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    Tar stains on rear arch plastic cover

    I have been giving the car the once over this morning to return it into gleaming condition.

    Although it is pretty cold in the UK I seem to have picked up quite a few tar stains along the sides of the car and all over the protective plastic seals on the rear arches. I have successfully removed these off the paintwork using polish but don't seem able to shift them from the plastic!

    I have tried all the following:

    1. Petrol
    2. Polish
    3. T-cut
    4. Turtle wax tar and sap remover
    5. Alloy wheel cleaner!

    Any ideas on what might work? I would be very grateful

    Re: Tar stains on rear arch plastic cover

    You won't believe me if I tell you to apply some olive oil and scrub gently the stains with your fingers or a cotton handkerchief, but it worked very well for me. You could also replace the olive oil by "savon de Marseille" if you can find some in the UK. Just apply a bit of it, wait for 2-3 min, scrub a bit more and wash. This solution works also very well. I like both of them because I don't make use of any polish, petrol, petrol derivatives products or abrasives...
    Besides, I don't have to spend money for products which can be harmful.

    Re: Tar stains on rear arch plastic cover

    Hot soapy water
    If that doesnt work maybe you have to ask if it really is tar,could it be black paint

    Re: Tar stains on rear arch plastic cover

    I like the olive oil idea.

    Sun tan oil takes off oil-spill tar from my kid's skin when at the beach. Try some on your car.

    Re: Tar stains on rear arch plastic cover

    How cold is it when you're working on this?? You may have better luck with your Turtle Wax tar remover if you heat up the spots with a hair dryer before you apply the solvent. Try to soften it up a bit, it's probably just adhering to the more porous plastic more stubbornly than it did the paint.

    Re: Tar stains on rear arch plastic cover


    Try WD40 and gently wipe, it removes pretty much anything and if it is tar it will easily come off (old bikers trick). Follow up with a good soapy wash and rinse. Let us know how you get on.

    Re: Tar stains on rear arch plastic cover

    I agree with the WD40, You may have to let it soak for a little while, But it works great. I would never use gas on my finish.

    Re: Tar stains on rear arch plastic cover

    Thanks for all the tips. Have tried warming the plastic up with a hair dryer and applying all of the suggested potions. Unfortunately nothing has shifted the marks. I am sure it is tar rather than paint as the top of each area lifted leaving a brown stain underneath.

    I have spoken to the Porsche service manager who suggested the protectors could be stained and may need to be replaced (at my expense!)

    Before tackling this further with Porsche, does anyone know what the plastic protectors are made of (3M)? Are there any guarantees on them for this type of problem?

    Re: Tar stains on rear arch plastic cover

    They may well be stained, and it may well be something more more aggressive than just "tar". You have no way of knowing what kind of "goo" dropped out from under or on a truck, or that may have been used as a membrane or sealer in a construction effort. You may be screwed. Yes, it's a 3M material, and it's not exactly reasonable for them to warrant it against every potential "mystery" substance known to man that might be splattered across a highway. Sometimes sh** happens. You didn't hit a deer, or smack a blown truck tire tread in the middle of the road. You got "slimed"!



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