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    Re: Best Print Car Magazine

    ed_moree said:
    MarcusRay said:
    ed_moree said:
    IMO depends on the continent where you live. I like most of the magazines that you guys have mentioned before. Thou I see a difference in the way they are printed, written and the quality of the images. Also I have to say that I speak some languages... so apart from just looking at pictures in different magazines I can read them. Also I have a collection of some car magazines.

    The English magazines are the most enjoyable and make the best lecture in an afternoon when you have nothing better to do, also with a good knowledge of the technical data and because come from a country where the car culture is very high they are from worthy to trust in the comments they make about cars.

    The Germans are the most technical of all of them. Maybe the measurements are the most accurate in all areas. And the technical information is one of the best.

    The American magazines IMO are too flashy..... way too much advertisement between articles and very confusing for me. Also because in USA they tend to see the car quite different from us the europeans I don't take for granted all they say about cars.

    The Spanish magazines are ok... some of them copying, or trying to copy, the English magazines just that we don't have such a vast car culture.

    Italians some of them good, like Quattroruote but in the same time full of a lot of pages and information you can really get rid of them.

    French full of praise for French cars and full on information about French intern competition.

    Also I think that it is very important to read the magazine from your country because in that way you can have a right opinion about the way the car it will handle, ride and perform on the roads specific to your country.

    so in other words, the English car magazines are the best as in the most complete..

    and you are right about reading magazines from your country so that you know how cars handle in your road system...but in my case it doesn't matter what kind of car you have because the roads here S-U-C-K!!! ask any Greek you know and they'll tell you I read foreign magazines in order to learn how good cars are on real roads...

    Even it is that close to me your country it is still a country to visit so I don't know about the roads there. And about the magazines yes, I do think that the best are the english as beeing entertained to read.

    well you should visit my country my friend because it's as beautiful as yours try visiting the islands and you'll be having a blast

    Re: Best Print Car Magazine

    Top Gear Magazine. Clarksons opinions aside, he makes entertaining reading.



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