Forums - we are not impinging on your "Freedom of Speech" - so please do not start with this silly excuse as your "right" to post "anything you feel like" to the Forums !

    Let's go back to talking about cars. Thank you.



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