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    Rev limiter and tip

    Now that I finally finished breaking in my car I came across something that doesn't seem right. In first gear if I floor it, it will hit the rev limiter before shifting. This is in non-sport mode with psm left on. I've had 2 other porsches with tips and never had this happen. Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

    Re: Rev limiter and tip

    Did you had the sport chrono option???

    And if equiped did you had it activates in SPORT function??

    This could change the TIP management profile...

    One new feature in 997 was (correct me if i m wrong) the attitude of the TIP at high revs and at the rev limiter, thus engaging this characteristic to use maximum of revs when wanting...

    Did you notice that in other gears also?

    Re: Rev limiter and tip

    Just happens in first. I could be wrong, but I thought it was just when it was in sport mode and psm turned off that it let you hit the rev limiter.

    Re: Rev limiter and tip

    The transmission adapts to your driving style even in non sport mode so it's holding onto first thinking that you are wanting to plant your foot right down based on your prior driving style. This is the only reason I can suggest it may be doing it. One way to check is by switching the car off, then flooring it again and seeing if it redlines on your first take off (therefore not adapting to any previous driving style). I hope I make sense here!. I get this sometimes too with Sport Chrono off. Hope this helps..

    Re: Rev limiter and tip

    Played around with it tonight and figured out how to reproduce it.

    1) Accelerate to 18 mph slowly.
    2) Floor it and keep it floored
    3) It blows past the redline to 7400 rpm, hits the limiter which cuts the gas.
    4) Then shifts to 2nd.

    It doesn't do it if I accelerate quickly from a stop.

    Now that I can reliably reproduce it and I'll take it to the dealer and get the service manager to take a look. Does hitting the rev limiter do damage?

    Re: Rev limiter and tip

    no hitting the rev limiter when the car is "warmed-up" does no damage, thats the purpose of the rev limiter...

    Remember though:

    There is no rev limiter in downshifts(dunno what happens with Tip's) i think there is an electronic function to prevent this in tips. Otherwise you can blow the engine..

    What makes me thinking that the 997 has the rev limiter before 7400 rpm...!



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