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    "Tons" of GT3 Information and New Pictures!!!

    Check our NEWS section or click on this link: GT3 Information

    Re: "Tons" of GT3 Information and New Pictures!!!

    Thanks, RC!

    Re: "Tons" of GT3 Information and New Pictures!!!

    Yes Thanks RC. There is really a ton of great information here. The car and its improvements in so many areas is stunning in my opinion. Thanks Porsche! What a great writeup too.

    There are so many improvements, it is hard to pick just one to talk about. But brakes have been near and dear to me because I have struggled long with overheating brakes. So we have a 20 percent temperature improvement on a race lap at competition speed. This is a phenomenal result in my opinion. Even ceramic inserts to protect the fluid. My mouth is watering.

    Re: "Tons" of GT3 Information and New Pictures!!!

    If I read the information you posted (which was very useful) the info. talked about a Club Sport version being available. Do you think the CS version will be available in the US? Thank you.

    As usual great info (nt)

    NT = No Text

    Re: "Tons" of GT3 Information and New Pictures!!!

    Thanks Christian, a lot of great info!
    Still no mention concerning the weight...What is your estimate guys?
    Also Christian, do you know if the Clubsport version will have the single mass flywheel as the previous model?

    Re: "Tons" of GT3 Information and New Pictures!!!

    Luigi - you can figure the weight by the power to weight ratio given 3.6kg/bhp

    3.6*381= 1372kg with driver and fuel. Is that more or less than old GT3?

    Re: "Tons" of GT3 Information and New Pictures!!!

    Grant, I wish this would be the case, but it's close to impossible that 1372 kg could be the weight with driver and fuel, since the previous model stated 1350 kg unladen weight (without driver and fuel).1370 will probably be the dry weight of the car, which is more or less what I expected(+ 20 kgs), for an instant reading about lowering engine internal weight , lower rim weight etc. I hoped the new GT3 could be even lighter than the previous model.(not happening I guess...)

    Re: "Tons" of GT3 Information and New Pictures!!!

    If one could compare the ride stiffness of a GT3 over a stock Euro tt, how much stiffer by percentage would the ride be? This new GT3 sounds pretty intriquing indeed! You have to love the rev limit of that engine!

    Re: Weight info

    Here are weights, powers and ratios from my rennlist post:

    Model, DIN kg, KW, DIN Kg/KW
    Carrera Coupe, 1370, 235, 5.83
    Carrera Cab, 1450, 235, 6.17
    Carrera 4 Coupe, 1430, 235, 6.09
    Carrera 4 Cab, 1510, 235, 6.43
    Targa, 1440, 235, 6.13
    Carrera 4S, 1470, 235, 6.26
    GT3 (1st version), 1350, 265, 5.09
    GT3 (2nd version), 1375, 280, 4.91
    Turbo, 1540, 309, 4.98
    GT2, 1420, 340, 4.18

    These weights are DIN weights (with fluids, without driver and luggage). The GT3 (1st version) weight is from this Christophorus article. The GT3 (2nd version) weight is from a yet unpublished brochure on the new GT3. The other weights are from Porsche's web site.

    The gas tank of the new GT3 (89 liters) is larger than that of the Coupe (64 liters), which accounts for roughly 20kg when comparing these two models. I estimate the USA GT3 version will be about 35kg heavier, due to the Sport seats (20kg), the air conditioner (10kg) and the radio and speakers (5kg).

    The weight to power ratio of the new GT3 is slightly less than the Turbo. Also I believe it may be the first normally aspirated 911 with a ratio less than 5.

    Re: Weight info

    Thanks mds.
    1375 kgs sounds in line with what I expected, 25 kgs more than the old GT3(or just 5 if the new tank has been taken into account).
    Is it possible for you to scan and post the brochure(I'm sure many here will be thankful).

    Re: "Tons" of GT3 Information and New Pictures!!!

    Great Info, RC. Thanks!
    Can you tell us the source of the article?

    Re: Weight info

    MDS - I think you're being conservative about how much more the US version will weigh. For example, when I removed all of the air-con gear from my 73 911S, it weighed over 80lbs (36kg), including compressor, evaporator, lines, etc. Maybe the near stuff is lighter, but still much more than 10kg...

    I wonder how much labor it takes to strip it out?

    Will this car outperform the TT? I know they are different

    cars but it seem that Porsche is also marketing the GT3 as a daily drivers car.

    The price difference between the two is about 10%. Why would a person buy one over the other. I am puzzled.

    Re: Will this car outperform the TT? I know they are different

    Nick - To make an analogy to a company your know well:

    Why would anyone buy a Modena Challenge Stradale when it costs about the same as a 575 Maranello or 456?

    One is a sports/racer and the other is a fast GT car - very different driving characteristics (and the cheaper Ferrari is faster than the more expensive ones)

    Re: "Tons" of GT3 Information and New Pictures!!!


    no single-mass flywheel available ...
    Weight: 1380-1420 kg depending on options


    Re: Weight info

    Grant, it will be hard to tell a difference in performance with only the A/C removed. For the cost in labor, it might make more sense to say spend the money installing a different set of transmission gears. Here are the max speeds in each gear for a new GT3 and a Cup car with factory gearing:

    GT3: 46, 81, 112, 144, 170, 190 mph
    Cup: 48, 75, 96, 114, 134, 161 mph

    For autocross, there would be little difference. But for open track driving, the difference in performance would be large. In fact, I think you would see close to GT2 performance at higher speeds, assuming that the decrease in maximum speed is not an issue.

    Re: Weight info

    MDS - Thanks for the gearing info. At my local track, I'd probably never get out of 3rd gear (I didn't really need 4th gear in my 02 C2 either, but redlined 3rd). Do you know the speeds in gear of the C2?


    Steel Synchro Rings?

    Does anyone know why just 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears would have steel synchros? Is it because 1st, 2nd, and 6th were already steel in the previous GT3 and they're just announcing the changes, or is there a good reason to have brass 1st, 2nd, and 6th for ease of shifting?


    Re: Weight info

    Grant - The calculator here says C2: 39, 68, 98, 122, 146, 177.

    Re: Weight info

    Are you sure the gears are that low? I thought 3rd gear was good for a bit over 100mph. And I know that top speed is 177, but it's not redline-limited there, that's drag limited, so 177 happens at the power peak (6,800), I think. Anyways, I guess the C2 is geared lower than the GT3 if that's close - have to compensate for differing redlines though...


    Re: Weight info

    OK, does this look better? C2: 41, 72, 104, 129, 154, 177. This is with 177@6800. I had used 7200 mistakenly. Ratios are 3.82, 2.20, 1.52, 1.22, 1.02, 0.84, axle 3.44, max rpm 7200 in 1st-5th.

    Re: Weight info

    Thanks, MDS! Yes, that's right, I think

    Re: Weight info

    I guess that means that the GT3 and C2 have very similar ratios (speeds for GT3 are higher because of higher redline). So, I think you're right to suggest Cup car or other lower gears for the track. Given the fairly modest torque and hefty weight, lower gearing is the best cure and only ovals need top speed

    Did the old GT3 have e-gas also? (NT)


    Re: Did the old GT3 have e-gas also? (NT)




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