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    I am confirming the 996tt Cabrio in Heavy Production

    First, thanks for all the responses to my other post. I just wanted to quickly post that during my tour of the Porsche factory earlier this week, I saw at least 20 Turbo cabrios parked around the factory, some disguised. Also saw a bunch of them being made in the factory.

    It's funny that Porsche hasn't even confirmed the car, so has no official orders, and is making this many cars. By the way, at least half of the cars seemed to be US-spec.

    -Ben FR

    Re: I am confirming the 996tt Cabrio in Heavy Production

    Did you find any prospects for the pictures yet?

    Re: I am confirming the 996tt Cabrio in Heavy Production

    Not yet, but I contracted with someone to sell the pictures, so we'll see how it turns out.


    Re: I am confirming the 996tt Cabrio in Heavy Production

    If you have a picture (maybe a bad one) left at no charge, please support us.
    We're a non-commercial site, no sponsors, no money.

    1 hour of photoshop & 996tt Cabrio

    Re: 1 hour of photoshop & 996tt Cabrio


    That looks great! But what happened to the special Turbo "movable" rear spoiler?!?

    the 996tt Cabrio in Heavy Production

    Now that is just so unfair!! Back in March I confirmed from a US Porsche NA marketing executive (the horses mouth!) that the C4S Cab and Turbo Cab would be coming to the US! But hey, that goes to show ya, no proof!!! Plus, the local Atlanta Porsche Dealer has said to me straight up that he (the GM) has sent orders in to the factory for both!!! So it sounds like Porsche isn't just making Turbo Cabs for the hell of it! They are making them to order!!!

    But please!!! I beg of you Ben FR, share some love on this forum! We would love to see at least one of those photos! You're teasing us! I understand that you see $$$. But don't make us have to shell out more money to these horrible Car magazines (Car and EVo excluded). They just don't deserve having someone else do their work for them!!

    Re: 1 hour of photoshop & 996tt Cabrio

    Here you go the rear spoiler

    Re: 1 hour of photoshop & 996tt Cabrio

    Gorgeous Ron!

    Now, does anyone have about $160,000 to loan me at 0% interest and no pay back! Didn't think so...

    I want one in Maritime Blue fully customized in as many Exclusive options as the factory will let me (X50, aerokit, two tone interior - graphite grey leather with floor and lower doors in black, black floor mats piped in graphite grey leather, sports seats, carbon fiber, etc.). Wow! Now that would be a car. And as you can see I dream a little too far some times!

    You know...I like the Carrera GT but for some reason this 996 Turbo Cab has me more excited. Don't know why. To me it is the perfect Porsche. Now all I would need is a Cayenne Turbo to complement it and keep the wife/girlfriend from being jealous!!

    Like I said...anyone have a spare 160k they want to donate to the Robbie Wants a Porsche But He is Too Young To Afford It Foundation?!?! Tax deductible!

    Re: 1 hour of photoshop & 996tt Cabrio

    I'm thinking Ferrari TDF blue with grey interior/metropole blue carpets...


    Roy - Ferrari Tour de France Blue is my favorite too!


    Re: 1 hour of photoshop & 996tt Cabrio

    Shouldn't you put your copyright on it, Ron? In a few days you'll see this picture all over the web.



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