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    Dauer EB 110

    BUGATTI EB110 IS back on the track. The German Dauer Automobile company took over the Bugatti brand and rights in 1999 and is now presenting the Dauer EB 110 SS - the legendary car's back.

    The Dauer EB110 is more than just a copy. The body is now made of carbon fibre, newly developed with much know-how and extensive tests reduced the empty weight of the vehicle important. As the transmission - still 4-wheel drive but developed to perfection.

    The 12-cylinder engine equipped with 4 exhaust gas turbochargers and developing 645 HP accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.35 seconds and reaches a top speed of 351 km/h at full load - this its the thrill of driving at the highest level.

    645 bhp. Only three others are more powerful.

    Re: Dauer EB 110

    Why do ppl act like it soo amazign to see hp #'s like that, i mean damn thats easy for god sakes its a Quad turbo V-12, Now what would be an achievement (and be much lighter) A twin Turbo inline 4, Which can reach those hp #'s if made, and tuned properly, DOHC, Performance Cams, Ported head, 850cc injectors, Performance engineered Intake Plenum, 4.0 core size Dual side mount Water injected Intercoolers, With two HKS T51R Kia turbos, or top line Garrett turbos, running abou 24 PSI, With all this done on the Honda S2000 Engine block. 645 hp would be like making cookies for that engine. When i see Quad Turbo V-12 i expect to see hp #'s of well over the 1000hp mark.

    Re: Dauer EB 110

    I have to confess that I'm confused. I always thought that the Bugatti brand/name is owned by Volkswagen right now?

    Re: Dauer EB 110

    In reply to:
    Why do ppl act like it soo amazign to see hp #'s like that ...

    Drive a S2000 with 645 HP over here in Germany on the Autobahn and you can kiss it's engine good-bye after a few minutes. Power is not everything, the whole concept counts.

    Most high power tuned cars from the US would be completely illegal over here in Germany. Reason: safety.
    You have to be able to drive a car at 200 mph for several minutes without a blown engine or blown tires.

    That makes the Porsche Turbo engines that special: the 964/993/996 turbo engines are made of exceptional quality, not to speak about the whole package. I already saw 911 Turbos with over 700 HP driving around over here completely legal. No such thing with the 944 Turbo or even so called "rice burners".

    I remember that I met a Toyota Supra Turbo tuned to over 400 HP a year or so ago. 400 HP are not much for the Supra (I know guys in the US driving almost 1000 HP on the Supra ) but this car was street legal over here.
    I talked to the owner for almost half an hour and he told me that 400 HP is almost too much regarding reliability/safety for Autobahn driving. He told me stories about blown turbo chargers, blown tires and other horror things and he also mentioned a japanese driver who came with his own Nissan Skyline with almost 800 HP to the Nuerburgring Nordschleife and went back home with a wreck.

    Power is not everything but the whole concept has to be right. I'm not fascinated by cars tuned to 1000 HP but by cars who have 600 HP and you can use them daily at top speed without having to worry about safety and reliability.

    Re: Dauer EB 110

    Well i wasn't thinking it regards to autobahn driving, i see what u mean. I was just saying that froma quad turbo v-12 i would expect to see higher hp, and your right as a production car much more than 800hp is not reliable. Don't get me wrong i have great respect for high class supercars. I just prefer the cheaper more Interactive way, of getting a not so expensive car, and doing the work yourself to raise it to that kind of performance level. Probobly just cuz i'm poor, lol

    Re: Dauer EB 110

    As far as I know Dauer only purchased some chassis and some machines that were used to manufacture parts of the EB110, he has absolutely no right on the Bugatti name, in fact his EB 110s are called Dauers.

    Re: Dauer EB 110

    In reply to:
    I just prefer the cheaper more Interactive way, of getting a not so expensive car, and doing the work yourself to raise it to that kind of performance level. Probobly just cuz i'm poor, lol

    You shouldn't think that everybody owning a super sports car is rich. And I understand you very very well: I owned a Lancia Delta HF Intergrale many many years ago. I'm not sure if that car says something to you but over here in Europe, the Lancia Integrale was some kind of "poor man's super sports car". The stock versions had something around 180-215 HP but you could easily push them to 260-300 HP and they didn't weight more than 1250 kg. It was fun to outrun all those 911 and other sports cars almost ten years ago, I really enjoyed it.

    Re: Dauer EB 110 ... Luigi

    I wonder why VW would allow Dauer to use the Bugatti design for their cars?! Maybe not that legal as it appears ...?!

    Re: Dauer EB 110 ... Luigi

    I think it's sort of like Ruf, which is considered a manufacturer but uses the Porsche models changing the name to Ruf.Dauer uses the EB110 cars he has on stock, modifies them and calls them Dauers instead of Bugattis.

    The Delta Integrale, or as we call it "il deltone", has always been one of my favourites, impressive performance, devastating grip, and a LOT of character, a real giant killer.Sweet!

    Il Deltone? How sweet. :) NT



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