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    What settings for BOSE?

    OK, still trying to tweak the settings here. Have mostly been listneing to the flat 6, so only really getting into the stereo a week later.

    My OPC couldn't provide the Radio or Bose handbooks (will be in the post soon app), so I have ahd to guess my way round it.

    I currently have (for CD's)

    Treble +4
    Bass +5
    Balance 0
    Fader rear 3
    Surrond MID
    Audio Pilot ON (can't really hear any difference)

    I am not an audiophile like some people on here, but I do appreciate a good sond and stereo.

    The system handles classical music particularly well IMO, but struggles on some more punchy bass focused dance tunes.

    DO feel a little self concious going down the street with the tunes turned up. It is sooooo loud!!

    Would be curious to hear what you foks think as you have lived with it for a lot longer than me.



    Re: What settings for BOSE?

    I've pretty much given up on listening to stuff while driving. I found that with the amount of ambient noise from the engine, road, and wind, you had to have the treble tweaked down about 4 notches (Bass 0 or 1) so that it didn't overshadow the base when you cranked the volume up. It sounds lousy like that when you're stationary however.

    Surround gives a sound with more presence, but it doesn't generate a convincing sound-stage image. Turn the surround off for that. I think it's a preference thing as to whether you like it on or off.

    Audio-pilot doesn't seem to work very well, agreed. If it did, perhaps I'd listen to it more.

    Ive only got the CD-24 with Bose. Not sure if this problem exists to the same extent with the PCM.

    Re: What settings for BOSE?

    Yup turn off both the surround and AP they both distort the sound.

    As wtsnet, I have my base pretty low 3 but treble a bit higher 4, Fader at 0.

    Its not a bad system, much better when you turn off the surround and ap but when your gunning the car its kind of redundant anyway because of that sweet engine noise!

    Re: What settings for BOSE?

    Leaving the settings at flat is what audio systems are supposed to be at (no extra bass or treble). However, the Blose system in the car, as expected has too much bass to begin with which is typical among the products that they make. I find that the bass sounds most natural at a -2 or -3 level, and for some music that still is too much, so much that I have to go down to -4 or -5. Treble I find is okay, anywhere from 0 to +2 (at most) is fine, once you go past that, highs reflecting off the windshield become a little too forward sounding and harsh. Surround does distort the sound in the sense that it's taking two channel material (even if you put SACD Hybrids in there, it's only going to play that the two channel redbook version) and artificially expanding it to 5 channels. I keep this option on Low to Mid. This option on off gives you the purest most accurate sound, but it's always coming from in front of you making music sound like it's coming out of a speaker as compared to immersing you in the environment intended by the studio. Surround on high is too much - sounds like you are in a cave and everything from pianos to vocals sounds uncomfortably distorted, like you are in a cave. I change the surround option depending on the source material - e.g. piano only (Keith Jarrett, i.e.) sounds best with surround low. Anything higher than that and as he moves from octave to octave, your ears hurt more and more because the sound is so strident and unfocused. With the radio, I usually have surround off.

    Audio Pilot on the other hand I find makes minimal impact. I haven't experimented enough with different material to give a validated opinion on this feature but so far it seems to me like its a gimmick.

    I actually find that hard rock and other types of music designed to be played "to 11" sound best on this because this system plays very loud and clear with the top down - something I did not expect. At max level +40, it sounds good with the top down (obviously you don't want it at this level with the top up unless you want your ears to ring). Classical music it plays best with the top up which is kind of obvious since a virtually quiet ambiance is what you need to appreciate the nuances and subtleties of woodwinds and strings. Unfortunately a quiet ambiance is something we do not have in a Porsche. The engine sounds way better than any audio system in this car (so much that I have decided doing my high-end modifications on a Boxster, and instead waiting to put it in my next car - a 998).

    I was tempted when I first picked up the car between Mahler's 4th and a boxer 6 at 6500 RPM's. Well, I've chosen the latter....and I have no regrets. Of course, unless it's raining out...

    Hope you are enjoying the car - I will have new pics of mine up soon!

    Re: What settings for BOSE?


    Re: What settings for BOSE?

    Do that with a Killers CD and you'll be set!

    Re: What settings for BOSE?

    All depends on what CD you listen too - some modern stuff is way off the mark when its recorded, so no one setting works all the time.



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