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    987 PCM/NAV question (looking for NAV voice volume menu)

    In my 987 Boxster's PCM/NAV system I "lost" the menu where one can set the volume of the NAV voice, choose the gender etc. Somehow I managed to tune the voice level down to a point where it is now merely whispering the instructions into my ear; definitely too faint to be understandable even though the instrument panel display helps. I know this menu exists somewhere but simply cannot find it anymore.

    Looking through all the documentation I got, I can't find anything describing the NAV system settings in detail, only referrals to some extra documentation which I don't seem to have. Maybe I'm just really blind and am missing the obvious, in which case I would be dying from shame for putting the question up on this board and pestering the community.

    I wondered if anyone with the same/similar generation NAV system could kindly point me to the above mentioned menu? Thanks much.

    Re: 987 PCM/NAV question (looking for NAV voice volume menu)

    When in Navigation mode press "set" and then you get the various options you are looking for. You can set the voice to be a preset difference to the radio / CD volume or you can have the volume set independently of the stereo (fixed). In fixed, which it sounds like you've got it on, you can adjust the volume whilst the nav is giving instructions. This doesn't affect the stereo volume. I tend to use this as I don't listen to the stereo that much. The radio is then quiet but volume automatically turns up with any traffic announcements. I'm saying all this from memory because I don't use the car as a daily drive, but I think that will point you in the right direction.

    Re: 987 PCM/NAV question (looking for NAV voice volume menu)

    Thanks Dreamcar. I bet that's exactly what happened (turned volume down while NAV voice was active) and I'll play with the settings some more after work today.

    Re: 987 PCM/NAV question (looking for NAV voice volume menu)

    It took me a while to suss it out. I found the handbook unhelpful, but it is not without foundation that all who know me call me an IT dinosaur.



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